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20 Must-See Chinese Fantasy Dramas on Viki

If you’re a fan of Chinese fantasy dramas and looking for your next binge-watch, look no further. 

I’ve scoured Viki’s extensive library to bring you the best Chinese fantasy dramas that will transport you to a world of magic, mythical creatures, and epic romance.

Here are the best of the best Chinese fantasy dramas available to watch on Viki:

1. The Starry Love

Twin girls were born to the queen of the human world, and they were raised as beloved princesses. Qing Kui was known for her kindness, while Ye Tan was admired for her intelligence. 

The gods were impressed with Qing Kui and chose her as the Heavenly Concubine, betrothed to Xuan Shang Jun, and while Ye Tan was bullied by her people she caught the attention of the gods, who arranged her marriage to the third demon prince, Chao Feng. 

However, fate had other plans when their palanquins got mixed up on the way to their weddings. With trouble in the four realms, the sisters’ peace and love seem out of reach. 

2. Good and Evil

Chun Yao, the former guardian of demons, now rules the Hundred Spirits Lake as the king of monsters after being banished from heaven.

When Princess Han Sheng trespasses into his realm with a forbidden book, Chun Yao becomes intrigued. 

He chases her, seeking the book for himself, but they soon begin working together to understand its contents.

As they explore its stories, Chun Yao and Han Sheng’s hearts start to soften.

3. Till The End Of The Moon

In the world of demons and cultivators, the powerful and wicked Demon Lord reigns supreme.

But he was not always so evil. Born as Prince Tan Tai Jin, his fate was to be used as a weapon by the demonic forces. 

Fast forward 500 years and Li Su Su is sent back in time to destroy him before he becomes a monster.

She takes on the role of Ye Xi Wu, his mortal wife, but as love blossoms between them, the cycle of death and reincarnation begins.

This is a fantastic Chinese fantasy drama to watch if you’re in the mood to watch something new on Viki. 

4. Warm On A Cold Night 

Su Jiu Er is a talented and charming female constable with an investigative mind and a rabbit-like spirit that makes her feel constantly cold.

She craves warmth and finds it in Han Zheng, a member of the Qi Kingdom’s ruling family, who has a warm, wolf-like spirit that grants him strength and agility. 

Although Han Zheng lacks social skills, the two are brought together while investigating a murder case that involves their kingdoms.

This opposites-attract Chinese drama was stunning, and I just know that anyone would love it!

5. Immortal Samsara

Ying Yuan (Cheng Yi) is the Sovereign Lord of a heavenly realm filled with peaceful deities and spirits.

However, when a demon elder tries to steal a powerful treasure, the Four-Leafed Lotus, a struggle breaks out, and the treasure transforms into two sisters, Zhi Xi (Zoey Meng) and Yan Dan (Yang Zi). 

Later, in the mortal realm, Ying Yuan (now Tang Zhou) meets Yan Dan, who is accompanied by her male friend Yu Mo.

They embark on an adventure to find ancient artifacts, but to finally realize happiness, they’ll have to remember their past and their feelings for each other.

6. Princess Silver 

Rong Le wakes up with amnesia and is told she is the younger sister of the Emperor of the Western Qi Kingdom.

To forge a powerful alliance, she is asked to marry Prince Zong Zheng Wu You of Northern Lin. 

But, Rong Le is unsure of her true identity and is determined to uncover secrets about her past. The marriage plan falls through and she settles down to open a tea house. 

When Prince Zong Zheng Wu You visits her, he becomes attracted to her without realizing he once rejected her. 

7. The Heart Painter 

Cen Huan is a top student of the Hua Xin Shi sect who uses her Painting Heart skills to help people overcome their unhealthy obsessions.

But when her sect is attacked by a group who disagrees with their ways, Huan barely escapes with her life. 

She is rescued by a local doctor and his assistant, and together with new friends they travel to help those in need.

However, they soon uncover the mysteries of the Yang Xin Shi, a sect that thrives on collecting impure thoughts. 

With evil spirits standing in their way, the friends must risk everything to save humanity in this epic fantasy wuxia drama.

8. Half Bright and Half Rain

As a recent graduate and intern at a newspaper, Qian Xun (Yang Fu Yu) is determined to make a name for herself in the media industry.

Her chance for a big scoop comes when she investigates a murder and meets the crafts specialist Su Ming Mou (Lin Shi Jie) and the jade spirit Jun Wang Lian (Zhao Cheng Yu). 

Qian Xun discovers a string of incidents linked to traditional craft items, and she becomes increasingly drawn into the mysterious world of animated crafts.

As she delves deeper, Qian Xun realizes that her destiny may be tied to this magical world – and that she might find love along the way.

9. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

Wu Xin (Elvis Han) is an immortal soul who roams the earth in poverty, but has the ability to communicate with spirits.

One day, he wakes up to find himself in the future and meets Li Yue Ya (Jin Chen), who is escaping an arranged marriage. 

Yue Ya offers Wu Xin her food and in exchange, Wu Xin takes her under his wing and they become monster hunters.

Together they battle the world’s most vile creatures and find fortune and love.

10. Rewriting Destiny

In the Ancient China of a comic book universe, Xia Yu Bing (Dong Si Yi) meets an untimely demise at the hand of her own husband, Xu Zi Yan (Li Ge Yang).

But in the afterlife, she is offered a chance to return and become the story’s heroine. 

However, things are not as easy as they seem, as she faces numerous challenges and obstacles.

With Xu Zi Yan still out to get her, Xia Yu Bing must navigate the treacherous waters of the story’s world to achieve her goal. 

11. Ice Fantasy

In a world torn by war, Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Kong Shi are the only heirs of the Ice Tribe left.

