Top 14 Underrated Chinese Dramas of 2023 That Need More Love

As far as I’m concerned, all dramas deserve love and with new pieces dropping every month, it’s not surprising at all that so many of them aren’t all too hyped.

So, this is me doing what I do best and spotlighting some under the radar Chinese dramas that everyone needs to give a chance.

There’s everything from romance to thriller to melodrama, so you can be rest assured that there’s something for every mood. 

1. To See You Through Time

Liang Xue, a successful single mother, travels back in time to her son’s high school days. 

And when she wakes up in her cousin’s body, Liang Yi Yi, she tried to mend the misunderstandings with her son and help him discover his true goals.

2. Devil Falls In Love With Fairy

He Yi Huan, an interactive film reviewer, becomes the bloodwife of Xuan Ming in the VR world. 

Now, she must survive the many demon problems to prevent Xuan Ming from becoming a world-destroying demon, all while unexpectedly falling in love with him.

This drama is what any E-sports lover would love and it’s a little sad that one as amazing as this completely went under the radar. 

3. Peerless Concubine Physician

Shen Xi is set up by others to marry the ruthless Prince Zhen Nan. 

But when she is rescued by Chen Yi Zhi, who is also a prince, they strike a deal for Shen Xi to learn survival skills and she sets out to get her revenge on everyone that wronged her. 

4. Anti-Corruption Storm

While recovering his memory, Zhao Da Sheng returns to find that his wife has now gotten married to his former friend. 

And when he is assigned to investigate a hazardous chemical explosion, he discovers the political-military connections in the city and it’s only made worse by the fact that his former friend is now the mayor. 

5. Mask

This drama follows three young individuals chasing dreams in the entertainment industry who are getting fed up of conforming to social standards.

You guys, Mask is hands-down one of the short-length Chinese series I watched last year, and it’s a little sad that it didn’t get much love.  

6. Finding Love

Fu Yang Yang accidentally enters the time and space of Chi Zheng in 2003, and the two connect over a sugar water shop, intertwining their lives.

You guys, this is another not-too-popular 2023 Chinese drama that I feel could have appealed to a whole lot of people. 

7. Suo Lou Lan

Sang Xia, once the favored princess, faces tragedy after being framed, and when she is reborn as a palace maid, she decides to turn the palace upside down while getting her justice.

8. Come On Brothers

This drama chronicles the journey of young artists entering art schools, facing challenges, breakdowns, and forming a brotherhood to achieve true happiness.

I like wholesome pieces like those one and I just know anyone would have enjoyed this slice of life Chinese drama of 2023 that’s super interesting. 

9. Schrodinger’s Youth

Wang Guo Dong attends his first love’s funeral, only to discover she’s alive and this truth pretty much shifts his entire universe. 

10. Qing Jun Ru Wo Xiang Si Ju

Ye Qing Huan, a medical expert, time travels and then becomes a neglected daughter forced into marriage. 

Unexpectedly, the disabled prince falls in love with her, and you guys, this underrated romance Chinese drama of 2023 gave me the butterflies and everything in between. 

11. My Spicy Wife

Hao Zhi Zhi marries Shen Xiao Yang, who is ten years younger, and together, they must learn how to love properly and avoid any mistakes.

12. Zhui Bu Zhe

Set in the early days of liberation, a special case team investigates bandits and Kuomintang enemy agents in East China to combat reactionary forces.

This is one of the fast-paced thriller Chinese dramas that was released last year and didn’t get a lot of hype which is so unfortunate because it’s such a good drama. 

13. From The Stars

Alien An Dong lives on Earth as CEO Lu Ke Ying and then consciousness with Su Xiao Ran. 

Now, the two struggle with hilarious mishaps and they soon find it hard to part ways.

14. Fan Pian Jing Cha

Gao Ren, a new police officer, infiltrates a telecommunications fraud gang, and he clashes with criminals as he tries to dismantle the hidden fraud syndicate.

What do you think? Did you watch any of these underrated Chinese dramas last year? Probably not, but I promise they’re all good. 

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Happy watching!

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