15 Gritty Chinese Dramas About Revenge To Keep You on the Edge

Redemption, payback, and that oh-so-satisfying ending that will leave you feeling both gratified and moved – sounds like something you might want to watch? Keep reading. 

In this post, I’ve listed some of the best Chinese dramas about betrayal and revenge that you need to watch.  

Here are 15 revenge-themed Chinese dramas that balance thrilling action and heartfelt drama to watch now:

1. Circle Of Love

Gu Meng lost everything on her wedding day due to a fire she believed her fiancé, Hong Ye, started.

Years later, while seeking revenge, things went wrong and she lost her memory.

Soon, she was taken in as a servant at Hong Ye’s mansion, and her feelings of humiliation when she got back her memory were soon replaced with love, and she decides to fight for her freedom and revenge. 

The leads in this revenge Cdrama undergo one of the most stunning character developments I’ve been privileged to see on screen.

I mean, they were positively shining at one point. 

2. Provoke

In early twentieth-century Shanghai, singer Jiang Ying seeks revenge against entertainment mogul Du Jing Chuan, and when she encounters Du Xun Yu, who claims to be Du Jing Chuan’s son, they join forces against their common enemy. 

As their plot unfolds, love blossoms between them in the most unexpected of ways.

If you fancy a good Cdramas where the drive for revenge becomes love, then you’re going to really enjoy this drama. 

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3. Bride’s Revenge

Ye Qing Lan, the daughter of the Ye family’s second branch, falls victim to a framing by the former eldest young master of the Mu family.

She becomes an unwilling bride and vows to wreak her vengeance one way or the other. 

Now, Ye Qing Lan faces off against green tea bitches, scumbags, and an evil mother-in-law.

If you want drama, then this is it.

Everything from the subtle moments of introspection to the cat-and-mouse games felt earned in every sense of the word. 

4. The Forbidden Woman

Xiang Wei is a financial prodigy who dared to love and hate.

Betrayed by her husband and sister, she finds herself inexplicably transported to a parallel world. 

Now armed with her business acumen, she decides to effect her revenge and starts on a journey filled with love, betrayal, and transformation.

5. Maid’s Revenge

On one tragic night, Dong Ting Yao lost her entire family in a massacre.

When she goes to her fiancé, Fang Yu Ze, for refuge, she finds out his uncle, Fang Tian Yi, is the warlord she suspects of the crime. 

She is soon captured by Fang Tian Yi, but she manages to escape and pose as a maidservant in order to take revenge and reclaim her position as Fang Yu Ze’s fiancée.

What she doesn’t know, though, is that Fang Tian Yi has his own plans as well. 

Guys, this drama is so intense and if you want to watch a revenge-themed Chinese drama with amazing optics, I couldn’t recommend this more.

You’re definitely going to become invested in the characters’ journeys. 

6. City Of Streamer

In this thriller Cdrama, the powerful Rong family, known for their crimes, is about to face justice, and their executor is Feng Shi Zhen, a brave avenger who disguises herself as a tutor to the young master, Rong Jia Shang. 

But as their bond grows, love complicates her mission.

Together, they investigate the truth behind past wrongs while navigating a web of challenges. 

City of Streamer is a story of love, sacrifice, and the search for truth in an intriguing era, and you shouldn’t miss it. 

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7. Fall In Love

In 1926, Mu Wan Qing comes back to China to find out why her parents split up and what happened to her brother.

During a coup in the Shanghai army, Tan Xuan Lin becomes the new commander, while Xu Guang Yao, who doesn’t like politics, is admired by many. 

They meet and become friends. Mu Wan Qing gets close to Xu Guang Yao and investigates a family mystery with Tan Xuan Lin.

Together, they face dangerous challenges and learn the importance of protecting their country. 

I loved this Cdrama about vengeance for many reasons, and the chief amongst them being how the intricate balance between justice and revenge was portrayed.

In this drama, it literally felt like I was told to sit on the blurry line between good and bad, and it’s super interesting.

8. The Long Ballad

In the year 626 C.E., the Tang Dynasty faced turmoil after a palace coup called the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

Li Chang Ge, a survivor of the calamity whose family was killed, then decides to seek revenge against the new Emperor. 

