20 Amazing Chinese Thriller Dramas To Watch If You Love Thick Tension

Guys, if you love atmospheric tension, then buckle up because you’re about to be stunned.

And, if you live for nail-biting moments, character-driven thrills, and suspenseful journeys, you’re about to walk away with a ton of recommendations. 

Sounds good? You bet it does. Get ready to find your next favorite Chinese thriller drama to show love.

1. Mysterious Love

Ruan Nian Chu is the cutest actress in town, and one day, she crosses paths with the brainy Li Teng, who swoops in to rescue Ruan Nian Chu from a sticky situation.

Sparks fly, but life takes them on different paths, and fast forward five years, and destiny brings them back together.

And, while their love has been reignited, there’s a new danger on the horizon and the duo must use their wits and brawns to outsmart their enemies. 

This drama really does set the bar high for thriller Cdramas with an eclectic mix of romance and danger that will make you addicted.

2. Killer and Healer

Jiang Yue Lou, a cop with a touch of darkness, and Yu Zhi, a caring doctor with a heart of gold, couldn’t be more different, but together, they become a force to be reckoned with. 

During an opium case in Hong Kong, he crosses paths with Yu Zhi, who discovers Yue Lou’s hidden struggle with bipolar disorder.

Reluctant at first, Yue Lou opens up to his new acquaintance, and their bond grows stronger, but, with secrets hidden behind every corner, they’ll have to work extra hard to keep their lives.

This is another fantastic Chinese thriller drama with a well-crafted story arc. It’s a must-watch if you love a flawless execution (and a lot of loving).

3. City Of Streamer

Feng Shi Zhen, a justice crusader seeking revenge on the powerful Rong family, infiltrates their ranks as a tutor to Rong Jia Shang, the young master.

But love sneaks in, complicating things, and as they navigate tests and secrets, they find themselves on the same team, fighting against past injustices. 

The brilliant writing and the superb character development in City of Streamer absolutely stamped it as one of my faves.

I can’t recommend it more if you’re in the mood for an absolute standout that will rip your heart into shreds in the best way possible.

4. Provoke 

In this Cdrama about revenge, Jiang Ying, a club singer, disguises herself to get revenge on entertainment mogul Du Jing Chuan, but Du Xun Yu, thought to be dead, reappears claiming to be his son (and this one’s a fake).

As they join forces against a common enemy, love unexpectedly blooms when the duo starts posing as stepmother and stepson.

I’ll tell you for free that it’s really chaotic in the best way possible – I mean, the combination of the mystery, suspense, and romance makes this a must-watch if you’ve been on the lookout for a mysterious drama to watch this weekend.

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5. The Long Night

An open-shut murder case turns into something more sinister, and a relentless prosecutor spends a decade uncovering the shocking truth, sacrificing it all. 

This is another fantastic thriller with enough heart-pounding moments to last you a century.

The Long Night is an absolute gem if you enjoy a good mystery with a twist. 

6. Sparrow

Chen Shen is an undercover communist agent known as “Sparrow,” whose mission is to find the top-secret “zero” intel that could rock China.

To get the goods, he goes undercover and becomes the assistant to Bi Zhongliang, leader of the Special Operations Team. 

If you’re in the mood for a suspenseful Chinese thriller that will leave you craving more after every episode, then I couldn’t recommend this more – it’s that good. 

7. Insect Detective 

Tan Jingtian, an insect expert, teams up with forensic doctor Jin Ling to solve a murder case involving the deadly bullet ant.

As they dig deeper, they uncover shocking truths about Jingtian’s own identity and, with the help of police Captain Chen Han and their detective crew, they crack one case at a time, hunting down a hidden killer.

Twists, bugs, and a dash of mystery-solving brilliance abound in this thriller, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. 

8. The Rebel

Lin Nan Sheng, a student of the Fuxing Club, joins a mission to capture underground party members in Shanghai.

Inspired by brave comrades, he learns about Communist beliefs and fights against the chaos within the Kuomintang. 

As he battles Japanese invaders, he becomes a hero, aiding the underground party with his military status.

9. Humans 

An Yi, a self-aware robot, joins a human family and fights many enemies in an effort to protect her loved ones.

As she discovers her humanity and learns more about love, she starts acting more human than machine. 

On the other hand, while looking for An Yi, whose fate hangs in the balance, Li Yao does all he can to avoid Professor Huo. 

This is another amazing Chinese thriller drama, which features a mesmerizing blend of futuristic twists and a heartfelt romance, and I feel everyone should watch it. 

