Top 10 Must-Watch Chinese BL Dramas For Romantic Souls

While Thailand and Japan are the official-unofficial leaders when it comes to BL dramas (the selection is simply superb), Chinese BL dramas are also just as good.

In this post, I’ve listed 10 Chinese BL dramas that passed my “vibe check” that you should absolutely check out if you love Asian BL dramas. 

So, sit back, get comfy, and prepare to be dazzled!

Here are 10 interesting Chinese BL dramas you should watch right now: 

1. Capture Lover

This BL drama is about Ding Jun Jie, a cosmetics company deputy manager, and Ying Jia Ming, the chairman’s son. 

They start off bickering but eventually get to know and understand each other, and their romance was sweet in all the ways that count.

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2. Third Country

In Li Jiang, Lin Qing Yu lost his wallet and ended up becoming a school teacher for the Naxi people. 

He finds support from a local named A Ren, and they develop feelings for each other. 

And as their bond grows stronger, they exchange keepsakes. 

But, when their relationship faces opposition from Naxi traditions, A Ren must decide between tradition and love.

3. Cherries In Early Summer

Cherries In Early Summer is yet another sweet and romantic Chinese BL drama about two boys who are friends and like each other. 

They meet a female friend and have flashbacks of a former friend, and soon they realize that the dynamics between them is shifting slowly. 

4. Reverse Light Source

This drama follows Fang Yuan, a clever and handsome boy, and Liang Guang, a quiet boy with many hidden thoughts. 

Fang Yuan helps Liang Guang open up during their university life, but as their bond strengthens, something foreboding looms. 

While this Chinese BL drama was banned and airing stopped, the very first episodes promised a tale of self-discovery and changing emotions, and it absolutely deserves a spot on this list. 

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5. Rainbow Family

Living together under one roof at Zan Ke Zhi Jia hostel creates a strong family-like bond. 

Xie Ke Zhan, the hostel owner and a graduate student, genuinely cares for all his friend’s well-being, sometimes even becoming overly attentive. 

Song Yi, a creative director, prioritizes her professional life over her personal one. The hostel’s other residents are Lin Xiao Zun, Austin, and Gao Qin Cao.

6. My Novel Boy

A young thief on the run discovers he can enter a different world, where he realizes he’s just a character in a writer’s novel. 

And, he won’t leave until the writer creates a better ending, and what comes after is a thrilling story about love and the fight for happiness. 

7. In Your Heart

This romantic Chinese BL series follows childhood friends Ling Zi Ming and Cheng Yi, both from incomplete families. 

As they grow up, their bond changes due to the challenges of adolescence. 

Adapted from the novel In Your Heart by Li Yun Ming, this is honestly one of the best BL dramas to watch to unwind. 

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8. The Ambiguous Focus

This drama is about a gay couple, Zhang Nan and Zhang Zhe, who face betrayal and separation. 

Zhe learns to stand on his own with support from friends Chunzi and Chao. 

But even after the truth is revealed, both Nan and Zhe find it hard to reconcile. 

Now, they must decide whether to reunite or move on separately.

9. Every Moment That I Think Of You

In the scorching summer of 2019, Chen Zihao, an 18-year-old with lower grades, had an unexpected meeting with Yang Yuhang, the smart and good-looking top student. 

To his surprise, Yang Yuhang turned out to be his secret pen pal from the last two years. 

And as they talked about everything, their bond grew stronger. 

But now, with important college exams ahead, their future together remains uncertain.

This is another charming and heartwarming Chinese BL drama that made me so happy while watching – I think you’ll love it!

10. Mr Yan Dong, Don’t Come Over

Xia Mi Hu had his long-awaited interview at DC company. 

During the interview, the legendary interviewer, Yan Dong, surprised him by confessing something. 

Still in shock, Xia Mi Hu returned to his dorm room, only to receive good news about the interview.

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And, there you have it – 10 utterly romantic Chinese dramas you should watch ASAP (in no particular order).

They’re really all so good and if you’ve been looking for a new watch, any of the dramas on this list are as good a place to start as any.

You can find more recommendations in the related posts below, and let me know if you’ve watched anything interesting recently in the comments.

Happy watching!

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