20 Romantic Chinese Dramas With Strong Female Leads To Watch Now

If you’re on the lookout for binge-worthy Chinese dramas with unforgettable female protagonists, you’re in for a treat – you won’t want to miss this post!

I started Queen Dugu some days ago, and every single episode literally left me in awe of how hard the female lead was girlbossing at the best of times.

I’m talking about strong female leads who, using their weapon of choice, step out to leave their mark wherever they are.

And, whether they’re navigating palace intrigues or modern-day challenges, these leading ladies definitely left an impression on me. 

In this post, I’m listing 20 amazing Chinese dramas with strong female leads where women are shown in all their multifaceted glory, and they command all hearts. 

Here are 20 romantic Chinese dramas with strong female leads that will keep you hooked: 

1. Who Rules The World 

Two skilled and smart people, Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi, are different but attract each other. 

They’re in a world of fighting and politics, where love blooms despite all the conflict. 

They hide their identities, navigate politics and betrayal, and work together for justice, and while their love might bring peace, the future ruler’s position might bring discord.

I’ll tell you for free that the strong female lead in this romantic Chinese drama absolutely kept me on my toes, and I loved that she was both physically strong and emotionally smart. 

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2. The Long Ballad

In 626 C.E., a prince takes over the Tang Dynasty in a palace coup, becoming Emperor Tai Zong. 

Li Chang Ge survives the attack on her family and wants revenge, so she builds an army but loses to General Ashile Sun from the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. 

Instead of punishing her, he keeps her as a strategist, and they develop feelings for each other over time.

The slow-burn romance in this romantic Cdrama with a strong female lead was literally scorching, and watching them put themselves front and center felt like everything. 

3. Begin Again

In this Chinese drama Lu Fang Ning, a strong and successful CEO, and Dr. Ling Rui who pretend to be a couple for practical reasons.

They end up really falling in love after getting married, and it was the sweetest thing watching them grow with each other over time. 

Lu Fang Ning, a successful woman, has always felt the pressure to marry and have a child, and when she meets Dr. Ling Rui, a handsome and kind surgeon, they fake a relationship that becomes real. 

As they navigate married life, Lu Fang Ning learns to be a better person, and I loved everything about this rich and badass female lead Cdrama. 

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4. Jun Jiu Ling

Chu Jiu Ling, daughter of the late emperor, learns her uncle caused her father’s death. 

So, she tries to avenge him at her wedding but fails and goes to jail, and her friend Jun Zhen Zhen sacrifices herself, so they swap identities. 

Jiu Ling then becomes a skilled physician, uncovering corruption and a plot to kill her father. 

And, she soon teams up with allies, including her childhood crush and her friend’s fiancé, to seek justice.

5. Couple of Mirrors

You Yi is a nice and innocent socialite who’s also a successful writer. 

Everyone loves her life, but things go bad when she finds out that her two closest friends betrayed her. 

With no one else to talk to, she becomes friends with Yan Wei, a photographer who seems distant, and she soon discovers that he has a big secret.

This is yet another super interesting romantic Chinese drama with a strong female lead that made me happy on so many levels – don’t miss it!

6. Princess Agents

In a time of chaos, Wei’s innocent citizens are often taken as slaves. 

A girl named Chu Qiao becomes a slave and is thrown into a forest, and when rich lords hunt her, she’s saved by Prince Yan Xun. 

She then joins the powerful Yu Wen family and sees their power struggles. 

Wanting to escape with her sister, she gets noticed by Yu Wen Yue, and as she trains hard, she becomes friends with Yan Xun. 

This drama is all about Chu Qiao’s beliefs and her fight to survive in a harsh world, and there’s no way her journey won’t inspire you. 

7. Skate Into Love

Shy Li Yu Bing and once-mean Tang Xue both like ice sports, and while Li Yu Bing becomes good at ice hockey, Tang Xue remains unsure about her future. 

He tries to get back at her, but sees she’s kind, so he helps her remember her dream of speed skating. 

There are problems with misunderstandings, a talented skater named Yu Yan, and Tang Xue’s old crush. 

But, they deal with the many challenges from family and others, while gearing up for an exciting skating future.