As Ka Suo reluctantly takes the throne, he longs for freedom to be with his love Li Luo, who is forbidden to marry him. 

Meanwhile, Kong Shi schemes to take the throne, and Yan Da, from the rival Fire Tribe, is willing to give up everything for him.

When both Kong Shi and Li Luo disappear and war threatens again, Ka Suo must protect his kingdom alone. 

Another brilliant Chinese fantasy drama available on Viki that’s a must-see for every Cdrama lover out there.

You’ll love this if you like politics, drama, and lots of conflict. 

12. The Wolf Princess

Ling Long is a young woman with a dual personality, one human and one wolf. After being bitten by a wolf, she struggles to control her two sides.

When she meets Yan Qing, a wealthy aristocrat, he mistakes her for a thief and Ling Long must prove her innocence. 

As they investigate a theft at Yan Manor, Ling Long and Yan Qing discover a larger conspiracy at play.

But Ling Long’s wolf side grows stronger, and Yan Qing must help her before it takes over completely.

13. Guardians Of The Ancient Oath

Jiuying, a savage monster, nearly destroys the world before the Five Great Elements lock him up, and when he manages to break free, he schemes for a thousand years to get his revenge.

To complete his mission, he takes advantage of the chaos in the You State, where the ruthless king eliminates his own kin, and the king’s siblings – Baili Hongxuan, Hongshuo, and Hongyi – join forces with the ancient gods to fight for their rightful place and prevent Jiuying from rising as the new emperor.

14. The Screen Foxes

Zheng Xue Jing is a painter who just broke up with her boyfriend.

Feeling sad, she goes to a bar and joins a contest for a silkscreen, and a magician helps her draw three foxes on it, but they magically come to life and escape from the screen.

When Zheng Xue Jing wakes up, she thinks it was a dream. But the foxes are real and they think she is their master. 

They are very different: the red one is smart and proud, the white one is sweet and helpful, and the black one is funny and naughty, and they all want to repay her by making her the first female painter in the imperial court. 

15. Ms. Cupid In Love

When Bo Yan (Cao Yu Chen), a ten-thousand-year-old immortal, accidentally ruins a couple of mortal marriages, he faces a harsh punishment. 

He lands on earth and bumps into Shangguan Ya (Tian Xi Wei), a witty and successful matchmaker, and they discover they have a mysterious bond and a common goal: to restore the marriages they disrupted. Along the way, they develop feelings for each other.

Ms. Cupid In Love is another superb fantasy Cdrama available on Viki that’s very interesting and will have you hooked for hours. 

16. Shining Just For You

Ye Ling Shuang (Peng Xiao Ran) possesses a unique gift: she can foresee the future. But it comes at a price. She only sees dreadful events that are about to occur. 

Everyone thinks she’s unfortunate and shuns her. Except for a gracious princess who becomes her ally.

But then, the wicked Emperor Gao (Feng Shao Feng) makes a ruthless demand – He wants to marry the princess or kill her, and he even goes as far as starting a war. 

She uses her gift to escape and seek revenge, but he’s not the only one who wants her.

Wu Yu (Zhu Zheng Ting), a noble prince who survived the emperor’s assault, also loves her. Stuck in this vicious love triangle, things are only about to start becoming interesting. 

17. Love and Destiny

After defeating the demon lord in a brutal fight, Jiu Chen (Chang Chen), the God of War, sleeps for ten thousand years and is awakened by Ling Xi (Ni Ni), a lovely fairy maiden. 

They are instantly drawn to each other and start a romance, but Ling Xi has a dark secret: she can free the demon lord with her evil miasma.

The gods want Jiu Chen to destroy her and protect the world. Jiu Chen must choose between his love and his destiny.

18. The Blue Whisper 

Ji Yun He (Dilraba Dilmurat) is a skilled demon master with an extraordinary gift of taming any demon. Unfortunately, imperial laws restrict her to Demon Valley. 

One day, she encounters the merman Chang Yi (Ren Jia Lun), brought to the valley by the cruel Princess Shunde (Guo Xiao Ting).

To obey the Princess’s orders, Yun He must join forces with her sworn enemy, Lin Hao Qing (Xiao Shun Yao). 

As they work together, Yun He and Chang Yi develop feelings for each other, but saving him would mean sacrificing her freedom.

The Blue Whisper is one Cdrama on Viki that you really shouldn’t miss no matter what. 

19. Love of Thousand Years

Fu Jiu Yun (Zheng Ye Cheng) is a powerful immortal deity who falls head over heels for a mortal woman, but despite his strength, he struggles to win her love, leading him to follow her through 1,000 years and 10 different incarnations. 

When she’s reborn as a princess, their love story takes a different turn as they face off against an evil prince and his demon allies.

Together, they seek revenge and form a deep bond, but destiny threatens to cut their romance short.

20. Love Better Than Immortality 

In the year 2196, immortality is the norm, and humans have traded reality for virtual experiences.

But for Chun Hua (Zhao Lu Si), these simulations don’t satisfy her craving for true love.

Yearning for a genuine connection, she risks everything to experience it, sacrificing her immortality. 

Awakened in a new world, Chun Hua finds herself entangled in a love triangle with two men, the aggressive Qiu Yue (Li Hong Yi) and the gentle Xiao Bai (June Wu).

As they fight for her heart, Chun Hua must choose between love at first sight and a love built over time.

All in all, these Chinese fantasy dramas are the perfect escape if you want to immerse yourself in another world. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic tale of romance and adventure or a gritty action-packed series, there’s a Chinese fantasy drama out there that’s perfect for you, and the sweetest thing is that they’re all available on Viki with subtitles in different languages.

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