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Best tall boy and short girl Chinese drama with height difference to watch

Top 14 Romantic Chinese Dramas With Tall Boy & Short Girl To Watch ASAP

I’ll be the first person to admit that before watching a Chinese drama, I’m almost always looking for something specific – that’s to say, a trope that can keep me hooked for hours. 

And, if there’s one type of Chinese drama that has my attention at any time of the day, it’s a romantic Chinese drama with a tall boy and a short girl who have an adorable height difference. 

There’s something magical about their height difference that adds an extra layer of charm to these love stories, and the kissing scenes are all the more cuter.

In this post, I’ve listed 14 amazing and interesting romantic Chinese dramas with height differences where the boy is tall and the girl is short (and oftentimes feisty).

Long story short, you’re absolutely going to love these beautiful Chinese dramas if you don’t already, and you’re about to walk away with a whole load of recommendations.

Here are 14 romantic Chinese dramas with tall boy and short girl who have a cute height difference: 

1. My Poseidon

An Fei, a marine biology student with a crush on accomplished scientist Mo Liang, dreams of protecting the ocean. 

She meets Ye Hai, who initially seems like bad luck, and he opposes her project and even claims they’re married. 

An Fei avoids him until she discovers he might be onto something, and like the myth of Poseidon and Amphitrite, their relationship unfolds as they work together for the ocean’s preservation. 

One thing you’ll no doubt notice in these romantic Chinese dramas with height differences is how the leads almost always have different personalities but they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  

2. When A Snail Falls In Love

Detective Ji Bai is told to train Xu Xu, a brilliant profiler who struggles socially and runs at a snail’s pace. 

Despite her physical limitations, their mutual admiration during investigations leads to a budding romance.

There was just a whole lot to love about this action romance Chinese drama and the height difference between the leads made it all the more cuter. 

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3. Be Your Own Light

He Huan faced tough challenges – her husband left, debts piled up, and her mother got seriously ill. 

With support from friends, she persevered, and using her wisdom and sincerity, He Huan tackled medical bills and creditors. 

She rose from a hotline operator to a show host, reclaiming her prime, as she and her colleagues set out to modernise media – even going as far as teaming up with the influencer Jiang Jun Ho. 

Her career soared, but emotions were tested, and He Huan became self-reliant, forging a deep bond with Jiang Jun Hao based on appreciation and understanding.

4. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong dreams of becoming a lawyer, but her mom wants her to study finance abroad. 

To follow her dream, Cong Rong pretends to go abroad but secretly interns as a lawyer.

Her first case involves her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing, who’s also her neighbor. 

Fate keeps pushing them closer, despite their resistance, and soon they’re in a constant battle of wills to avoid the inevitable attraction. 

This is yet another sweet Chinese drama where the leads have a huge height difference, and I loved every single moment the tall boy and short girl were together – their chemistry was awesome!

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5. Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling

This Chinese drama follows Gu An Xin, who rescues Ling Yue after a chance encounter with the hotshot executive following an accident. 

At first, his injuries and the accident seem unrelated to the fierce corporate succession battle. 

Surprisingly, he initially comes across as foolish but gradually reveals his true genius. 

With two such contrasting personalities under one roof, the development of their relationship is definitely something you’ll enjoy watching!

6. Meeting You

Nan Xi was always brilliant but faced academic ease and social unease, as his social anxiety made the world overwhelming and friendships challenging.

Xia Rui, on the other hand, thrived socially, existing in a different world. 

Fate brought them together as strangers turned best friends, their bond evolving into love. 

These two were complete opposites in all the ways that matter and I absolutely adored their height difference in this Chinese drama!

7. Hold On, My Lady

Bai Yun Feng, a fierce female bandit, along with Chen Da Wan and her brothers, tried to steal General Hu Shou’s birthday gift for Shang Shu Hu Bu but failed. 

