20 Best Chinese Time Travel Dramas To Watch With Friends Now

This time around, I’ll be listing some of the best Chinese dramas about time travel that will absolutely blow your mind.

So, if you’ve been on the lookout for the best Cdramas about time travel where the past, present, and future converge in captivating tales of love, destiny, and second chances, I’ve got you covered.

1. Hello Dear Ancestors 

During the Han Dynasty, Zhen Jun embarks on a journey for power, but it takes an unexpected turn and miraculously, an extraterrestrial being swoops in, rescuing him from certain doom.

And somehow, Zhen Jun wakes up in the year 2020 after a long sleep and discovers he has special powers.

He then embarks on a thrilling time travel adventure, exploring different eras and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

2. Go Princess Go

Zhang Peng tries to avoid an ex-lover at a happy party, but he runs quickly towards the pool and sees the person chasing him fall in accidentally.

Peng then gets hit on the head with a high-heeled shoe while trying to come up for air, and he suddenly realizes that he has been transported 1000 years into the past.

But that’s not all—Peng has undergone a mind-boggling transformation, and he is now in the body of the crown princess of the current dynasty, Zhang Peng Peng.

Soon enough, Peng is juggling his conflicting desires: to return to his own time or to captivate the hearts of the palace’s ladies, now seemingly within reach thanks to his newfound feminine persona. 

3. See You Again

In this captivating romantic Chinese drama about time-travel, a movie star from the past and a rookie screenwriter from the present defy time and space to live together. 

Xiang Qin Yu, an arrogant yet tender-hearted star from the 1930s, time travels after being shot on set. He meets Jin A Yin, a quick-witted unknown writer, and they fall in love. 

Amidst their blossoming romance, Xiang Qin Yu unravels the truth behind his reincarnation and the shooting incident.

4. Waiting For You In The Future

Hao Hui Gui, a 36-year-old teacher, travels back in time to become a mentor to his 17-year-old classmates. 

After a heated disagreement and a fight with his best friend, he reminisces about the past while flipping through his old diary.

And when he falls asleep, he meets his younger self in a dream, which sets the stage for this captivating story of guidance and self-discovery.

5. Lost Love In Times 

Feng Qing Chen, a sorceress from Mingyi Tower, protects the royal family, and one day she meets Yuan Ling, the seemingly cold prince from Western Wei who actually cares deeply for his loved ones. 

Impressed by his abilities, Qing Chen suppresses her feelings to support his rise to power, but despite her contributions, the court opposes their union due to her involvement in black magic. 

On their wedding day, Yuan Zhan launches a coup and while trying to stop more bloodshed, Qing Chen uses her powers to reset the universe.

6. Cinderella Chef

Ye Jia Yao finds herself transported to ancient times, and she is reborn as Ye Jin Xuan, the magistrate’s daughter.

But, her newfound life takes an unexpected turn when she is kidnapped and taken to Hei Fang Camp. 

There, she encounters Xia Chun Yu, the notorious bandit leader and former young master of Jing An Marquis Manor. To protect themselves, they enter into a pretend marriage. 

Ye Jia Yao’s exceptional cooking skills and street smarts win over hearts, including Xia Chun Yu’s, as she embraces her modern knowledge in this delightful tale of love and culinary prowess.

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7. Operation Love

This captivating time travel Cdrama follows a man determined to alter his destiny by journeying back in time.

In the present, his first love is on the verge of marrying someone else. 

Fueled by a fervent desire, he embarks on a mission to win her heart once more.

With time as his ally, he strives to rewrite their love story and create a future that defies the constraints of fate.

8. Crazy Queen

In the lively and comedic world of Crazy Queen, a modern-day woman finds herself transported to ancient China, awakening as an empress in a unique era where women hold the reins of power. 

Surrounded by an unconventional setting, she navigates her role with an inner court comprising thirty male concubines, all eager to capture her heart. 

9. Legend Of Ace

Based on a novel of the same by Lu Yan, this Cdrama follows Lin Wan Rong, a 21st-century traveler exploring Mount Tai, who accidentally falls into a dark space, transporting him to a parallel world during the Song dynasty.

History defies expectations as Xiang Yu’s victory alters the course of events. 

Smart, generous, and playful, Wan Rong rises to become a lord, using his modern knowledge and economic acumen.

However, he becomes entangled in a power struggle among royals and finds himself leading troops into war.

10. Love Weaves Through A Millennium 

Gong Ming, an imperial scholar and sole survivor of his family’s massacre, supports the reinstatement of Empress Xu.

