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10 Romantic C-Dramas With Admirable Single Parents To Watch Now

The ups, the downs, and the bland mid-points of parenting are just snippets of the experience, and the interesting Cdramas on this list perfectly capture those tender moments.  

These emotional dramas featuring single dads or single moms will definitely leave you stunned, and I can’t recommend each one more.

Here are 10 heartwarming Chinese dramas with amazing single parents you should watch: 

1. The Corner of Love

Divorced elementary school PE teacher Chen Ju Yi, who just moved into a new house with his daughter, is surprised when a woman named Fang Ling claims ownership of his house, and soon, they realize they’ve fallen into the trap of “one room, two sales.” 

Fang Ling, a stunning brand director with a six-year-old son, broke up with his wife when he found out he cheated on her, so when they get legal advice, he and Fang Ling reluctantly agree to become roommates.

What follows is an unexpected guerrilla war as they each attempt to oust the other, but little do they know that life’s twists will transform them into each other’s greatest pillars of support.

2. Loving, Never Forgetting

Li Zhong Mu and Wu Tong met years ago, but they had to part ways and by the time they met again, Zhong Mu had completely forgotten about her. 

He soon discovers he has a son with her, and to get custody, they start spending an inordinate amount of time together and slowly start falling in love again.

3. Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love cdrama

He Qiao Yan is the brilliant but emotionally distant CEO of a powerful conglomerate, and as a single father to his son Xiao Bao, he struggles with discipline and control.

The situation escalates, but hope arises when child psychologist Qin Yi Yue enters their lives, so He Qiao Yan proposes a unique arrangement: hiring her as Xiao Bao’s “contract mother.” 

This fake relationship Chinese drama about a single father is just the most beautiful thing, and if you’ve been on the lookout for a romantic and engaging Cdrama about a single parent falling in love, then you’re going to love this one. 

4. Because Of Love

Tan Jing, a resilient single mother, is dealing with her son’s natural heart condition, and although she’s forced to save every penny for his surgery, she’s determined to do anything for her son.

Meanwhile, Nie Yu Sheng, a dedicated heart surgeon, is passionate about funding a project for children with heart disease, and he selects Sun Ping as his first patient and discovers that Sun Ping’s mother is none other than Tan Jing, his former lover from seven years ago. 

A second-chance romantic Chinese drama might just be what you need to soothe your heart and this drama delivers on everything from the swoons to the feels. 

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5. Please Be My Family

Driven by the need to fund his daughter Xuanxuan’s brain tumor surgery, Qi Sile sets his sights on securing the Maolin planning project, and while pursuing the boss, Song Haoyu, a fateful encounter occurs when Song Haoyu notices the identical brooch worn by Qi Sile. 

Both ate determined to create a loving family for the two children, so Song Haoyu proposes to Qi Sile, and together they try to work for their future.

6. Oh! My Dreamy Daddy

In a somewhat comical twist of fate, Qin Mu Xuan and Gu Zi Jin get entangled in a conspiracy that leads to rhe birth of their adorable baby, Qin Xiao Bai.

Years later, their paths cross once more and Zi Jin is determined to keep Mu Xuan by his side.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai grows up never having known his father and he’s lonely and bullied and always gets into trouble until his dad appears. 

You guys, this amazing Cdrama about single parents featuring the most adorable kid is just on the right side of awesome and you’ll love it!

7. The Magical Women

Su Fei and An Ning are single mothers with contrasting personalities brought together by the challenges they face within their own families.

Despite their differences, they form a powerful alliance, joining forces to overcome their emotional wounds and embrace transformative new lives. 

In this heartwarming drama, these remarkable women prove that through unity and support, even the deepest emotional pain can be healed.

I honestly cannot recommend this Cdrama enough, and if you want a Chinese drama about single parents that features the most stellar character development, then you’re going to enjoy this one. 

8. Unmarried Hot Mom

From single lady to single mother, Wu Manni finds herself thrust into unexpected changes in life, and in this beautiful melodeama, we’ll see her grow as an unmarried mother while navigating the challenges of raising a baby alone while working.

This is another solid pick if you like Chinese dramas about a boss falling in love with a modern-day single mother – don’t miss this!

9. Mr. Nanny

Shen Xin Wei, is a brilliant educator who faces unexpected turmoil when he returns from abroad after being wrongly accused.

By a stroke of luck, he crosses paths with a single mom, Na Na, and seizes the opportunity to become her after-birth caregiver. 

Meanwhile, Na Na, a determined white-collar worker, discovers her pregnancy after an unfortunate betrayal.

And, just as she prepares for single motherhood, Shen Xin Wei steps in and offers his assistance as the nanny.

10. Nursing Our Love

Ying Xue, a nurse and single mom, meets Jia Cheng, a hospital Dean, at her sister’s wedding.

They fall in love but face many obstacles like his ex-mother-in-law’s harsh demands, his condescending mother, and the reappearance of Ying Xue’s ex-husband. 

This is another frankly solid Chinese drama that follows a single mother who’s thrust into multiple uncomfortable situations but still manages to hold her head high – for herself and her kids. 

And, that’s a wrap!

Single parenthood is a thankless affair, and the many dramas on this list perfectly capture the joys, struggles, and triumphs.

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Happy watching!