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15 Engrossing Chinese Dramas with The Enemies-to-Lovers Storyline

Best enemies to lovers Chinese dramas to watch

Love is often portrayed as a force that brings people together, but what happens when love develops amidst deep-rooted enmity? 

Enemies-to-lovers Chinese dramas tackle this question head-on, delivering stories that are equal parts heart-pounding, heart-wrenching, and heartwarming. 

From accidental encounters to reluctant partnerships, these dramas explore the tumultuous journey of two characters who must confront their own prejudices and let go of their animosity to find true love. 

Here are the best enemies to lovers Chinese dramas to watch right now:

1. The Corner Of Love

In this hate to love Chinese drama, Chen Ju Yi, a divorced elementary school teacher, buys a big house with his savings and moves in with his daughter.

But their joy is short-lived when a woman named Fang Ling claims the house as her own. 

Reluctantly, they decide to temporarily live together and seek legal advice. Soon, their cohabitation turns into a battle to kick each other out.

However, unexpected life disruptions bring them closer, and they become each other’s greatest support. 

Chen Ju Yi, the spirited teacher, and Fang Ling, the resilient brand director, navigate their shared space and discover an unlikely bond amidst the chaos.

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2. Meteor Garden 

An ordinary girl enters the country’s most prestigious school and encounters F4, a group of four wealthy and handsome boys: Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. 

Despite coming from a struggling family, Shan Cai refuses to back down. She clashes with Dao Ming Si, the spoiled bully, but finds support in Hua Ze Lei’s helping hand. 

Gradually, the boys acknowledge Shan Cai’s resilience, and she discovers their hidden goodness.

Friendship and romance follow as Shan Cai’s unwavering spirit and the boys’ true selves intertwine.

3. In The Day We Flipped

In a twist of fate, modern-day mortician Zhang Chu Xi finds herself unintentionally transported into the body of the Queen of the Lan Dynasty, a target of the prince’s assassination plot. 

Driven by a longing for genuine connections, Zhang Chu Xi navigates treacherous royal schemes while also developing unexpected feelings for her would-be assassin, Su Ning Ze. 

Just as they embrace their love and decide to unite, the dormant body Zhang Chu Xi inhabits awakens, threatening to strip her of consciousness.

Amidst the tumultuous circumstances, their blossoming relationship hangs in the balance.

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4. My Little Princess 

Lin Xing Chen, an heiress seeking her Prince Charming, sets her sights on wealthy student Zheng Chu Yao at Four Leaf College.

Mistakenly pursuing the brooding Jiang Nian Yu instead, Xing Chen finds herself repeatedly crossing paths with him in compromising situations. 

To win Chu Yao’s attention, she enlists Nian Yu as her tango teacher. However, her hopes are dashed when Chu Yao shows interest in humble student Yu Yang Yang, whose admission was secured by her father’s heroic act. 

5. My Amazing Boyfriend

Mutant Xue Ling Qiao awakens after centuries of slumber when actress Tian Jing Zhi inadvertently triggers a fatal car accident.

Despite his mysterious past, Ling Qiao insists on living with her. 

While Jing Zhi pretends not to be bothered by his superpowers, she secretly tries to rid herself of this “monster.”

However, their constant clashes unexpectedly warm their relationship, unveiling not only their budding romance but also an astonishing conspiracy spanning centuries.

This amazing enemies to lovers Chinese drama will have you laughing with the hilarity of their actions, and it’s based on a novel – My Amazing Boyfriend by Shui Qian Mo – so double the fun!

6. Warm Time With You

Wu Yi is a young boy who, despite losing his parents, finds warmth and happiness in the care of his aunt, Wu Jiao Jiao, who runs a martial arts hall.

However, his uncle, Qi Mo, the assertive president, desires a meeting between father and son, initiating a custody battle. 

Wu Jiao Jiao, a spirited and determined woman, refuses to back down easily, ready to fight for her nephew’s well-being.

Amidst this family struggle, a story of resilience and love unfolds, showcasing the unyielding spirit of a passionate young woman and the bond she shares with her beloved nephew.

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7. The Trick of Life and Love

In a delightful twist of fate, domineering CEO Ning Cheng Ming, notorious as the “professor from hell,” experiences a fateful encounter.

After a mysterious car accident, he finds himself saved by Li Qian, an individual with whom he shared a history of enmity. 

Once a clever student and now an accomplished secretary, Li Qian holds the key to his past. However, there’s a catch—Cheng Ming wakes up with amnesia. 

If you’re in the mood for a Chinese drama where the boy hates the girl in the beginning but then they fall in love, I can’t recommend this drama more.

