11 Intriguing Chinese Dramas About Serial Killers To Watch

Whether you’re in the mood for a good old investigative Chinese drama with top-notch acting or you want to watch a haunting Cdrama starring an assassin, I’ve got something for you. 

In this post, I’ll be listing 11 intellectually-stimulating Chinese dramas about serial killers that will leave you thinking for hours. 

If you’ve ever wanted to go into a killer’s mind or you love the tension-inducing feel of the cat-and-mouse games between killers and the authorities, then I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy the dramas on this list.

Here are 11 thrilling & bone-shaking Chinese dramas about serial killers to watch right now: 

1. Joy of Life 

Fan Xian, born with memories from the 21st century, grows up as an illegitimate son in an ancient empire. 

After an assassination attempt, he ventures to the capital to uncover the truth about his mother’s death and his unique memories. 

And, in the midst of political intrigues and unexpected love, he questions his identity and finds his true purpose in life.

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2. Bloody Romance 

In the aftermath of the Tang dynasty’s collapse, a herbalist’s daughter is tricked and sold to a brothel. 

She escapes and joins a group of female assassins, and while learning the art of assassination, she becomes close to a man named Chang An. 

But their relationship faces challenges when the assassins’ leader and a secretive figure get involved, leading to dangerous conspiracies and betrayals.

Needless to say, this drama was bonkers!

If you’re in the mood to watch a character-driven storyline that will keep you on your toes, then I can recommend this Cdrama about serial killers more. 

3. Word of Honor

Zhou Zi Shu, the leader of The Window of Heaven assassin organization, wants to leave and uses a technique that shortens his life to three years. 

He hides his identity and becomes a wandering drunkard, and after three months, he meets Wen Ke Xing, who sees through his disguise. 

They become friends and get caught up in a conspiracy involving the Glazed Armor, a legendary key to a powerful armory.

Word of Honor is yet another interesting Chinese drama about an assassin that I honestly feel everyone should watch – you’ll love the character dynamics and the symbolism. 

4. Princess Agents

In a chaotic period in Wei, where innocent people are kidnapped and enslaved, a girl named Chu Qiao becomes a target for the rich lords. 

She is saved by the Prince of Yanbei, Yan Xun, but ends up entangled in the power struggles of the Yu Wen family. 

Determined to escape with her younger sister, she catches the attention of Yu Wen Yue, who trains her while she forms a bond with Yan Xun. 

The drama revolves around Chu Qiao’s beliefs and her fight for survival in an unjust world, and it is based on the novel The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess Agent by Xiao Xiang Dong Er.

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5. Sniper

In 1949, two legendary snipers, once partners, become enemies due to differing beliefs. 

Su Wen Qian joins the special crimes division to take down assassins, while his former partner, Chi Tie Cheng, becomes their top assassin. 

The story follows their deadly battle of wits and wills, as old friends turn into foes, and you’ll love it if a historical Chinese drama about a group of killers is your thing. 

6. On The Scent

In Shencheng, a clever reporter named Su San, known for her exceptional sense of smell, joins forces with Detective Chief Luo Yin to solve a series of murders. 

Together, they fight to protect the people, uphold social justice, and support each other throughout the investigation.

There’s a lot to love about this investigative Cdrama where the leads hunt down a serial killer, but what stood out the most was the camaraderie between the main characters – so much chemistry!

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7. Silent Evidence

Qin Ming, a talented young individual, starts his journey in society with the support of Lin Dang and others. 

Overcoming childhood trauma, he becomes a respected medical examiner in charge of the bureau, but an event would soon reignite his nightmares and the memories from the past. 

When a new murder occurs with the same method as one from 15 years ago, Qin Ming starts questioning if they apprehended the wrong person or if the real killer had an accomplice. 

8. Love Me If You Dare

Zhao Yun Lan and Shen Wei have a special duty to maintain peace between the underworld and human realms. 

This Chinese drama revolves around their deep friendship, which spans across multiple lifetimes. 

Simon is a brilliant criminal psychologist with a rare gift – he can understand the minds of even the most violent criminals. 

Formerly a professor, he now assists the police in solving their toughest cases, and his young assistant, Jenny, who shares his passion for justice, is the daughter of a seasoned police investigator.

Together, they try to discover the thoughts and motives of criminals, while Jenny tries to help Simon connect emotionally in their pursuit of solving crimes. 

9. Who Is The Murderer

In 2000, a murder occurred in a printing factory apartment, and Policeman Leng Xiao Bing couldn’t shoot the serial killer, who cleverly got away. 

Seventeen years later, Xia Mu joins the investigation to catch the killer, and they uncover new leads and realize the killer never stopped. 

Together, they must work to solve the case and finally catch the murderer. 

This investigative Cdrama about a killer is thought-provoking in all the ways that matter, and if you’re not averse to chills and thrills, you’ll enjoy it!

10. Under The Skin

Young painter Shen Yi joins the Haicheng Public Security Bureau, angering Interpol Captain Du Cheng due to a past incident involving the death of their comrade. 

Shen Yi’s sketches caused the death of an undercover detective, but he cannot recall the woman involved. 

To find the truth, Shen Yi becomes an Interpol Team portraitist and impresses Du Cheng with his unique skills in solving cases. 

As they work together, they form a strong bond and uncover the hidden truth behind their comrade’s death, becoming inseparable partners in solving cases.

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11. Guardian

This captivating tale is based on the novel Guardian written by Priest, and is set in a mysterious world where supernatural forces are at play.

And, a dedicated group of adults work together to solve perplexing cases caused by these unexplained powers. 

And, that’s a wrap!

These Cdramas will definitely keep you hooked from the first episode, and by the end, you’ll literally be hanging on the edge of your seat.

Please check out the related posts if you’re in the mood for some more Chinese drama recommendations – they’re all so, so good.

Happy watching!

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