Top 11 Haunting Chinese Horror Dramas 👻 You Need To See ASAP

If you’re in the mood for some chills and thrills, I’ve got something(s) for you – and this isn’t the PG kind. 

Horror like no other meets suspense that could make you wet your pants in these amazingly scary Chinese dramas that are just binge-able. 

Trust me when I say they’ll leave you thinking and gasping, and you might want to watch it with a friend or two or three!

Here are 11 scary Chinese dramas that will give you the chills: 

1. The Ten Deadly Sins

Based on the novel The Ten Deadly Sins by Zhi Zhu, this scary, atmospheric Cdrama follows Hua Long, Su Mei, Bao Zhan, and Professor Liang who make up the SIG (Special Investigation Group). 

They handle difficult homicide cases that are unusual and complicated. 

Each member faces personal dangers, conspiracies, and personal growth while solving these cases.

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2. Tale of the Ancient Snake 

Drunk and lost in time, the female lead is taken hostage to marry Chen Tian Xuan, who is also being coerced by his brother. 

However, just before the wedding, Chen Tian Xuan tragically takes his own life. 

Later, a mysterious snake creature steals his body. This Chinese horror drama takes spiritual intrigue and an irresistible plot, and it’s a worthy choice for a binge-watch. 

3. Mad House

Meng Nan recently came back from abroad to find a specific patient, and his search takes him to a secluded mental institution. 

While interning there with Mu Si Fan, they uncover the hidden secrets of the residents.

I can’t recommend this more if you want a Cdrama that masterfully intertwines subtle horror with a haunting air. 

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4. Mystic Whispers

Mo Xiao Yun lost hearing in her left ear after an accident a year ago and started hearing strange sounds. 

She thinks the sounds might be from another world but pretends not to notice. 

On her first day at a new job, she sees a ghost who turns out to be her colleague, Ken. 

Her coworkers hire an exorcist, Zhang Ji En, to get rid of the ghost, but Ji En fails and the ghost keeps bothering Xiao Yun.

5. Escape Guide

Three high school students named Lin Yang Fei, He Ying Yue, and Chen Dong Hui wake up to discover they are trapped in an escape game. 

Only Lin Yang Fei knows about escape guides. They face unexpected survival situations and encounter strange challenges during their journey. 

This Chinese drama is based on the webnovel Wo You Yi Fen Tao Sheng Zhi Nan by Yi Li Hui Jin, and I can tell you for a fact that it’s great. 

6. Creatures Unknown

On Yanbo Island, residents vanished mysteriously. A girl linked to the disappearance arrives. 

Students Fu Jun Hao and Zhang Yu Xuan join her to find their missing friend, You Shang Jie. 

Meanwhile, teacher Sarah and islander Su Min Xu form another team. 

A black gang investigates, while black mucus spreads, a well emits strange sounds, and a crisis approaches unnoticed by the islanders.

7. Demon Out of Chang An

The death of a Uyghur guard in Chang’an triggers a series of strange murders. 

These unexplained deaths must be solved to prevent political turmoil.

Demon Out of Chang An is another spectacular pick if you want a historical drama with a supernatural edge that will absolutely blow you away. 

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8. Blind Spot

An atheist detective relies on his scientific knowledge to unravel paranormal mysteries. 

He remains sceptical of the supernatural and firmly believes that the only place where ghosts exist is within people’s hearts.

Watch this horror Cdrama if you fancy a thrilling investigation with supernatural bits that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

9. Reunion: The Sound of Providence

The iron triangle, Wu Xie, Pang Zi, and Zhang Qiling, start a new adventure when they receive a strange text from Wu Sansheng. 

Despite leaving their adventurous lives behind, they decide to go on a mysterious journey for the sake of family and friendship.

10. Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty

Also based on a novel called Strange Legend of Tang Dynasty by Wei Feng Hua, this horror Cdrama develops as a dark immortal descends, revealing an underground ghost palace. 

Black Tea takes over Chang’an City, its effects unknown. Brides vanish, possibly linked to the tea. 

General Lu Ling Feng investigates with Su Wu Ming, solving the cases.

11. Homesick

In 1997, Chen You Xi left an orphanage to find her best friend Xiu, who had gone missing. She ended up in Tanling County alone. 

Xiu used to be a nanny for the Li family, but they accused her of theft and running away. You Xi thinks Xiu is innocent, but the Li family seems suspicious. 

You Xi learns that another girl named Li Wen Wen disappeared years ago at around the same age. 

To uncover the truth about both cases, You Xi decides to pretend to be Li Wen Wen and secretly enter the Li family’s house.

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And, that’s a wrap.

These horror dramas deliver everything from a fantastic blend of history and intrigue to bone-chilling mysteries that might make you scream.

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