10 Sweet Chinese Dramas Featuring Secret Babies You Should Watch

If there’s anything that can set the romantic ball rolling in a second-chance romantic Chinese drama, it’s the discovery of a secret child.

In these dramas, the mother (oftentimes) hides the fact that she has given birth from the father, and when he does find out and tries to be involved in the child’s life in one way or the other, the leads’ romance starts anew. 

Needless to say, this trope is one of the effortlessly romantic ones out there, and if you live for angst (like me), then you’re going to love these dramas. 

So, sit back, get something warm or cold to sip on, and find your comfiest blanket – you’re about to get some really wicked recommendations!

Here are 10 must-watch Chinese dramas about secret babies to stream RN: 

1. Loving Never Forgetting

Wu Tong met Li Zhong Mou and they had an instant connection, but sadly, they had to go separate ways. 

Years later, when they met again, Li Zhong Mou had forgotten about Wu Tong, which made her very sad, and now, the only thing he wants is to take care of their son. 

They spent seven years together, and now they are trying to mend their broken relationship in this wonderful adaptation of the novel “Wu Ai Cheng Huan” by Lian Bai Se.

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2. The Love You Give Me

Five years ago, Min Hui fell for Xin Qi while pretending to be his childhood friend. 

They reunite at a business event, and Xin Qi takes out his anger on her, but fate reveals that Min Hui’s son is Xin Qi’s.

Soon, they get to work on forgiving each other and find that they make a great family.

The Love You Give Me is a sweet, romantic Chinese drama about a secret baby where the man didn’t even know he had a child, and it was really the loveliest thing seeing them come together. 

3. Because of Love

Tan Jing, a single mother with a son having heart disease, lives frugally to save for his surgery, but she remains positive and raises her obedient and sensible son, Sun Ping.

Nie Yu Sheng, a heart surgeon, chooses Sun Ping as his first patient and discovers Tan Jing is his former lover. 

He’s attracted to her calmness and determination, and finds Sun Ping adorable and sensible in this heartwarming story of love and second chances.

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4. Lee Jun Kai

Le Jun Kai is a man who tries really hard to hate his enemy and get revenge for what happened to his ex-lover and their unborn child. 

He ends up marrying his enemy’s daughter, Le Yi, and treats her badly to make her life miserable. 

Surprisingly, Le Yi doesn’t fight back, and the trouble starts when Le Jun Kai realizes he might have feelings for her after she left without his child.

When he does realize that he’s deep in his feelings, it was like a shock to his system, and the romance felt earned and genuine.  

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5. Ex-Wife Stop

In this Chinese drama about a secret child, Sheng Nan Fang, is compelled to marry a regular girl named Su Shao Yan. 

Due to various misunderstandings, he hurts her deeply, leading to a divorce, and after the separation, he comes to the realization that he has lost his one true love. 

This beautiful Chinese drama is based on the novel The Wife Don’t Run Before You Get Married by Sheng Duo, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds.

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6. Begin Again

Lu Fang Ning is a powerful and successful female CEO of a furniture business who’s nearing her thirties and feels pressured by her family to find a husband and have a child. 

Along comes Ling Rui, a handsome and kind-hearted surgeon, whom she sees as the perfect candidate. 

They decide to pretend to be in a relationship but eventually end up falling in love for real after getting married. 

Throughout the drama, Lu Fang Ning learns to be a better person, but keeping their marriage happy is not without challenges.

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7. Love Everlasting

Xiao Mu Chen, a wealthy heir, and Zhong Mei Bao, a girl from a humble background, had a lovely romance in college. 

Sadly, Zhong Mei Bao ended things unexpectedly, and now, after many years, they meet again at work, and the old feelings of love resurface.

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8. Oh! My Dreamy Daddy

One thing led to another, and Qin Mu Xuan and Gu Zi Jin ended up having a cute baby named Qin Xiao Bai.

Years later, Mu Xuan and Zi Jin meet again. Zi Jin, known as a cold-blooded CEO who avoids women, wants to keep Mu Xuan close.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai has never met or talked about his dad, and he often feels lonely, gets bullied by classmates, and gets into trouble. 

After five years, he faces bullying again, and his dad suddenly appears, but Xiao Bai’s mom is worried about Zi Jin taking their son away. 

This is yet another heartwarming Chinese drama about a secret child that I feel everyone should watch – it’s interesting in all the ways that count, and it helps that all the actors (child actor included) are simply fab.

9. Lovely, Still

Five years ago, Chen Bao Shan, a new reporter, met Lu Zi Heng on a snowy day, and they fell in love. 

Tragically, Lu Zi Heng passed away on their wedding day, and trying to move on, she went to a non-snowy port city five years later. 

During an interview, she met Xiao Mu Chen, who looks just like Lu Zi Heng, and is the prince of the Xiao Group.

10. More And More Loves You

Yu Lan had a crush on Sheng You Ting for 11 years, but her love for him made her feel like she wasn’t good enough for him. 

Eventually, she decided to push him away, but it hurt her a lot, and she soon found that happiness was an uphill task. 

And, that’s a wrap!

The dramas on this list are just the tip of the iceberg (no, really), but they’re the Cdramas about a secret child I can assure you Are awesome.

Give them a try if you’re looking for something different, and do check out the related posts below for some more awesome recommendations. 

Happy watching! 

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