Their love-hate relationship is literally the thing romantic dreams are made of, and I just know you’ll be thrilled by their extraordinary journey filled with surprises and laughter. 

8. Master Of My Own

Ning Meng dreams of becoming an investment director but feels increasingly distant from her goal. Working under Lu Ji Ming, she’s denied career advancement. 

Fed up, Ning Meng decides to search for a new job. Despite the challenges, she perseveres and lands a position at a different investment firm.

Applying lessons learned from Lu Ji Ming, she excels. Meanwhile, he secretly observes her growth, learning valuable lessons himself. 

9. Love Is Sweet

Love is sweet cdrama

Jiang Jun, a girl with two degrees in economics and psychology and an allergy to tears, follows her father’s dying wish by joining a top investment company.

There, she encounters her childhood playmate, Yuan Shu Ai, now a rival. 

In the competitive world of MH, where plots and adversaries abound, Jiang Jun’s kindness, attention to detail, high EQ, and judgment lead her to triumph in both her career and love.

This is another fantastic enemies to lovers Chinese drama for you to watch in 2023 – you really don’t want to miss it. 

10. Skate Into Love

A short-track speed skating girl and the ice hockey god of their school cross paths, starting a journey to chase their dreams.

Li Yu Bing and Tang Xue shared a troubled past but both have a passion for ice. Li Yu Bing, now the school’s ice god, enlists Tang Xue’s help to settle old scores. 

However, as they spend time together, Li Yu Bing discovers Tang Xue’s admirable qualities and helps her rediscover her love for speed skating. 

Challenges arise from past misunderstandings, competitors, and romantic interests.

Amidst disapproval and tough choices, they face an uncertain but exciting future on the ice.

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11. Love Designer

A lawsuit brings fashion designer Zhou Fang face to face with Song Lin, a mismatched pair with interdependent lives and work.

Their stubbornness leads to conflicts, yet as they compete, their feelings transform. 

Zhou Fang strives to build a sophisticated brand, while efficiency-driven Song Lin seeks career breakthroughs.

Different personalities yet same in the way that matters, this enemies to lovers Cdrama will have you on the edge of your seat. 

12. General and I

In a war-torn world, the nations of Jin, Yan, Liang, and Qin vie for power. Amidst the conflict, Jin falls, and Prince He Xia and strategist Bai Ping Ting narrowly escape. 

Fate separates them, with He Xia seeking revenge in Bai Lan while Bai Ping Ting becomes captive to Chu Bei Jie, Jin’s esteemed general. 

As their past love is rekindled, Bai Ping Ting’s heart conflicts with her loyalty, leading to a complex romance between enemies, where desires intertwine with kingdom loyalties.

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13. Love In Time

Once an unpopular social outcast, Su Jia Nan now thrives as an aspiring writer with a growing fanbase.

However, her newfound freedom is short-lived when she becomes embroiled in a family inheritance dispute that threatens her dreams. 

With limited options and time running out, Jia Nan reluctantly turns to her former high school tormentor, Lu Bo Yan, for help. 

As the CEO of an investment company, Bo Yan agrees to help Jia Nan, but on one condition: they enter into a fake marriage.

Little do they know, this arrangement will only bring a whole new set of challenges to their lives.

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14. My Love, Enlighten Me

After her girl group disbands on their debut night, 22-year-old Nuan Nuan must reinvent herself and face the reality of dashed dreams.

In her journey, she crosses paths with Han Che, a successful yet cold sound engineer with an impeccable memory. 

Despite a significant misremembering, their lives become intertwined. Nuan Nuan explores her passion for fashion, aiming for a permanent role at a clothing store’s headquarters. 

Though their relationship starts off rocky, Han Che and Nuan Nuan develop a growing fondness for each other.

As their love blossoms, they must confront their pasts and overcome obstacles to protect their newfound connection.

This is another solid Chinese drama about enemies to lovers that will send your blood kicking with fervor. 

15. Perfect And Casual

Through a string of chance encounters, a sick grandfather, and a duplicitous cousin, Zhang Si Nian and Yun Shu enter into a contractual marriage.

Their first meeting was downright chaotic and after Si Nian – who turned out to be her lecturer – made her miss her final project defense because she was a few minutes late, the battleground was drawn. 

They do eventually fall in love, but believe me when I say it wasn’t easy for them.

From hilarious misunderstandings to purely antagonistic behavior, you’re going to love this enemies to lovers Cdrama. 

There you have it – 15 of my favorite Chinese dramas with the enemies-to-lovers trope. 

I hope that you’ve found some new favorites to add to your watchlist and that they bring you as much joy and warmth as they have brought me.

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Happy watching!