They were then captured by General Huang Fu, who presented two choices: execution or marriage to his son, Huang Fu Yao, as Lu Wan’er. 

This led to an exciting journey of unexpected love for contract husband Huang Fu Yao.

You’ll love this romantic historical Chinese drama with height difference on Netflix if you’re in the mood for a sweet, sweet drama between a tall man and a short woman that will make you very happy. 

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8. Uncle Cool

Yuan Na Na, a dramatic and timid girl, catches the attention of Xiao Hai, a seemingly serious man. 

Despite her fear, she stays composed, and surprisingly, Xiao Hai has a whole different side to him.

This amusing love story between two completely different characters was everything my heart needed/wanted, and I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy it as well. 

9. My Little Chef

Liu Po Xiao heads to Beijing on a definite mission: tracking down the person who harmed her mom. 

She’s convinced that Yan Mu Xi’s house might hold key info, so she decides to work as his personal chef. 

The catch? He’s absolutely smitten with her from the get-go, and while she searches for clues, he keeps bugging her to go on dates.

I love how absolutely whipped for the short female lead the tall male lead was in this Chinese drama with a height difference, and it definitely added an extra flair to their relationship. 

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10. Forget You Remember Love

In this enchanting romantic drama, we have an everyday girl, Ye Qian Yu, coming to the rescue of a CEO named Shan Jun Hao. 

He’s a determined leader, known for going all in, and their first encounter isn’t pleasant since he wants to close down her cherished Guanmei Inn. 

But fate takes a twist when Shan Jun Hao loses his memory in an accident, and Ye Qian Yu steps in, giving him a new identity. 

As they spend time together, their bond deepens, even though she’s aware he’ll eventually depart, and it absolutely feels like a dreamy fairy tale of love and sacrifice.

11. I’m A Pet At Dali Temple

Ru Xiao Lan, a modern-day woman, unexpectedly time-travels to ancient times in cat form. 

By chance, she meets Qing Mo Yan, who’s poisoned, and through a kiss, they discover the remedy to their problems. 

They then team up to search for a five-colored stone to lift Xiao Lan’s curse and ghost grass to heal Mo Yan. 

They’re definitely in it together for their own benefit, and I have a good feeling that this romantic Chinese drama with a tall boy and a short girl will keep you glued for hours. 

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12. The Night Of The Comet

Cheng Hao, a famous celebrity, finds himself in a parallel universe following a car accident. 

There, he encounters Lin Xiao Xiao, a lively reporter and his alternate persona, who happens to be an author in this world. 

This delightful love story that definitely starts with a twist, and it’s super fun all through – I loved the way the leads just sort of clicked immediately. 

13. Road Home

Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen met in middle school, instantly falling in love, and their bond grew stronger over the years. 

However, life took them on different paths – Gui Xiao’s family situation changed, and Lu Yan Chen became a special police officer far away. 

They attempted a long-distance relationship but eventually drifted apart. 

Years later, fate reunites them when Gui Xiao has a compelling reason to reach out to Lu Yan Chen once again. 

Their love, though tested, remains absolutely resilient, and it was the sweetest thing watching them find themselves in each other over and over again. 

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14. My KungFu Girlfriend 

Huang Xiao Yu, the martial arts leader, joins martial arts competitions to boost the faction. 

She unexpectedly becomes the female bodyguard of famous actor Yuan Fan, but he’s uneasy because Xiao Yu behaves differently day and night. 

It’s revealed that when Yuan Fan’s endorsed game “New Douluo Continent” closed, NPC Bo Ye entered the real world through Xiao Yu. 

Now, they’re entangled in conspiracies and realize their destiny was predetermined.

And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 14 interesting romantic Chinese dramas with height differences featuring a tall male lead and a short male lead, with romance that’s just the right side of authentic. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a nice romantic Cdrama with a tall man and a short woman, there’s no way you won’t walk away with some amazing recommendations. 

Please check out the related posts for even more recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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