6 Quirky Historical Chinese Dramas To Add To Your Watchlist Now

Don’t you just love it when a drama makes you LOL? 

I know I do and these hilarious historical Chinese dramas are just the right amount of mindless fun I use to indulge myself. 

If you’re like me, you’ll love any of these romantic comedy historical Chinese dramas and they absolutely belong on your watchlist!

1. The Sleepless Princess

This drama follows the romance between Princess Chu Yue, who suffers from insomnia, and General Xue Yao, who is investigating a mysterious death. 

Together, they discover the truth and this intertwines their lives in a sweet and heart-wrenching tale that has lots of funny moments. 

2. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

In this hilarious comedy, a modern screenwriter gets trapped in her own historical drama as a minor character. 

Now, she has to survive the chaotic plot and avoid the fate of being killed by the male lead.

3. Love Like White Jade

When Shui Wu Xia and the playful Jiang Bai Yu clash, secrets are spilt.

And as they search high and low for Wu Xia’s brother while investigating Bai Yu’s father’s death, they find out they have a common enemy and they try to restore peace to the Jiang Continent.

I know this might not sound all too exciting, but trust me when I say that there were so many moments that were so hilarious I was practically turning red. 

4. Go Princess, Go!

This is a wacky parody where a playboy from the 21st century travels back in time and becomes a princess. 

So, he has to deal with the palace intrigues, the emperor’s harem, and his own gender confusion.

You guys, Zhang Peng Peng was so hilarious and I don’t doubt that you’ll enjoy every second of this funny historical Cdrama. 

5. Queen of Attack

This drama follows Liang Wei Wei, a track and field student who, after entering a historical drama, cleverly uses her knowledge as a drama fan to alter her fate as a disgraced empress and she even engages in a fantasy love story with the emperor, played by idol Jing Qing.

6. Ms. Cupid In Love

Bo Yan is a demoted immortal sent to the mortal realm, and he soon meets matchmaker Shangguan Ya, known as Xiao Ya, and together, as Chu Ye, they try to save marriages. 

Soon enough, they start falling for each other and I really, really enjoyed every bit of their funny banter and antics.

What’s the funniest drama you ever watched? Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy watching!

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