11 Most Exciting Chinese Sci-Fi Dramas You Can’t Miss

If you’ve watched even one sci-fi Chinese drama in the past decade, then chances are that you’re hooked. 

I mean, what’s not to love about cinematic artistry, a brilliant cast, and futuristic concepts that will blow your mind. 

In this post, I’ve listed 11 top-rated science-fiction Chinese dramas that I just know you’ll love. 

Sit down, get comfy, and prepare to find some of the best sci-fi dramas out there. 

Here are 11 amazing Chinese dramas you should watch right now:  

1. My Strange Friend

My Strange Friend follows a group of people with unique abilities. 

Wei Yi Chen gains superpowers from mutating genes, which let him read minds by touching people’s faces. 

But his other powers start fading, and Nan Ruo Yi gets the power to conjure electricity, while Duan Mu Hao can see the future.

2. Humans 

In the year 2035, a self-aware female robot named An Yi joins a human family. 

She becomes more human-like as she grows and learns about love. 

Li Yao searches for her while evading Professor Huo, who wants to capture them. 

Together, they aim to reunite their stolen family of emotional synths.

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3. Three-Body

A nanomaterials expert sees a strange countdown in front of him and gets investigated by the military. 

To figure out what’s going on, he joins a virtual reality game called “Three-Body,” made by a secret organization called ETO. 

In the game, he learns about the deaths of scientists and a sad event from the past. 

This Chinese drama is based on the novel The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin, and I honestly can’t recommend this more if you’re in the mood for a gritty but touching sci-fi Chinese drama.

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4. Finding Soul

This is a futuristic series about three students in a school. 

They find a unique AI with blue eyes instead of red, and it can think for itself. 

To learn more about it, they go through tests, find hidden clues, and face challenges that test their friendships and beliefs.

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5. Sisyphus

Zhang Hai Feng was a police officer who quit his job when his daughter, Duo Duo, died. 

Then, during a serial killer investigation, he found new evidence about her accident, and he chased the killer but ended up dying together with him. 

But then something strange happened – he woke up in the past, one day before he died. 

So, he decided to use this chance to save Duo Duo and uncovered secrets about people around him and a conspiracy that happened 20 years ago.

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6. The Golden Eyes

This amazing science-fiction Chinese drama is set in a world where some people have special powers called “spirit language” if they have Golden Eyes. 

Zhuang Rui, a simple pawn shop worker, gets his eyes changed after an accident during a robbery. 

His new Golden Eyes bring unexpected changes to his life, and he starts a spiritual adventure. 

Normally, only the dragon clan has this power, but Chu Zi is an exception who can also use it. 

However, Chu Zi’s power isn’t as strong as the two brothers, Lu Ming Fei and Lu Wei Zhe, who are part of the dragon clan.

7. Eight Hours

This Chinese drama takes place in two different worlds – a fictional wuxia world and a modern-day workplace. 

It follows the journey of Ye Tian, a genius in advanced technology, and Bai Wei, who loves AR sports. 

They start off as enemies but eventually fall in love in a high-energy and cool setting that combines virtual and real-life experiences.

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8. Pandora’s Box

Li Tian, a genius physicist, is studying special energy, and his musician mother, Mei Xue Yan, has a mysterious car accident in Japan. 

Li Tian goes there alone and gets trapped by a crime group using advanced technology, and he meets Zhang Ni and Shan Qi, and together they form an investigation team. 

They discover a connection to a mysterious band from the past, and a big conspiracy involving Li Tian’s parents is waiting to be uncovered. 

Needless to say, they have a tough job ahead to find the truth and catch the criminals, and it’s a really thrilling adventure. 

9. Cross Fire 

In 2008, Xiao Feng is a sad e-sports team leader, as E-sports is new and they don’t make much money. 

People make fun of them, but they keep chasing their dreams.

In 2019, there’s Lu Xiao Bei, a talented player in the same game, but he’s disabled and in a wheelchair, and he wants to be a pro player, but can’t join a pro team.

Then, something magical happens: they connect through the game across time. 

At first, they don’t trust each other, but they become friends and form their own teams. 

Soon, they help each other in the game and in life, working together to achieve their dreams.

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10. Reset 

Li Shi Qing, a college student, gets caught in a mysterious time loop. 

She’s always on a public service bus that is about to explode, putting her life and everyone on board in danger. 

In her desperate attempt to escape this endless loop and avoid her tragic fate, she unintentionally involves another bus passenger, Xiao He Yun, in the same situation. 

Now, they both try to change their fate by making sure the bus reaches its destination safely, but, it’s not as simple as it seems, and they face numerous challenges along the way.

Reset is frankly one of the best sci-fi Chinese dramas I’ve watched, and I always, always recommend it to anyone looking to go into this genre.

11. 24 Hours

An Ding had a strange incident where he gained a special power to turn objects into people, but just for one day. 

The objects in his house become human, leading them all on a weird and risky adventure. 

This Chinese drama is adapted from a manhwa, Xian Ding 24 Xiao Shi! An Ding Bo Shi He Ta De Pu Ren Men by Su Xia, and it’s really just as good as it sounds. 

And, that’s a wrap!

These are some of the best science fiction science dramas I’ve watched in recent times, and you absolutely do not want to miss them!

Do check out the related posts below for even more awesome recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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