10 Epic Historical Chinese Drama Every Fan Needs To Watch

There’s nothing like a deep, insightful epic to keep you glued to your screens and these Chinese historical dramas are just the thing. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a new and epic historical Chinese drama, keep your eyes peeled for these ones.

1. Joy of Life

This drama follows the life of Fan Xian, a young man who is secretly the son of a powerful minister and a legendary assassin. 

He uses his wit and skills to navigate the complex political and social intrigues of the Qing dynasty.

2. The Long Ballad

Li Changge is a princess who escapes a coup and joins the army of Turkic general Ashina Sun. 

There, she faces many challenges and dangers as she tries to protect her people and restore her family’s honor.

3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

In this drama, a modern-day screenwriter gets trapped in her own script, a fictional world where women rule over men. 

She then becomes the third princess of the Rose City, who is destined to marry the rival prince of the Tiger City.

4. Arsenal Military Academy

This historical drama shows the struggles and sacrifices of a group of young students who enroll in the Arsenal Military Academy during the Republic of China era. 

Among them is Xie Xiang, a girl who disguises herself as a boy to join the academy and fulfill her brother’s wish.

5. The Rebel Princess

Wang Xuan is a princess who marries a general to secure the border, and she soon becomes involved in the turbulent events of the Song dynasty and the Liao invasion, and has to balance her love, loyalty, and ambition.

6. Nirvana in Fire

This is a political thriller set in the 6th century that follows the brilliant strategist Mei Changsu as he seeks revenge for his family and reforms the corrupt empire. 

I loved this epic historical Cdrama for its complex plot, stunning cinematography, and superb acting from the leads and I know you’ll enjoy it as well. 

7. Eternal Love

Bai Qian and the mortal Ye Hua’s story three lifetimes and two realms, and if you want a drama where the leads have an almost ethereal chemistry, you’ll love this one a whole lot. 

8. The Untamed

The bond between the righteous Lan Wangji and the rebellious Wei Wuxian becomes stronger as they face various dangers and mysteries.

The martial arts cinematography in this one was on another completely different level and the touching bromance between the leads had me seriously fangirling.

9. Story of Yanxi Palace

This epic historical Chinese drama shows the rise of Wei Yingluo, a smart and courageous palace maid, who becomes the emperor’s favorite consort and discovers many secrets and conspiracies.

10. Word of Honor

Zhou Zishu, a former leader of a spy organization, and Wen Kexing, a mischievous martial arts master, get involved in a legendary treasure hunt.

This drama is generally very serious, but the dialogue sometimes made me chuckle and the thrilling action made me feel warm all over. 

What do you think? Will you give any of these epic historical Chinese dramas a chance? Let me know in the comments below. 

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