12 Sweet C-Dramas About Second Chances Where Love Wins Again & Again

The leads in these heartwarming second-chance romantic Chinese dramas put themselves out there for love the second time around and they win in the end.

Everything is so sweet about this particular trope, but what I love the most is how the characters let themselves be vulnerable while chasing their happiness.

Here are 11 beautiful Chinese dramas about second chance romances you should watch:

1. The Love You Give Me

Five years ago, Min Hui pretended to be Xin Qi’s friend and they fell in love. 

Xin Qi had a heart condition, and Min Hui didn’t want him to suffer, but he didn’t believe her. 

Now they meet again, both successful, but Xin Qi is angry when he discovers he has a son with the same heart condition. 

They meet again and they talk and live together, but the question remains whether they can forgive and love each other as family.

2. Lighter & Princess

Li Xun is a computer programming genius with no interest in love. 

When he meets Zhu Yun, a conscientious college student, they form a connection, but a significant event challenges their relationship. 

This romantic Chinese drama about second chances and rekindled love is adapted from The Lighter and the Princess Gown by Twentine, and it’s available to stream on Viki right now. 

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3. Fireworks of My Heart

Childhood friends Song Yan and Xu Qin were forced apart by their families. 

Now, after ten years, they meet again while working as a fire chief and an emergency doctor. 

They have to deal with their past to see if their renewed relationship will last.

Fireworks of My Heart is easily one of my favorite second chance romance Cdramas out there, and it was beautiful watching their love bloom again. 

4. Begin Again

Begin Again follows a successful female CEO named Lu Fang Ning who needs a husband to please her family and have a child. 

She meets a kind and handsome surgeon named Ling Rui and convinces him to enter a fake marriage. 

Over time, they fall in love and face challenges in maintaining their relationship, and when they separated my heart just about broke, but their second chance at love was super romantic. 

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5. Love Everlasting

Xiao Mu Chen and Zhong Mei Bao had a lovely relationship in college, but Zhong Mei Bao ended it unexpectedly. 

After years apart, they meet again because of work, and their old feelings come back, and now, the question is whether their love will last this time.

This is yet another captivating romantic Chinese drama where the leads come back together after a split, and I can tell you for certain that it’s so interesting. 

6. Plot Love

After being wrongly accused of plagiarism and sent abroad, clothing designer Su Bei returns home after seven years as a successful model agent. 

To uncover the truth behind her relative Aunt Lan’s suicide, Su Bei pretends to be a virtuous wife to her ex-husband Lu Nan, who had not been in touch for seven years. 

With Lu Nan’s help, they resolve their misunderstandings and reconcile, allowing Su Bei to achieve her original goal.

7. Oh! My Dreamy Daddy

In this romantic second chance romance Cdrama, Qin Mu Xuan and Gu Zi Jin have a cute baby named Qin Xiao Bai, and years later, they meet again. 

Now, Zi Jin is a serious CEO who usually avoids women, but he wants to stay close to Mu Xuan.

Xiao Bai has never met his dad and faces tough times like feeling alone, being bullied, and getting into trouble. 

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8. Love You Self-Evident

Years ago, Mo Ning Xi lost everything due to false accusations by Song Jia Yin, her mother-in-law, who made it look like she was having an affair. 

Despite being pregnant with twins, she left the country and became a successful fashion designer. 

Now, she’s back to regain what she lost, investigate her grandfather’s death, and deal with Song Jia Yin’s new schemes. 

Mo Ning Xi receives help from her ex-husband, Li Xi Cheng, the CEO of the Li Group, who still loves her, and watching their feelings unfold was the most gratifying thing in this must-watch Chinese drama of second chances. 

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9. Loving, Never Forgetting

Wu Tong and Zhong Mou fell in love, but they had to separate, and many years later, when they met again, he had forgotten about her, which made her sad. 

Now, he only wants to take care of their son, because they spent seven years together, and the question is whether they mend their broken relationship.

10. More And More Loves You

Yu Lan had a crush on Sheng You Ting for 11 years, but her love for him made her feel unworthy, so she tried to push him away. 

But, she found it too painful to let go suddenly, realizing that stopping love abruptly can lead to emotional distress.

11. Ex-Wife Stop

CEO Sheng Nan Fang is forced to marry an ordinary girl named Su Shao Yan. 

Due to numerous misunderstandings, he hurts her emotionally, and they eventually get divorced. 

Afterwards, Sheng Nan Fang realizes that he has lost his true love, and when they started watering the seeds of their relationship, it was the sweetest thing.

This is one second-chance romance Chinese drama I’ll forever recommend because it’s really the most interesting title out there. 

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And, there you have it – 11 absolutely incredible, romantic Chinese dramas about second chances where the leads fall for each other again.

Each drama on this list is honestly just as good as it sounds, and this isn’t even a joke. 

If you want some more recommendations, please check out the related posts below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy watching!

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