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15 Super Romantic C-Dramas On iQIYI Full Of Swoons & Laughs

If you’re on the hunt for binge-worthy romantic content, iQIYI’s array of Chinese dramas will totally steal your heart.

iQIYI is unarguably one of the best places you can watch Chinese dramas for free, and the catalog includes everything from timeless classics to fresh new releases. 

In this post, I’ve listed my all-time favorite romantic Chinese dramas on iQIYI that you absolutely need to watch if you’re in the mood for romance that will make you feel breathless. 

1. Make My Heart Smile

This Chinese drama follows a bunch of college pals who meet up, become really good friends, and even fall in love. 

They grow up a bit and work towards their dreams while supporting each other along the way. 

I love this Chinese drama because it’s all about the fun, friendships, and their dreams coming true together, and you can watch it right now on iQIYI. 

2. Be My Princess 

Ming Wei is a translator and actor who was chosen to be the main actress in a drama with famous actor Mu Ting Zhou. 

Soon enough, they start playing the roles of a princess and a master from long ago who fell in love.

Later on, Mu Ting Zhou has an accident and forgets everything except Ming Wei and he still thinks she’s the princess. 

To help him remember, Ming Wei looks after him, and this kicks off their amazing love story in this must-see romantic Cdrama to watch on iQIYI. 

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3. And The Winner Is Love 

This Chinese drama follows Chong Xue Zhi, who leaves her home, meets Shangguan Tou, and falls in love. 

Her special move, the Lotus God Nine Stance Technique, is stolen, and with Shangguan Tou’s help, they face challenges, find a secret book, and stop a bad person from using the technique for evil. 

Together, they brought peace to the land, and it was really the sweetest thing watching them slowly realise they had been falling for each other. 

4. Well-Intended Love

A not-so-famous actress named Xia Lin has leukemia and needs help with her treatment. 

To get a bone marrow transplant fast and keep acting, she secretly marries Ling Yi Zhou, who’s a CEO after tracking him down, and they start their fake relationship. 

And, even though they face problems and misunderstandings, they end up falling in love for real.

I loved this Chinese drama for so many reasons, but the top was how Yi Zhou and Xia Lin slowly fell in love – you can watch this romantic Chinese drama right now on iQIYI for all the feels. 

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5. Chef Fang

Fang Yi Shao is a girl who is really good at cooking, and she becomes a substitute bride for a guy named Shen Yong, even though she doesn’t want to. 

But it turns out he had helped her before, so she likes him, and since she’s good at cooking and fighting, her new family and Shen Yong start to like her. 

Shen Yong changes because of her and becomes better, and what comes after is a lovely and nice story with a couple of funny moments.

6. Get Married Or Not

This Chinese drama revolves around the love lives of three women. 

Cheng Lu, successful but unmarried, meets Wei Shu, a psychology professor. Tian Lei excels at her job but has a complicated relationship with Xu Haifeng. Ding Shiya, a salon owner, has feelings for her savior and Zhou Chenyu.

This is one of the best romantic Chinese dramas on iQIYI and you really do not want to miss it for anything, and I just know you’ll love it. 

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7. Nice To Meet UFO

One day, a female priest from another place comes to Earth to find a king who lost touch while traveling here. 

She lives inside a person named Xiao Qin, and at first, she doesn’t understand human feelings and makes some funny mistakes. 

She also has a strange relationship with Gu Liunian, and I enjoyed watching their romance blossom. 

8. My Assassin Girlfriend 

Bai Yin Qi is a smart and good-looking king, but he can’t use his skills in a corrupt imperial court. 

He then falls in love with a female assassin named Yu Yan, and they, along with his loyal guard Tian Xiao Li and a special watch, travel to the year 2018. 

There, Bai Yin Qi becomes part of a powerful group, but he’s in danger because he’s seen as someone born outside of marriage. 

He then meets Yu Yan again, but she doesn’t remember him, and I absolutely cannot recommend this drama enough if you’ve been looking for an interesting Cdrama to watch on iQIYI. 

9. True Colours

Childhood friends Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu go to the same medical university. 

Nian then starts a business, and Lu Jiajia works for him. 

Lu Jiajia breaks up with her boyfriend, and Nian likes Sun Xiaohui, who tricks him. 

Lu Jiajia’s senior Jiang Feng also likes her, just as Nian realizes his feelings, and when SARS makes them live together, the issues in their friendship are slowly revealed.

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10. Flavour It’s Yours 

In this Cdrama, a surprise kiss leads to an unexpected romance between a serious wine critic who can taste perfectly and a cheerful girl who can’t taste at all. 

Lu Wei Xun is a very smart wine critic known for being strict and having great taste. 

He then meets He Bu Zui, a happy girl who can’t taste, and while they’re  very different, they eventually find a common ground. 

This is another stellar romantic Chinese drama on iQIYI you can watch in 2023, and I’ll tell you for a fact that you’ll enjoy every minute of it. 

11. Double Love

This Chinese drama follows Lu Wan Wan and Han Jing Mo who are both students at a film school who enjoy playing games.

They team up for a game competition and become close, but Lu Wan Wan doesn’t realize that Han Jing Mo is her game partner. 

Eventually, they fall in love while pursuing their acting dreams, and I guarantee that once you start watching, you won’t want to stop – the characters’ stories were so interesting and the way they fall in love was really cool.

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12. Sassy Beauty

In this romantic Chinese available to watch on iQIYI, a beauty blogger named Si Yan gets stuck in an old Chinese-style beauty game. 

She becomes a low-level maid, but her makeup skills make her popular online. 

She quickly realizes that people from the past have similar emotions as modern people. 

Si Yan is successful in her online business but ignores her love life, and in this ancient world, she meets many men and faces a choice: focus on business or give love a chance.

13. The Girl Who Sees Smells

Lu is struggling in life and working as a wine promoter even though she’s talented and dreams of being a sommelier. 

She then saves Xu Ming Chen, the president of a company, and their destinies change when her kiss helps his strange illness. 

They go from not liking each other to loving each other despite facing many challenges like family issues, lies, and career conflicts. 

In the end, they had a great marriage after helping and loving each other, and I was absolutely rooting for them at every point.

14. You From The Future

Xia Mo just finished college and wants to be a famous blogger. 

She wants to use her parents’ beach house, but a tech CEO named Shen Jun Yao is using it, and they agree to share it. 

Xia Mo’s new job is related to Shen Jun Yao’s company, and when they start living together, they don’t like each other at first. 

A smart robot named “Starlight” belongs to Xia Mo, and Shen Jun Yao starts to like her, and this drama is based on the book “You from the Future” by Jin Yi You.

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15. Love You Seven Times

Xiang Yun used to be a cloud, and then, the Red Thread Master turned her into a fairy. 

She worked at the Marriage Pavilion, and she wanted to help her master find a partner for Immortal Chu Kong, who is also known as the God of War. 

But things went wrong, and she tried to sell his marriage, which made them fight, which ended up in them messing up the special thread that connects people’s destinies. 

This made their lives complicated for many lifetimes, but even before all this happened, their connection started long ago, in a memory they didn’t remember.

I’ve just listed a bunch of amazing romantic Chinese dramas on iQIYI that you absolutely need to watch.

So, if you’re into love stories that feel like a big hug, then you’ve got to check out iQiyi’s romantic Chinese dramas.

And don’t forget to check out the related posts below for more awesome recommendations, and you can leave a reply in the comment section if I missed one of your favorite dramas.

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