10. Ultimate Note

Wu Xie wants to discover his uncle’s secrets and his friend Xiao Ge’s fate, so he soon joins forces with old and new allies to explore ancient tombs and unravel a sinister plot. 

Along the way, he faces danger, betrayal, and heartbreak, but his determination means giving up isn’t even an option since h final challenge is the real Zhang Manor, where a wrong move could doom them all.

11. Burning Ice

Adapted from Zi Jin Chen’s novel, this drama follows Yan Lian, a regular guy with a big crush.

But when he gets mixed up in a murder, he has to run for his life, and with the police and the mob after him, you know things are about to get frisky.

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12. Original Sin

Chi Zen, a cunning ex-lawyer who challenges the elite, and Lu Li, a rising star in the police who cracks tough cases, are nothing alike, but destiny throws them together.

Although they’re on opposite sides of the law. They’ll have to work together to overcome their conflicts.

This unlikely duo will definitely give you that rush of adrenaline you’ve been looking for – don’t miss it!

13. Are You Safe

In this amazing Chinese thriller drama, three young techies with different personalities and backgrounds have one thing in common: they want to use their internet skills for good.

And when a group of cyber-criminals threatens to unleash chaos in China, they have to team up and fight back.

14. The Controllers

Feng Xiao Sheng is a greedy and cruel tycoon who wants Ke Ying, a brilliant economics professor, to help him rise in his company.

Xiao Wu is a clever and brave undercover cop who infiltrates Feng’s firm to dig up some dirt on him. 

Soon, he discovers Feng is involved in money laundering, and he teams up with Ke Ying to expose the crime.

This funny and exciting Cdrama had me invested in every single character and I really couldn’t recommend it more. 

15. Kidnapping Game

A fake kidnapping turns real when Lu Jie is murdered, and Yu Hai, her fake lover and co-conspirator, is the prime suspect.

But he is not the only one with secrets. Detectives Wu Yuke and Miao Jia must find the truth before the killer strikes again. 

This riveting story of romance, intrigue, and danger in Luteng City, China, and if you’re in the mood for a Cdrama thriller with sharp and clever writing, you’re going to enjoy watching this drama. 

16. Detective Dee

In this historical Chinese drama, Wu Zetian, Gaozong, and Di Renjie reveal mysteries, defeat their enemies, and create history. 

From the enigmatic Buddhist temple where a crime occurs to the power struggle that results in the removal of Empress Wang and the schemes to usurp the throne, this group is more than prepared to tackle challenges and ascend to glory.

17. Visible Lie

Xu Lang is a genius in criminal psychology who quit the police after a case went wrong that killed his brother.

Seven years later, he’s a young professor who joins Team X, a new unit of crime fighters, that solves cold cases, and eventually, secrets from his dark past are revealed.

This is another thriller Cdrama with intricate plotlines and many interconnected narratives that will leave you thinking long after the credits have rolled on the final scene. 

18. Reborn

Qin Chi is a cop who forgot everything in a coma. He was the sole survivor of a deadly mission that took his friends’ lives.

He fears that he might have been a traitor, but he really doesn’t remember anything. 

But he’s still a detective who has to team up with his colleagues and solve mysteries, and he hopes to find out the truth and clear his name.

19. Never Say Never

Luo Fei, a covert agent and Fang Han’s girlfriend, dies at the hands of a drug lord.

Around the same time, Fang Han’s team tries to catch the drug lord and his gun smugglers, but they face a terrible defeat. 

Consequently, many of them lose their lives and the criminal gets away.

The police chief then urges Fang Han to carry on Luo Fei’s mission, and he joins the drug ring to stop them and get revenge for her death.

Cdramas about revenge will always, always be a blast and if you’re in the mood for a thriller Cdrama about the lengths one is willing to go to uncover the truth, then I think you’re going to enjoy this drama. 

20. Talking Bones

Shang Jie is a tough crime leader; Xia Ying is a forensic whiz; Li Xue Kai is a detective who can sniff out the truth; Song Mi is a naive and bubbly analyst and Ying Ming is a spoiled brat who understands criminals.

They are the outcasts of the department, but they solve the most bizarre murder cases with their skills and spirit.

This drama is based on Wang Xue Mei, China’s pioneer female forensic doctor and her incredible stories.

There’s nothing quite like getting pulled into a good Cdrama, and I know for a fact that the thrillers on this list are just as good as they sound.

And, if you’re in the mood for some stunning recommendations, check out the related posts below. 

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