11 Romantic Student & Teacher Chinese Dramas With Happy Ending

If you’re like me and you love a good dose of romance, especially when it’s a little bit taboo, you’re in for a treat.

In this post, I’ll be listing my all-time favorite teacher and student romantic Chinese dramas that you absolutely need to watch to get the feels. 

Think adorable interactions, character growth, the thrill of forbidden love, and friendships that evolve into something extraordinary. 

Here are the 11 smile-inducing teacher-student romantic Chinese dramas to check out: 

1. Perfect and Casual

Smart and good-looking statistics professor Zhang Si Nian is thought to be perfect, while Yun Shu, a new graduate who’s winging it, is a holy mess. 

One day, Si Nian meets Yun Shu at the cafe and they have a little issue, which is only made worse when he makes her fail her school project because she was a few minutes late. 

But it turns out that Yun Shu has money problems after being cheated by her cousin in a house sale and becomes homeless – the house her cousin purported to sell to her belonged to Si Nian. 

And, Si Nian, wanting to please his sick grandfather, proposes to Yun Shu to pretend to be his girlfriend for a place to live, as his grandfather wants a real marriage and she needs to show her sister a house. 

They agree to a fake marriage and start having feelings for each other, and I really can’t say enough how absolutely sweet this teacher-student romantic Chinese drama was!

2. Somewhere Only We Know

Mu Cheng He is a student studying Physics, and he catches Xue Tong, who is a third-year student studying English, cheating on a test. 

So, he starts teaching her Russian and makes her study with him after classes, and while at first, she doesn’t like him, she later realizes he’s a good person and starts to like him in secret.

This is another perfect Chinese drama with a teacher-student romantic pair that absolutely floored me because of how well-developed the drama was. 

3. City of Streamer 

In early 20th century Shanghai, as warlords gained power, heroes emerged and revolutions stirred.

Feng Shi Zhen wanted to make things right, so she planned to get back at the Rong family, so she pretended to be a tutor for their son, Rong Jia Shang. 

While they were testing each other, Feng Shi Zhen started to like Rong Jia Shang, even though he was from the enemy’s side. 

As time passed, they discovered the truth about bad things that happened years ago, and even though they were on different sides at first, they joined together to face many problems and tell everyone the shocking truth.

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4. When A Snail Falls In Love

Detective Ji Bai is told to teach a new recruit named Xu Xu who’s good at understanding people’s thoughts, but not at talking to them.

Ji Bai doesn’t want to fire her for that because she’s good at profiling but physical things are her weak spot. 

In time, they’re both impressed by each other and as they work on cases, they start to fall in love.

This is yet another slow-burn romantic student-teacher romance Chinese drama that absolutely had me grinning from ear to ear because of how beautiful it was – I 100% recommend!

5. One and Only

Zhou Sheng Chen grew up with his Emperor brother, and then became a skilled general. 

Cui Shi Yi was supposed to marry the Crown Prince, but Zhou returned during chaos, and Cui’s engagement changed. 

Now, she was to marry a sickly friend of the Emperor, and Zhou agreed to teach her to heal family issues. 

They bonded despite differences but faced many palace power struggles, and it was so soothing watching their love flourish in this sweet teacher-student historical romance Chinese drama. 

6. The Longest Promise

Set in a place called Kong Sang Continent, this Chinese drama follows a princess named Zhu Yan and a prince named Shi Ying. 

They fall in love, but the prince is sent away because of a trick played on the queen, and when he goes to a mountain to learn, he starts to like Zhu Yan, who is his student, but they can’t say they love each other because of their student and teacher roles.

Later, they end up on different sides in a big fight for power, and even though they have problems, they decide to work together to keep their continent safe.

Needless to say, the chemistry between the leads in this drama was sublime, and you’ll enjoy watching The Longest Promise if you like Chinese dramas where the leads have a student-teacher relationship.  

7. Face Off

Chen Zhen, a makeup seller, meets famous makeup artist Wang Yi at a fashion event. 

Intrigued by special effects makeup, she learns from him while helping him find his mother. 

This Chinese drama is based on the comic “Please! Make Me Beautiful,” and I just know you’ll love it if you want a teacher-student romance Chinese drama that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

8. From Repair to Pair

Qiu Yuan’s dream of heritage conservation comes true when she meets Qin Zhi Yuan, owner of Yuxinzhai. 

Their chance encounter leads Zhi Yuan to use Yuan’s innovative “rubber board” method to save Yuxinzhai. 

Despite the danger, their friendship grows, and Zhi Yuan becomes Yuan’s mentor as she begins her heritage preservation career. 

As their bond deepens, Yuan’s longtime crush, Zuo Huai Ren, reappears in China, and the love triangle was the absolute best thing I could have asked for in this drama. 

9. Buried City To Shut All Lights

In this bittersome love tale, Qi Yue, now Yi Luo, seeks vengeance against her teacher Chu Che who is a reclusive, beautiful man due to a past accident. 

Despite punishments, Yi Luo learns about his changed identity, her clan’s massacre, and her father’s secrets. 

As revenge and affection entwine, their wedding day faces challenges, and it becomes a question of whether they will overcome their tragic destiny. 

Not everyone has a heart as easily affected as mine, but I sobbed ugly tears when I watched this bittersweet teacher and student romance Chinese drama, and I daresay you might also face this.  

10. The Crush

At 35, divorced Yi Xing Yan’s heart wavers when she meets Zhou Si Xing, a younger coworker who turns out to be her former student

Faced with choosing between stability and a passionate but fleeting romance, they can’t hide their love. 

And while they deal with challenges like company rules, ex-husband’s request, and rumors, they learn to love while grappling with adult complexities.

11. The Journey of Chong Zi

The powerful demon king Ni Lun is defeated, leaving his clan shattered as they escape to the mortal realm. 

Chong Zi, kind but with hidden darkness, is saved by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, but she’s rejected by Nanhua due to a prophecy of her becoming a demon. 

Surprisingly, wise Luo Yin Fan accepts her as his sole disciple, and while they are close, a plot leads to her imprisonment and death. 

In her next life, Chong Zi returns, recognized by Luo Yin Fan and he seals her darkness, but fate’s arrows target her again. 

These teacher-student romance Chinese dramas absolutely deserve a to be on your watchlist, and I bet you won’t regret watching any of them!

Check out the related posts below if you want some more amazing recommendations, and let me know if I missed something in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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