32 New Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2023 You’re Going To Enjoy!

2023 has really been the most amazing year for Cdrama-lovers so far, and my standards are high-high-high, so you best believe I know what I’m talking about.

This year alone, so many beautiful Chinese dramas have been released, and I’m not kidding when I say they’re truly amazing and you absolutely need to check them out. 

In this post, I’ve listed 32 new romantic Chinese dramas that were simply stunning, and I feel everyone should watch them at least once — you can take my word for it!

There’s everything from light-hearted high-school dramas to intense romantic action that will make your heart skip a beat.

One thing that’s sure across the board, though, is that each drama has a happy ending!

These 32 new 2023 romantic Chinese dramas deserve a spot on your watchlist: 

1. Road Home

Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen met in middle school and instantly fell in love. 

Over time, their love grew stronger, but their lives took different paths as Gui Xiao’s family situation changed and Lu Yan Chen became a special police officer in a distant part of the country. 

Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, their love endured until one day, years later, when Gui Xiao had a special reason to reach out to Lu Yan Chen once again.

This drama is available on YouTube with complete English subtitles, and you really don’t want to miss it!

2. Warm On A Cold Night

Su Jiu Er, a talented and personable constable with a rabbit-like spirit, feels cold all the time. 

She then meets Han Zheng, a member of the Qi Kingdom’s ruling family with a warm wolf-like spirit.

Soon, they form a close bond while investigating a murder case that affects both kingdoms.

This is another superb new romantic Chinese drama released in 2023 that you’ll love if you want all the swoons and feels. 

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3. A Date With The Future

A decade ago, firefighter Jin Shi Chuan saved high school girl Xu Lai from a deadly earthquake. 

Now, as an adult, Xu Lai, a news reporter, tries to win Jin Shi Chuan’s heart after he rescues her again, but he doesn’t recognize her and misunderstands her intentions.

4. Please Be My Family

Qi Si Le is trying to win the Maolin planning project so she can pay for her daughter’s brain tumour surgery. 

Meanwhile, she’s also trying to get the attention of Song Hao Yu, the boss of Maolin. 

Song Hao Yu notices that Qi Si Le is wearing the same brooch as his son and realizes there’s a connection between their children. 

He proposes to Qi Si Le, and they get married, not knowing what lies ahead.

5. Till The End Of The Moon

In a world controlled by demons, cultivator elders send Li Su Su back in time to prevent the resurrection of the demon lord. 

Disguised as Ye Xi Wu, she is married to Tantai Jin, the future demon lord, and as she witnesses his past and rise to power, her mission becomes more complex.

This is yet another new romantic Chinese drama that only just came out this year, and trust me when I say it’s fab.

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6. My Lethal Man

Shen Man Ning finds Zhuang Xin Yan after a kidnapping incident, but when Zhuang Xin Yan dies, Yan Xing Cheng forces Shen Man Ning to become his fiancé. 

As they face challenges together, they gradually grow closer and uncover the truth behind a 17-year-old unsolved case.

7. My Uncanny Destiny 

For a long time, the cities of Mu Xi and Xuanyue have been enemies, constantly battling to conquer each other. 

The owner of Mu Xi, who had a daughter named Ye Zhaonan, raised her as a boy in secret so she could one day inherit the city. 

One day, while disguised as a boy, Zhaonan fell off a cliff and encountered Liu Xuanming, the ruler of Xuanyue City, leading to a remarkable fate.

My Uncanny Destiny is yet another newly-released romantic Chinese drama that’s perfect for a marathon.

8. Perfect Mismatch

Perfect Mismatch cdrama

Shi Hua Hua, a medical student skilled in martial arts, accidentally hurts Zhou Zhi Fei, a bossy CEO. 

Despite initial conflicts, they eventually develop feelings for each other, and what follows after is the sweetest love story. 

These two were an odd pair on the surface of it, but I felt their chemistry through and through.

9. My Eternal Star

Lu Si Heng, the CEO of an e-sports team and a popular figure in the industry, meets Lin Xiao Di, a live streamer who becomes his roommate. 

As they spend time together, he discovers that she is actually his childhood friend whom he has been looking for for over fifteen years.

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10. To Ship Someone

Ji Shu is a gloomy writer whose popular novels always have tragic endings, reflecting his own emotional detachment and negative outlook. 

On the other hand, Song Yan Qi, an optimistic planner, loves happy endings and wants to adopt one of Ji Shu’s novels for the screen, despite his resistance. 

