9 Must-Watch Chinese Dramas About Cooking & Food To See ASAP

If you love a good mix of food and drama, Chinese cooking series are a perfect blend. 

I know I’m not the only one who watches Chinese dramas and takes notes of all the foods I’d like to eat when I eventually make my trip down there. 

So, here’s a quick rundown of some must-watch shows that will leave you craving more:

1. Dine With Love

Yu Hao is a guy who can’t cook, but he sponsors a food reality show, so he uses a stand-in which leads to some hilarious mishaps. 

The series adds a touch of romance when Yu Hao’s culinary skills are mentored by Su Ke Lan, and I just know you’ll love this drama.

2. Chef Hua

This drama follows Hua Xiao Mai, a passionate chef who falls for Meng Yu Huai, a cool-headed bodyguard.

Trust me when I say you’ll love these sweet, quarrelsome lovers and there were so many montages with beautiful food spreads that made me so hungry.

3. Delicacies Destiny

Ling Xiao Xiao is on a quest to become the first royal chef in the world, but first, she must overcome the challenges in the palace and win Prince Zhu Shou Kui’s heart.

4. The Baking Challenge

This modern drama follows a pastry chef who returns to China for a baking competition, and you’ll get to see her pursue her passion, overcome obstacles, and find love along the way.

5. Royal Feast

Set in the Ming dynasty, Royal Feast is the perfect blend of history and drama and you’re going to love seeing  Yao Zi Jin get involved in political intrigues even though all she wants is to be a cook.

The stunning visuals and mouth-watering royal cuisine made this such a memorable Chinese drama about cooking and I know anyone would appreciate it. 

6. Flavour It’s Yours

In this drama, a girl loses her sense of taste and smell after an accident and then she teams up with a boy who can change flavors. 

This drama has everything from romance to mystery, and the foodie scenes kept me seated. 

7. Dating in the Kitchen

Starring Zhao Lusi as Gu Sheng Nan and Lin Yu Shen as Lu Jin, this romantic comedy-drama follows a talented young chef who falls for the CEO of a hotel group (he’s a total foodie btw). 

This drama is filled with so many funny and heartwarming moments, and it was great to see the behind-the-scenes of restaurant work and leads who were genuinely fascinated by good.

8. Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef brings together historical charm and modern flair, and the lead is Ye Jia Yao, a girl who time-travels to ancient times and becomes a culinary sensation. 

Somehow, she engages in a fake marriage and starts winning hearts with her cooking skills. 

9. Happy Noodle

This drama is about the journey of an aspiring noodle chef, En Ying, and Chinese fencer athlete Zhang Lin. 

Their story of love and ambition is riddled with a touch of misunderstanding, and you’ll love all the poignant flavours.

How many of these Chinese cooking dramas have you watched? How many of them do you plan to watch? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, the related posts still have so many recommendations that will get you started and trust me when I say you’ll love them. 

Happy watching!

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