15 Swoony Chinese Dramas With Cute Male Leads Who Fall First

There’s nothing quite as sweet as seeing an utterly besotted male lead in a Chinese drama, and it’s even ten times sweeter when the male lead falls for the girl first. 

I’m talking about romantic Chinese drama where the guys wear their hearts on their sleeves from the very beginning, and with so many “aww moments”, your cheeks might hurt. 

And, in this article, I’ve listed 13 of my favorite romantic Chinese dramas where the male lead falls in love first and chases the female lead. 

I can tell you for a fact that they’re all so, so good and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy every second of every show on this list. 

Here are 13 super sweet Chinese dramas where the adorable male lead falls first: 

1. The Legends

Lu Zhao Yao wants her old boss’s sword, but gets attacked and dies, and she believes her friend Li Chen Lan might be part of it because he’s the demon king’s son. 

Five years later, Li Chen Lan is a leader, and Zhao Yao wants payback, so she takes over Qin Zhi Yan’s body to get close to Li Chen Lan, but then she starts liking him. 

This romantic Chinese drama was sweet in all the ways that count, and I have a feeling you’d love it if you’re in the mood for a dashing leading man who stumbles into love before anyone else. 

2. Ashes Of Love

Zi Fen, the Flower Deity, passed away after having a baby named Jin Mi, and to keep Jin Mi safe from love challenges, Zi Fen gives her something called an ‘Unfeeling Pill’. 

Jin Mi grows up curious in the Flower Realm and meets Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, and they go on a big adventure together. 

During the journey, Jin Mi faces tests about love and meets both immortals and demons.

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3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Chen Xiao Qian sells her TV script and asks a guy to be the main actor, but he refuses. 

She tries to make her script better and then falls asleep, but when she wakes up, she’s inside her story as Princess Chen Qian Qian, who’s supposed to die soon. 

She knows what’s supposed to happen and wants to stay alive and go back home, and she tries her best. 

In this Cdrama where the male lead fell in love first, the male lead was super cold at first but he eventually warmed up to her once he realised his feelings for her weren’t going anywhere. 

4. The Moon Brightens For You

Unlike her friends, Zhan Qing Hong doesn’t want to get married; She wants to be great at martial arts instead. 

She jumps into the martial arts world eagerly, but finds out it’s not as good as she thought, and she decides to make it better using her cleverness and determination. 

Lin Fang, a well-known flirt, unexpectedly joins her, and though he initially wanted revenge at first, he starts liking Qing Hong and they work together to change the martial arts world for good.

This is another fantastic Chinese drama where the male lead falls first, and I can assure you that the sweetness will absolutely melt your heart. 

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5. Legend of Fuyao

Fu Yao had a tough life as an orphan and was forced to work as a slave for a group called Xuan Yuan in the Taiyuan Kingdom. 

She faced many sad situations, so she decided to go on a big adventure to get rid of a curse in her life.

During her journey, she met a prince named Zhang Sun Wu Ji and they fell in love. 

Together, they solved problems in different kingdoms and uncovered secrets about her past.

6. The Sword and The Brocade

In old China, during the Ming Dynasty, General Xu Ling Yi and Shi Yi Niang have an arranged marriage but end up falling in love. 

Shi Yi Niang, despite her lower status, uses her embroidery skills for independence. 

Even though Xu’s family didn’t like her at first, her positivity wins them over, and they support each other through challenges and live happily together.

I believe you’ll enjoy this Cdrama if you like a charming and positive female lead, and if you want a Chinese drama where the male lead falls first and chases her first. 

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7. The King’s Woman

Gong Sun Li, the granddaughter of Commander Gong Sun Yu, loves her friend Jing Ke, but they had to escape from enemies. 

The Qin Emperor, Ying Zheng, liked Gong Sun Li’s looks and brought her to his palace, but she then realized she was going to have Jing Ke’s baby. 

The Emperor cared for the baby, but sadly, Jing Ke later tried to harm the Emperor, and I absolutely NEED everyone to watch this political historical Cdrama with an epic love triangle. 