When they find themselves immersed in the novel’s world, they start changing the story and growing closer, but it remains uncertain whether their own love stories will have a happy or sad ending.

11. Romance With Blind Master

Ren Hao Ming, once admired for his privileged life, becomes blind after a car accident, so he starts relying on others for basic tasks. 

Despite their master-servant dynamic, Hao Ming develops feelings for his caretaker, Ruan Qing Tian, who is unable to assist him with eating or bathing.

There was a lot to love in the 2023 new romantic Chinese drama, but my favourite thing was how genuine and heartfelt the romance was – don’t miss it!

12. Love At Second Sight

Gu Yi Bei and Su Nan were high school sweethearts, but they broke up suddenly due to a hidden misunderstanding.

Now, as the CEO of a big IT company, Gu Yi Bei can’t forget his first love, and when he meets Su Nan again after 5 years, he tries different ways to reunite. 

However, he soon realizes that their breakup had a complex story and Su Nan has many secrets that are gradually being revealed.

13. The Corner Of Love

Chen Ju Yi, a divorced PE teacher, buys a house with his savings and moves in with his daughter. 

But a woman named Fang Ling claims it’s her house, leading to a legal battle. 

Despite their initial conflict, they unexpectedly become each other’s support through life’s challenges.

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14. Promise In The Summer

Han Qi Lu is a young man who’s allergic to touching girls, except for An Chu Xia. 

To cure his allergy, they spend time together and fall in love. 

As they get closer, An Chu Xia discovers the secret behind his allergy.

15. The Girl Who Sees Smells

Lu, a talented woman stuck in a job as a wine promoter, saves Xu Ming Chen, the president of Anda Group. 

His unusual illness can only be cured by her kiss, and as they grow closer, their love faces obstacles like family opposition, lies, and conflicting dreams. 

Despite their differences, they support and love each other, resulting in a wonderful marriage.

This 2023 fresh release is one romantic Cdrama that’s perfect for a night in, and watching Lu and Ming Chen’s relationship develop felt like a warm hug. 

16. Dong Lan Xue

Shen Yan, a maid, has been with Prince Chu Ning Yuan since childhood. 

They’ve both suffered and grown cold-hearted, seeking revenge and power. 

Despite Chu Ning Yuan falling in love with Shen Yan, she remains indifferent and even tries to disrupt his plans. 

This makes him more possessive and determined to keep her by his side.

17. Ye Cheng

Shu Cheng, belonging to a noble family, had to pretend to be a flirtatious person to hide her true abilities that posed a threat to the Emperor. 

Her goal was to support Shen Ye, an extraordinary courtesan, but he had multiple identities, and this made it hard to tell who was on their side. 

Amidst a chaotic power struggle, they had to team up despite being opposites, becoming both friends and enemies. 

This story is based on Xi Ge’s novel Ye Cheng Fu, and you best believe me when I say it did justice to the book, and absolutely made me fall in love. 

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18. Summer In Love

Childhood sweethearts Shi Yi and Xia He reunite in 2008, but there’s a twist: Shi Yi’s abusive future husband and Xia He’s cheating future wife also time-travelled to that year. 

Now, they all struggle with love and hate in their intertwined destiny.

19. Cute Bad Guy

This new modern romantic Chinese drama follows Xia Yu Meng, a young cartoonist, and her character Shen Ming Xi, the villain in her comic book. 

One day, due to a strange celestial event, Shen Ming Xi unexpectedly travels from the comic’s world to Xia Yu Meng’s world.

20. Yes, Her Majesty

After waking up from a three-day coma caused by nearly drowning, Empress Yue Li Zheng of Great Yan loses her memory. 

While getting back to work, she feels that people, including her consort Li Shi Hao, are hiding something from her. 

As her memories return, she uncovers a surprising truth and experiences both love and the harsh reality of power struggles in the Royal Court.

21. Romance Beyond Romance

This 2023 romance Chinese drama is about Gu Zhen Zhen, an actress, and Lu Yun Chen, a tech entrepreneur. 

They enter a fake marriage for money, but Lu Yun Chen loses his memory and believes they are truly married. 

Gu Zhen Zhen decides to stay married to help him recover his memory and discover the real reason behind their marriage.

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22. Wonderful Hand

In the early 20th century, a skilled doctor named Lin Hao runs a medical hall in Hui Zhou Town with his boss Wu Ren Yao and nurse Wu Ruo Lan. 

He befriends Zeng Fan, a returning student of medicine, and He Xin Xin, a straightforward girl from a martial arts house. 

They work together to cure patients, but a mysterious case links to the death of Lin Hao’s parents. 

