13 Lovely & Warm Chinese Drama Male Leads Who’ll Make You Swoon

We all know that romantic Chinese dramas are very amazing, but one thing that makes them even more lovely is when the main guy is the kindest, most affectionate pookie you could ever meet.

I’m talking about male leads in Chinese dramas who are sweet, caring, and friendly, and male leads you can always count on for a kind word. 

In this article, I’ve listed 13 super interesting Chinese dramas featuring warm male leads who absolutely stole my heart, and I’m sure they’ll steal yours as well. 

Here are 13 Chinese dramas with swoon-worthy warm male leads you need to know: 

1. Hidden Love

Sang Zhi develops feelings for Duan Jia Xu, a guy who visits her brother’s room to play games. 

Despite a five-year age gap, she liked him as a kid, and they lost touch but reconnected when she entered his city’s university. 

Through daily interactions, their bond grows into love, and I feel the universe as a whole fell for  Jia Xu because of how sweet he was. 

This is definitely one of the best Chinese dramas with a warm male lead who was adorable, funny, sweet, and absolutely charming. 

2. Timeless Love

Cheng Feng, a bookstore owner who had to let go of her dance dream after an accident, crosses paths with Jiang Dian. 

Despite appearing distant due to family pressures, Jiang Dian’s warm-hearted nature becomes evident as he and Cheng Feng become friends.

And, through their shared struggles and losses, their bond grows, offering them solace and strength. 

Jiang Dian’s genuine kindness not only melts his exterior but also plays an important role in their joint journey of healing and growth. 

Together, they rewrite their stories, proving that compassion can blossom even in the most unexpected connections.

3. The Romance of Hua Rong

Hua Rong is excited to embark on her dream adventure but gets captured by pirate Qin Shang Cheng. 

He wants to marry her, but she escapes her island prison and its sea monster. 

She then meets Prince Jin Yi Wen, who loves her instantly, and meanwhile, Shang Cheng chases her to get her back.

This is also another fantastic Cdrama with a warm male lead because one of the guys in this beautiful love triangle was so, so, so sweet and he was just about the nicest person you could imagine. 

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4. Arsenal Military Academy

In the early 1900s, Chinese soldiers fought the Japanese army, and Xie Xiang, a woman, wanted to join too. 

So, she pretends to be a man, impresses others, and gets into a top military school where she befriends Gu Yan Zheng and Shen Jun San. 

They train and plan to stop the enemy but both guys start liking Xie Xiang, and they’ll need their wits about them to survive war and love – while keeping their friendship intact. 

There was so much to love about this drama and while it has a love triangle (this isn’t my favorite trope), I loved the juxtaposition of both the cold and warm male leads in this Chinese drama, and I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it as well. 

5. Where The Lost Ones Go

Where the Lost Ones Go is a simple and heartfelt tale about young love. 

Ye Zi and Xiang Ze Yi, both art students, found love in college, but Xiang Ze Yi’s sudden departure broke Ye Zi’s heart. 

Years later, Ye Zi became a famous manga illustrator, and when Xiang Ze Yi returns and explains why he left, Ye Zi faces a tough choice.

This second-chance romance Chinese drama with a total pookie is adapted from Ye Zi’s novel “Unfortunately Not You,” and I can assure you that you’re going to love it. 

6. Chasing Ball

This Chinese drama follows young friends brought together by table tennis. 

Yan Xiao Xi, a talented player, joins Tengyuan College and is recruited by Qi Jing Hao, the club leader. 

They want to revive Tengyuan’s former glory and solve a mystery from two decades ago. 

With Yan’s skill and Qi’s leadership, they hope to win the National Academy Cup championship and make their club shine again.

7. Love Designer

Fashion designer Zhou Fang and Song Lin meet due to a lawsuit, and despite their differences, they must work together due to their intertwined lives. 

Their stubbornness leads to clashes, but as they compete and cooperate, their feelings change. 

This is yet another beautiful Chinese drama with a kind and caring male lead who had me grinning from ear to ear with pleasure – you’re going to love it!

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8. Forever And Ever

Shi Yi is a kind and talented voice actress, who meets Zhou Sheng Chen, a sophisticated chemistry professor, at the airport. 

They become close friends and story working together to protect traditional skills and face challenges. 

They chose to be together forever, and it was really the sweetest thing watching the both of them stare into each other’s eyes and realise that they could be happy together. 

Needless to say, this is one of my top recs for Cdramas with warm male leads that you absolutely won’t regret watching. 

9. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong dreams of being a lawyer, but her mom wants her to study finance abroad. 

Unable to change her mind, Cong Rong pretends to leave but secretly becomes a legal intern. 

Her first case involves her childhood friend and neighbor, Wen Shao Qing, now a surgeon. 

And as they fight fate’s pull, they grow closer despite trying not to, and this kicks off their romantic story in this Cdrama.

10. Duoluo Continent

Tang San, who lost his mom young, grows up with his dad’s support. 

He’s smart and goes to Nuoding Academy at 16 to become a soul master, and there he soon befriends Xiao Wu and learns from Yu Xiao Gang. 

They join Shrek Academy, become the “Shrek Seven Devils”, and catch the attention of nobles. 

They then move to Tian Dou Royal Academy, get caught in a power struggle, and Tang San fights to protect loved ones, honor his sect, and achieve his soul master goal.

11. Moonlight

Chu Li graduates in finance and joins Yuan Yue Publishing House, but she soon realises that the publishing industry has changed. 

She meets author Zhou Chuan, who’s not as gentle as believed, and they clash but later Zhou learns Chu Li is his online friend, Monkey.

This must-watch Chinese drama with a warm male lead will absolutely make you believe in love with how the lovable male lead was so endearing. 

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12. My Mr Mermaid

Tang Yi Bai is a young swimmer who aims for a comeback three years after a doping scandal wrongly ended his career. 

He returns to compete with his friend Qi Rui Feng against their rival, Heng Ou Yang. 

While at the competition, Yi Bai befriends rookie sports reporter Yun Duo, who fears water due to a past incident, and Yun Duo rents a room in Yi Bai’s home. 

This was another sports Cdrama with a warm male main character that I couldn’t help but love, and I have a good feeling you’ll feel the same way once you’re done watching. 

13. With You

Geng Geng is a normal high school student dealing with her dad’s new marriage and adjusting to her new family. 

She’s having a tough time with schoolwork at her fancy school and feeling quite alone. 

On the first day, she meets a cute boy named Yu Huai. They don’t start well, but soon they become good friends. 

Even the class rebel, Lu Xing He, falls for her, and school life is fun, but when it’s over, she’s torn between choosing the boy she always liked or the one who was there for her.

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And, there you have it – 13 Chinese dramas with super kind male leads who are just total sweethearts that I know you’ll love.

If you love yourself a pookie, then any of these dramas are a good fit, and I promise you’ll enjoy them.

Check out the related posts below if you want some more recommendations, and let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

Happy watching!

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