11 Must-See Legal Chinese Dramas Worth Watching in 2023

If we’re talking cinematic delights, there’s nothing that quite gets it like Chinese legal dramas.

I mean, what’s not to love about unparalleled acting, inclusive storytelling, and dramas with timeless appeal?

These legal Chinese dramas seamlessly blend thrills, suspense, and romance and needless to say, they’re so, so, so good. 

Here are 11 Chinese legal dramas that will keep you hooked for hours: 

1. Heirs

Zheng Hao, a skilled inheritance lawyer, meets Tang Ning, an heiress who wants her inheritance back. 

She soon becomes Zheng Hao’s assistant, believing he can help her reclaim her family’s business shares. 

Despite their bickering, they will have to work together to achieve Tang Ning’s goals.

2. She And Her Perfect Husband 

Qin Shi, a focused lawyer, gets rushed into a fake marriage by her brother, and she joins a law firm that requires its lawyers to be married without knowing her status was changed. 

Soon, she meets Yang Hua, her pretend husband, and they decide to register their marriage. But their parents sense something is off, and Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend adds to the drama as feelings start to develop between Qin Shi and Yang Hua.

This beautiful Cdrama blended the legal and fake relationship themes and it was beautiful. Don’t miss this drama if you like a legal Cdrama that will keep you on your toes. 

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3. Truth

Lin Lan and Lin Yuan Hao, procuratorial technicians from the Criminal Procuratorate of Haijiang City, were assigned to a team. 

Together, they employ advanced techniques to solve challenging “zero confession” cases, and I found this Cdrama so thrilling!

4. Draw The Line

Fang Yuan and Song Yu Fei are apprentices of Zhang Wei Min at the Xingcheng District People’s Court, and they dedicated their youth to China’s judicial career.

Now, Fang Yuan’s apprentice, Zhou Yi An, has become a post-judge, and the mentors and apprentices are in different trial positions but continue to shine. 

Ye Xin, a young female cadre, joins the Xingcheng Court, bringing more changes. 

Throughout each case, they uphold the tradition of offering help and guidance while prioritizing justice, morality, and humanity.

5. The Best Partner

Luo Bing is a senior lawyer at Panorama Law Firm who cares solely about winning cases. 

Dai Xi comes to the firm to argue about her best friend’s lawsuit and ends up becoming Luo Bing’s assistant by chance. 

At first, they clash, but over time, they begin to understand and respect each other. Dai Xi’s influence teaches Luo Bing empathy for others, and he learns that law is about more than just winning. 

Together, they grow and become dependable law partners. There’s a lot to love about this Cdrama that focuses on the lives of lawyers and I just know you’ll enjoy watching it. 

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6. Lady Of Law

Xu Jie joins Mingtang Law Firm to work on a bribery case involving Chen Wen Guang. 

Chen’s daughter, Chen Ran, is also investigating the case secretly, and despite their differences, the two female lawyers become friends and work together to uncover the truth. 

As they face challenges at the firm, their destinies become intertwined, leading to mutual redemption.

7. Court Battle

This Chinese drama about the law follows Prosecutor Gao Jian and Assistant Prosecutor Fu Xiaorou as they fight corruption and seek justice. 

When corruption cases shake up Jiangdong Group, Tie Rong Guang’s suicide triggers a chain of events. 

Tie Li, Gao Jian’s friend, returns to track down his father’s killers, leading to a showdown of good versus evil.

8. If Paris Downcast

Ruan Man Jun, once made a big mistake for love, helping her boyfriend commit a crime. 

As a result, she lost her job, her license as a lawyer, and even went to prison. 

Heartbroken and devastated, she meets Tong Zhuo Yao, a man who has his own emotional scars but wants to help her regain confidence.

Man Jun is determined to be independent and strong on her own, and I know you’ll enjoy this touching love story of healing and self-discovery.

9. The Justice

Cheng Yi Zhi, starting with little in 1930s Shanghai, finds a new dream when he meets a banker and his daughter. 

Leaving his old life behind, he enters the world of finance and gains the trust of a powerful banker, Boss Huang. 

But when he uncovers dark secrets, he decides to stand on his own with Li Zi’s support, but Boss Huang seeks revenge and tries to bring him down. 

Supported by industrialists, Yi Zhi faces Huang in a showdown. This is a perfect pick if you want an interesting watch that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. 

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10. Black Lighthouse

Qiao Nuo, a fresh graduate, stumbles upon an unexpected opportunity to intern at the city court. 

Her lack of knowledge raises doubts about her abilities in the eyes of the judge, but witnessing intense confrontations between prosecutors and defence lawyers sparks her appreciation for the profession. 

With the guidance of Chief Judge Zuo Dong Hai, she fearlessly works hard, seeking valuable clues to support trial cases, gaining experiences, making friends, and finding love on her journey to becoming a judge.

Black Lighthouse is another amazing legal Cdrama that delivers a compelling narrative about family, ethics, and personal growth. 

11. Kai Feng Qi Tan

Adapted from the manhwa Kai Feng Qi Tan, this Cdrama follows Bao Zheng who never aspired to become the magistrate of Kai Feng. 

Despite being young, inexperienced, and somewhat unreliable, he finds himself in this position, striving to deliver justice by vindicating the innocent and punishing the wrongdoers. 

Alongside his quirky subordinates, they improve with each case, growing more passionate about their work. 

And, that’s a wrap!

If you enjoy legal Cdramas that mesh well with crime, thriller, romance, and action genres, then you’re absolutely going to love the dramas in this post. 

Please check out the related posts below for some more recommendations, and I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy.

Happy watching!

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