8. Maiden Holmes

The Qi Kingdom was fighting with enemies, and a prince named Xiao Yan Zhi tried to protect his kingdom, but he lost and was taken out of power. 

He felt really hurt because of this and decided to hide his identity, and then he teamed up with a detective named Su Ci to find out the secrets inside the palace. 

They also got help from two other smart investigators to figure out what was really happening.

9. The Story of Ming Lan

Sheng Ming Lan was born into a family where people were not very nice to each other, but she was clever and knew how to survive. 

She then met a rich guy named Gu Ting Ye who was honest but got into trouble, and together, they made smart plans and became strong.

They wanted to make things right against the people who hurt them, and then they slowly fell in love. 

This is yet another amazing Chinese drama where the male lead falls for the girl first, and I absolutely recommend it if you want something really, really interesting to watch. 

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10. Boss & Me

Feng Teng has a little sister with a rare blood type who needs blood, so he asks his employee, Xue Shan Shan, to donate blood.

Later, they want to thank her, and instead of money, Feng Teng’s sister suggests giving Shan Shan yummy packed lunches to help her recover and say thanks. 

Shan Shan loves food and is happy, which makes Feng Teng, who’s usually serious, start to like her.

11. Who Rules The World

Hei Feng Xi is handsome and graceful, while Bai Feng Xi is strong and carefree, and they’re both really skilled and smart. 

In a world of fighting and politics, their love grows despite all the chaos, and they try to hide their identities and work together to bring fairness and calmness. 

There were a whole lot of things to love about this Chinese drama to watch on Netflix, but what I appreciated the most was how strong the female lead was – she was amazing!

12. Love Better Than Immortality

In the year 2196, technology is super advanced, and even things that were once super special, like living forever, are now normal. 

Chun Hua isn’t happy with her life, so she decides to do something crazy – She gives up her forever life to find real love.

She wakes up in a totally new world and is told that the first person she sees will be her true love, and she thinks Xiao Bai is the one. 

But there’s a person named Shangguan Qiu Yue who keeps causing trouble, and Chun Hua will have to determine whether she made the right choice. 

This is yet another must-watch Chinese drama where the male lead falls first with a love triangle, and I absolutely can’t recommend it more – you’ll love it!

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13. Cruel Romance 

Cruel Romance is about a girl named Rong Jin Xiu who goes to Shanghai to find out why her family was killed. 

She meets a leader of the group, Zuo Zhen, and they fall in love after some accidents, while Xiang Ying Dong nurses feelings for her as well. 

Zuo Zhen is protective of her and it helps when a bad person tries to hurt Jin Xiu and her family, and I believe you’ll enjoy this drama a whole lot. 

14. The Romance of Hua Rong

Hua Rong is excited to go on an adventure she always wanted, but a pirate named Qin Shang Cheng kidnaps her and wants her to marry him. 

Despite several tries, she manages to escape from an island prison with a sea monster. 

Then, she meets Prince Jin Yi Wen, who likes her immediately, but the pirate Shang Cheng is still chasing her, wanting her back.

Shang Cheng quite literally falls in love with her at first sight, and he was always, always chasing her all around the place. 

You’ll love this drama if you fancy a romantic Cdrama where the man falls first that will sweep you off your feet. 

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15. Love Like The Galaxy

Ling Bu Yi is a skilled general investigating a tragic event from the past, and he meets Cheng Shao Shang while chasing a criminal in a village. 

Shao Shang, who was left by her parents during a war, had a tough life, and when her parents return after a long time, they’ve grown apart. 

Shao Shang, independent and clever, starts getting noticed by people in the capital, including Ling Bu Yi.

All three male leads in this Chinese drama fall in love with the female lead and while they all took their time to come around to understanding their feelings, it was still super cute. 

And, that’s a wrap!

This juicy lineup is for all the hopeless romantics like me who love a good story that will knock your socks off. 

Check out any of the dramas in this list if you want to watch a Chinese series where the boy falls for the girl first.

Please check out the related posts below for even more amazing recommendations. 

Happy watching!

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