He decides to investigate and discovers that the culprit is someone he trusted as a father.

23. Ready For Love

Mi Chu Xia, a new professional in the workplace, was deceived by her best friend and boyfriend, causing a scandal with Tang Jing Xing, the president of a luxury goods group. 

This scandal brought gossip and huge debts, overwhelming Mi Chu Xia, and the scandal also affected Tang Jing Xing’s reputation and his company’s credibility. 

To resolve the situation, they decided to turn the scandal into a “news” story and use a contract marriage to put an end to the incident.

This is one of the best newly-aired Chinese dramas with heart-melting love lines that features the most endearing characters and a story that will make your heart sing. 

24. Take Us Home

Dong Ni, Xi Jue, and Nan Yin are three cousins from the Zheng family. 

Dong Ni is rebellious due to her parents’ situation and wants to marry in Germany, and she tries to persuade Xi Jue to join her by meddling in his relationship. 

Xi Jue, orphaned and raised by distant relatives, works hard to repay their kindness. 

Nan Yin, from a perfect family, rebels against her controlling mother by getting a marriage certificate.

25. Shuang Sheng Jie

An imperial guard commander travels through time and ends up in the modern world, where he meets Lin Gu Jiu, and she quickly hires him as her bodyguard. 

Meanwhile, Lian Lian, who had been fighting his nemesis, also finds himself in our reality. 

They soon realize their meeting may not be a coincidence, but they face an enemy who forced Lian Lian out of his world. 

Shuang Sheng Jie is yet another must-watch latest Chinese romance series that will give you that feel-good experience I’m certain you need. 

26. We Fall In Love

Fang Jia Yue, who feels like an ugly duckling, wants to get closer to her crush, Yi Xi Zhen. 

So, she tries to get into the same university as him and even comes up with a love pursuit plan. 

Unfortunately, her plan doesn’t go smoothly, and she ends up being laughed at and mocked. 

But during this journey, she accidentally uncovers a secret about Yi Xi Zhen.

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27. First Kisses

First Kisses is a sweet love story about Lv You, who is the president of a Biotech Company, and Lu Pan Pan, a talented track and field athlete. 

They meet each other because of a “memory retrieval experiment” and slowly fall in love.

28. Send You My First Dream

After leaving her cheating fiancé, Xia Yang Yang gets a surprise marriage certificate with a bossy CEO named Gu Qi Chen. 

At first, she’s worried about being used, but as he shows her love, she starts to fall for him. 

But when Gu Qi Chen’s ex-girlfriend comes back, their relationship faces challenges, and they soon realize that they’ll have to overcome these obstacles together.

29. Warm And Sweet

This feel-good Chinese romance drama follows two best friends, Nan Fei and Qi Jia Yi, who are both over 30 years old and facing societal pressures. 

Nan Fei’s boyfriend, Chen Fang, is unsure about getting married due to his career changes, while Qi Jia Yi realizes that love is more important than security and leaves her selfish husband to find true love with Jiao Yue. 

While Nan Fei helps people in need, Qi Jia Yi and Jiao Yue fall in love while renovating a home together. 

After going through ups and downs, both couples learn to understand their feelings and discover the true meaning of a better life.

30. Take My Wife Away

Qin Zhen, a modern financial executive, had a dream of going back in time to the Great Wei State. 

There, she became the wife of the first bodyguard agency, which was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

They both fought against challenges, including dealing with a playboy husband. 

Qin Zhen used her modern management skills to help turn things around and improve their situation.

31. Beauty Of Resilience

In the Wei Kingdom, many people want to become immortal, but it’s hard to achieve. 

Wei Zhi, a young lady considered unlucky, goes to a special ceremony to find something magical. 

This ceremony takes her and others to Egret Academy. At the academy, a powerful person named Yan Yue is secretly looking for someone with special abilities related to a Phoenix. 

He becomes interested in Wei Zhi because she’s smart and determined.

32. My Beloved Wife

My Beloved Wife is about a secret bodyguard named Jin Hua, who helped the second prince Nangong Yi become king. 

Sadly, Jin Hua was betrayed and killed by someone she loved, but she was reborn as Shen Chang Ge and now she seeks revenge on those who hurt her. 

Unexpectedly, she meets the Crown Prince Chang Ping, Mu Heng, multiple times, and starts feeling something special for him.

And, there you have it – 32 new romantic Chinese dramas that came out in 2023 you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Please check out the related posts below for more awesome recommendations, and remember to share this post with your friends and family.

Happy watching!

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