While facing persecution, he unexpectedly time-travels to the present using a jade pendant and there, he falls in love with actress Lin Xiangxiang, who portrays Empress Xu in a drama.

Despite their connection, Gong Ming is determined to return to the past and rescue the deposed empress.

Their love faces the ultimate test as they must decide between the greater good and being together.

11. Suddenly Seventeen

At the bustling high school campus, Liang Xia and Mao Liang, now 28 years old, unexpectedly find themselves transported back a decade to relive their carefree teenage years. 

12. Kun Lun Que

With a charming blend of modernity and antiquity, this Cdrama time travel love story bridges the gaps of time and space. 

A café worker stumbles upon a remarkable revelation: he was once a revered Taoist immortal in a bygone era.

Now, armed with the desire to reclaim his powers and reunite with his lost love, he embarks on an extraordinary quest.

13. Love Better Than Immortality

In the year 2196, where technology has made the once extraordinary ordinary, Chun Hua finds herself yearning for something more.

Eager for an extraordinary adventure, she willingly sacrifices her immortality in pursuit of true love and when she wakes up, Chun Hua is told that her soulmate will be the first person she lays eyes on.

Convinced that Xiao Bai is her destined love, she can’t help but wonder why Shangguan Qiu Yue persistently stands in her path.

14. Tang Dynasty Tour

This utterly captivating time-travel Chinese drama will make you laugh and cry — a delightful blend of emotions.

Yun Ye is an archaeologist whose life takes an unexpected turn as he time-travels to the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty. 

Caught in the whirlwind of palace politics, he cleverly applies his modern-day wisdom to forge a promising future for himself. 

With each step, he ascends the ranks, becoming a trusted court official and forming a bond with the Crown Prince.

15. My Assassin Girlfriend

In the grand kingdom of Sumeru, Bai Yin Qi reigns as the charismatic and brilliant King and unfortunately, his talents hold little sway because of the corruption plaguing the imperial court.

Fate then takes an unexpected turn when he falls head over heels for the skilled female assassin, Yu Yan, and when their lives intertwine further, a daring assassination attempt leads to a thrilling time-travel escapade with his loyal guard, Tian Xiao Li, and a mysterious pocket watch.

Fast forward to the year 2018, where Bai Yin Qi assumes the guise of the esteemed successor of the powerful Bai Group, but danger is at every turn.

To his dismay, when he reunites with Yu Yan in the present day, he realizes that her memory of him has vanished.

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16. To Get Her

Si Yi, a renowned idol, finds himself trapped inside a video game as the carefree 3rd prince.

Meanwhile, his determined girlfriend, Lin Zheng Zheng, becomes the mission-driven 3rd princess, determined to help him claim the throne.

Despite their past struggles, their deep connection remains and Lin Zheng Zheng courageously enters the game as a player and rakes on the role as the villainous princess..

But, there’s a twist: Tu Si Yi has lost his memories and views Zheng Zheng as his arch-nemesis, and she realizes that his true passion lies in music, not ruling.

17. The Eternal Love

Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th prince, reluctantly marries Qu Tan Er, who loves his elder brother, but before their wedding, Qu Tan Er attempts suicide but wakes up with Xiao Tan’s soul, a modern real estate agent, inhabiting her body.

When they lose consciousness or tell incompatible lies, their souls swap control and although they share appearances, Qu Tan Er and Xiao Tan couldn’t be more different in personality.

As suspicions arise and Mo Lian Cheng falls for Xiao Tan, she desperately seeks a way back to her time but faces endless obstacles.

18. Hello My Noisy Mp3

Zhao Man Er, a talented star in her late twenties, discovers an MP3 player that enables her to communicate with her 11-year-old self through recorded messages. 

Eager to alter her troubled present and escape a menacing past, she unwittingly plunges both versions of herself into an even deeper crisis.

With hopes of rewriting destiny shattered, Zhao Man Er must navigate the treacherous waters of her intertwined past and present.

19. Till The End Of The Moon

In a crucial mission to uncover the origins of the formidable demon lord, Li Su Su takes on the guise of mortal Ye Xi Wu, the General’s second daughter. 

Married to Tantai Jin, the imprisoned prince and future demon lord, she is resolute in her mission to end his tyrannical reign, aware of the havoc he will wreak in the future. 

20. Legally Romance

Qian Wei, a 28-year-old paralegal, finds herself stuck in a tumultuous working relationship with her nemesis, Lu Xun, and soon she’s thrust back in time to her teen years.

There are lots of other time-travel Chinese dramas out there and if you’re a fan of this trope, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety of pickings.

And, if you’re in the mood for some more amazing recommendations, please check out the related posts below.

Happy watching!

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