Upcoming Chinese Dramas Coming Out In October 2023 To Watch

There’s nothing quite like a new Chinese drama to keep you absolutely glued to your screen.

And, in this post (which will be updated weekly), I’ve listed some of the best new Cdramas coming out in October 2023 – they’re so good and you don’t want to miss them.

So, if you’ve been looking for something new to watch or a new series to watch every new week in October, I’ve got you covered. 

Here are the best upcoming Chinese dramas to watch in October 2023: 

1. Chang’An Unknown Space – 5th October

In the city of Chang’an, strange things keep happening – like a virus making people act like zombies, eerie underground caves, and ancient treasures said to touch the sky. 

Ma Long and his Taiping group work hard to keep Chang’an safe, facing many challenges from different sides. 

They’re always in new and puzzling situations, uncovering even more secrets in this strange adventure. 

This is one excellent October 2023 new Chinese drama that you absolutely do not want to miss for anything – it’s going to take you on a ride!

2. Tiger And Crane – 2nd October

This is a new Chinese drama about a group of teenagers who, despite their differences, become close friends while on a mission to save the world. 

Huzi, an optimistic mountain orphan, accidentally swallows a special red pearl and teams up with the neat-freak captain Qi Xiao Xuan. 

Alongside their friends Zhao Xin Tong and Wang Yu Qian, they uncover a dangerous plot involving a demon army and a powerful enemy. 

Together, they’re determined to stop a catastrophe and protect Earth.

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3. The Heart – 7th October

Xiao Feng is a serious and reserved Deputy Chief Physician in the Cardiology Department at Dongli Hospital. 

He teams up with the impulsive Dr. Lin Yi, who acts quickly without thinking, but they sometimes disagree about how to treat patients. 

Meanwhile, Xiao Feng’s younger sister joins as a doctor in the Intensive Care Unit, and this brings them closer as colleagues while they work together to save lives.

The Heart is another super interesting new medical Chinese drama coming out in October 2023 that’s full of goodness and everything sweet. 

4. Evidence – 2nd October

In Beishan City, a serious murder happened, and a successful entrepreneur named Long Yun Fei was found holding the murder weapon, making him a key suspect. 

The prosecutor, Su Qing, and Captain Feng Gang of the Criminal Investigation Brigade joined forces to look into the case.

Surprisingly, their investigation uncovered a surprising connection between this murder and an old unsolved case at a nursing home from years ago.

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5. My Precious – 3rd October

Tao You You dreamed of becoming a human medic but ended up following her father’s footsteps to become a veterinarian. 

She believes studying abroad could open new opportunities, but fate takes a turn when she must take over her father’s struggling clinic. 

Then, she meets Ke Mi, the president of a veterinary pharmaceuticals company, and they form a secret business partnership, sparking the possibility of romance.

This is easily another beautiful romantic drama that’s coming out in October 2023, and I have a good feeling it’s going to be lush and very, very engaging. 

6. Gourmet In Tang Dynasty – 2nd October

Xiao Xiao loves food, but in a world that values being slim, it makes her feel out of place. 

She wishes she could go back to a time when plumpness was admired, and suddenly she gets her wish and finds herself in the Tang Dynasty, but it’s not as easy as she thought. 

In part 2, which is coming out this October, Yuan Wan Er tries to go back home, but ends up five years later. 

She’s now at Great Eastern Academy, and her friend Lin Yu thinks she likes Silla Prince Jin De Cheng. 

This causes problems, and Wan Er ends up in a debate to stop the bullying.

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7. Dramatic Self-Help Strategy – 8th October

Actress Li Wei Wei travels back in time and switches places with the carefree princess Li Cai Wei, who’s set to wed Shen Hua Jin. 

But tragedy strikes when Hua Jin is killed, and they soon discover they’re trapped in a time loop.

Because of this, Wei Wei and Hua Jin team up to unravel the mystery behind his murder to set things right and escape the loop.

And, that’s a wrap!

As I said earlier, this post with the best new Chinese dramas that are being released in October 2023 will be updated regularly with any new dramas.

Make sure to bookmark this post and share if you can (I would really appreciate this). 

Happy watching!

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