But her plans go awry when she’s defeated by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate and ends up serving General Ashile Sun.

As they fight together, a unique bond forms between them, blurring the lines of captor and captive. 

This thrilling tale of vengeance, love, and strategy is inspired by Chang Ge Zing, a manhwa created by Xia Da, and aside from the superb ensemble, the stunning cinematography and impeccable production of this Cdrama were literally everything. 

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9. Renascence 

Amidst a land on the brink of war and a corrupt Imperial court, Empress Yao Mo Xin is ruthlessly killed, while her sister Yao Mo Wan is hunted down.

But in a strange turn of events, the spirit of the dead queen possesses her sister’s body, and she decides to get her pound of flesh. 

Now, as Empress Yao Mo Wan, she enters the treacherous court, falls for Prince Ye Jun Qing, and uses her wit to help him claim the throne. 

This revenge Cdrama is adapted from a graphic novel titled The Cry of the Phoenix that Reached Ninth Heaven, and I’ll tell you for free that this drama had me thinking.

A strong female lead, an adorable male lead, and a plot ripe for the picking – good or what? 

10. Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings

Lin Jiu Ge is the wrongly imprisoned daughter of Shanggu’s Police Commissioner.

And with the help of young detective Long Tian Yu, she’s determined to find the real murderer and get her revenge. 

Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings features yet another amazingly brilliant female lead.

If you’re in the mood for a Cdrama that weaves together revenge, romance, and an utterly riveting storytelling, then you should check this out. 

11. The Great Craftsman

In the 1920s, Shen Qi Nan’s family faces tragedy during the Warlord era, and they reunite in Shanghai years later.

Shen Qi Nan becomes a successful construction supervisor and meets Fu Han Jun, an architect who values the people’s needs. 

Together, they work to build affordable homes and uncover a conspiracy during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Not to drop any spoilers or anything, but if you like political thrillers with lots of twists where everyone’s bad in one way or the other, you’re going to love this. 

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12. The Story Of Ming Lan

Born as an unfavored concubine’s daughter in the Northern Song Dynasty, Sheng Ming Lan must navigate a treacherous family filled with plots and no love.

But when she meets Gu Ting Ye, a noble who has lost everything, they join forces to seek justice. 

The set pieces, hidden alliances, political intrigue, and the attention to historical detail are just some of the reasons you should be itching to watch this Cdrama about revenge.

13. The Rise Of Phoenixes

Forced to flee her family, Feng Zhi Wei disguises herself as a man and enters the prestigious Qingming Academy.

And soon, she becomes the top scholar and catches the eye of the 6th prince, Ning Yi – all the while nursing her plans for revenge.  

While navigating the treacherous world of power struggles and secrets, Zhi Wei and Ning Yi find themselves falling in love, with the realization that finding happiness will come at a steep cost. 

14. Legend Of Fu Yao

Fu Yao, an orphan turned slave, embarks on a quest to break a curse that has haunted her.

While on her journey, she meets Zhang Sun Wu Ji, the Crown Prince of Tianquan, and love blossoms between them. 

Together, they navigate political challenges across the kingdoms and unravel the mysteries surrounding Fu Yao’s origins. 

15. My Stranger Husband

Liu Zi Xin thought she had a perfect marriage, but she soon discovered that it was all a lie.

Her husband betrayed her and had hidden intentions.

Feeling betrayed, she seeks the help of private detective Zhang Xiu Qi to get her revenge. 

But, Zhou Ping reveals that Liu Zi Xin had cheated on her husband with Zhang Xiu Qi in the past.

To make things more complicated, a car accident causes her to lose some of her memories. 

Now, Liu Zi Xin is trapped in a confusing situation, trying to discover the truth behind Zhang Xiu Qi’s hidden identity.

You got here!!

The dramas on this list are really the most emotionally-charged revenge dramas that will have you bursting at the seams with anticipation. 

Have you watched any of the posts on this list? Do you have any more recommendations? Let me know in the comments below! 

And, if you’re in the mood for more, please check out the related posts below!

Happy watching!

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