10 C-Dramas With A Surprise Pregnancy That Changes Everything

Whether it’s a one-night stand or a couple who are just finding their feet in life, an unplanned pregnancy will literally change a person’s life.

And, in the Chinese dramas about unexpected pregnancies in this post, the leads quickly adapt to the status quo and try to fashion a new way of life.

The romance is top-tier and wholesome and everything about the way their relationships develop is just heartwarming – you definitely don’t want to miss this.

1. You Are My Destiny

This amazing drama follows Jia Xin and Xi Yi, who meet on a cruise ship and have a strong connection. 

Jia Xin becomes pregnant, and, because of pressure from their families, they agree to marry temporarily. 

Later on, Jia Xin leaves and becomes a potter in Hungary, while Xi Yi matures and deals with his ex-girlfriend. 

Eventually, fate brings them back together, and they realize they belong together, and if this Cdrama about an unexpected pregnancy doesn’t scream wholesome, I don’t know what will. 

2. Loving, Never Forgetting 

A lot of stuff happened, but ultimately, Li Zhong Mou and Wu Tong parted. 

Years later, when they met again, Li Zhong Mou had almost forgotten about Wu Tong, which made her sad. 

Now, all he wants is to be the guardian of their son whom they had neither planned for nor expected, even though he was kept in the dark. 

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3. Sweet Teeth

Sweet teeth cdrama

Ai Jing Chu is a handsome dentist and teacher at Donghu University, and Zeng Li, the university librarian, misunderstands him and doesn’t like him. 

Zeng Li’s mom wants her to get braces, so she avoids Ai Jing Chu but ends up becoming his patient. 

As they spend time together, Zeng Li realizes he’s caring and professional, and she starts to like him. 

Zeng Li’s friends, Ma Yi Yi and Wu Ying, also have changes in their lives because of Deng Hao Ran and Liu Yu Cheng.

4. My Amazing Boyfriend 

Centuries-old Mutant Xue Ling Qiao wakes up when actress Tian Jing Zhi accidentally wakes him up in a dangerous car accident. 

He moves into her house despite his mysterious past, and while she pretends not to be bothered by his superpowers, she secretly tries to get rid of him. 

Surprisingly, their constant fights bring them closer, and they develop romantic feelings for each other. 

But, as they get closer, they uncover a shocking conspiracy that has been going on for centuries. 

This Chinese drama is based on the novel My Amazing Boyfriend by Shui Qian Mo, and if you’ve been looking for a superb Cdrama about a surprise pregnancy that neither character was expecting, I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy this one. 

5. Sound of the Desert

Yu Jin grew up in the desert tribes of Xiong Nu, but her foster father was Han. 

Forced to escape to Chang’an, the capital of the Early Han Dynasty, she changed her name to Jin Yu. 

During her journey, she meets the calm and kind Mo Xun (also known as Jiu Ye, ninth master), and later the handsome and cold general Wei Wu Ji. 

And, she develops feelings for one of them but gets rejected, and now she has to figure out her love situation and make a choice in the end.

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6. Young President & His Contract Wife

Chen Yu Han, the daughter of the founder of Chen Group, gets drunk with Chen Xi, the son of her father’s friend and the president of Ye Corporation. 

They have a one-night stand that leads to her getting pregnant, and they decide to have a shotgun contract marriage. 

But, their relationship faces challenges from Yi Xuan Xuan, who loves Chen Xi, and Jin Yang, Yu Han’s ex-boyfriend who wants her back. 

This is another amazing one night stand and pregnancy Chinese drama that will absolutely give you all the feels, and I can’t recommend it more. 

7. Hello Mr. Gu

A CEO who doesn’t like crowds gets into a contract marriage with a poor heiress. 

At first, they clash because of their different personalities, but eventually, they become close and confide in each other. 

Eventually, thelp each other heal and end up falling in love despite their imperfections.

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8. I Love My President, Though He’s A Psycho

Shi Xiao Nian is an average cartoonist leading a regular life. 

One day, she gets caught by Gong Ou, a wealthy CEO with a paranoid personality disorder, who claims she had their child three years ago. 

He relentlessly tries to get an answer from her and chases her using not-so-smart methods. 

But as he experiences her kindness and bravery, they end up falling in love.

9. Crush 

College senior Sang Wu Yan dreams of becoming a broadcaster.

She works at a radio station and soon falls in love with Su Nian Qin, a mysterious songwriter and visually impaired individual. 

As their romance blooms, they struggle to balance their happiness with the fear of loss.

10. Once We Get Married

Gu Xi Xi, a fashion shopper, and Yin Si Chen, a president, enter into a contract marriage to benefit their businesses. 

Despite their differences, they fall in love while living together. In another story, a character accidentally gets married but later turns it into a contract marriage because of an accidental pregnancy. 

As they live together, they gradually fall in love, and I really can’t stress how touching and utterly delectable the romance in this drama was. 

I mean, if you’re in the mood for a Chinese drama about an unexpected pregnancy leads to love, you’re going to enjoy this drama. 

Every romantic Chinese drama on this list is unique in its own way, and I can tell you for a fact that you’re going to enjoy them. 

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