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8. Remembrance of Things Past

This romantic Chinese drama with a dominant female lead follows a group of young people from the 80s and 90s who meet in Beijing and face challenges in their lives, careers, and love. 

Qiao Xi Chen works hard after moving to the city and makes friends, and when a friend passes away, they support each other. 

Qiao Xi Chen handles work problems and even falls in love with Jian Yi Fan while staying calm when her job changes. 

Her friend Ji Nan Jia explores new business ideas, and Xu Yan’s relationship struggles. 

And, through challenges, they learn about optimism and hard work, starting anew.

9. The Longest Promise

On the Kong Sang Continent, there’s a dramatic love story about Princess Zhu Yan and Prince Shi Ying. 

The Queen tricks the Prince, sending him away to Jiu Yi Mountain, and he starts liking his student Zhu Yan, but they can’t confess because she’s his teacher. 

They later end up on different sides in a big fight, but ultimately decide to save their continent together.

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10. Novoland

For 100 years, humans and winged people lived in peace. 

But the winged folks became weak without their flying fairy, and humans, led by their queen, stole the winged folks’ plans for a flying castle and got ready to fight. 

After 18 years, Yi Fuling, the new flying fairy, escapes a marriage, and with her dad taken and the country chasing her, she asks the winged king for help.

11. The Rational Life

Shen Ruo Xin is a woman in her 30s with a busy life. 

Essentially, she’s always dealing with office politics, family pressure to marry, and people who want things from her. 

She’s also a good friend and mentor, and even though she’s super busy, she handles everything well and even finds romance unexpectedly.

The female lead in this Chinese drama with a strong woman on Netflix ticked every box on the badass monitor – CEO, rich, hardworking, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. 

12. The Song of Glory

In the Liu Song Dynasty, powerful aristocrats were fighting for control, causing chaos in the empire. 

Emperor Liu Yi Kang wants peace and teams up with the strong Shen family through marriage. 

With Shen Li Ge, they work hard to make changes and fight against corrupt enemies. 

But there are challenges, and they need to heal the nation and their hearts.

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13. Miss S

Miss Su Wen Li is a pretty and smart person who likes going to parties. 

She teams up with Inspector Luo Qiuheng, who is very honest and focused on his job. 

And, even though they’re different, they work well together and solve many mysteries in Shanghai. 

Su Wen Li has also been looking for her missing sister for a long time, which makes her sad, and I loved her character development in this drama. 

14. Legend of Fei

Zhou Fei’s grandpa was a hero but became a bandit to help. 

Her family ran a secret fort with bandits to stop weird warriors causing chaos. 

The fort has become less important lately, and when Zhou Fei starts making preparations to leave, she almost drowns but is saved by Xie Yun, a martial arts expert. 

They eventually become friends and train together, and when some bad people plan new problems, they go on an adventure and learn secrets, like who Xie Yun really is.

This is yet another sweet romantic Chinese drama with a strong female lead that I genuinely feel everyone needs to watch to get the feels, chills, and thrills. 

15. Under The Power

Lu Yi is a tough leader in the Emperor’s special guards, called Jinyiwei – They’re like secret police. 

He’s really good at his job, and one day, he meets Yuan Jin Xia, a clever and strong female officer from the Police’s 6th Division. 

They don’t get along at first, but they keep meeting while working on small cases. 

Later, the Emperor asks Lu Yi to find missing money for fixing a river, and Yuan Jin Xia helps him. 

While they work together, they find out important people are involved in a bad plan. 

And as they solve the case, they start to like each other more and more.

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16. Nothing Gold Can Stay

Zhou Ying was given to the Shen family by her caretaker, but she managed to run away and hide in a carriage owned by Wu Ping. 

The Wu family decided to help her because they saw how good she was at business. 

The young master, Shen Xingyi, from the Shen family, then eventually falls in love with Zhou Ying.

Nothing Gold Can Stay has one of the strongest and most fierce female leads in a historical romantic Chinese drama, and trust me when I say you’re going to absolutely love her. 

17. Story of Yanxi Palace

In old Beijing a long time ago, a girl named Wei Ying Luo goes to the Emperor’s palace to find out who hurt and killed her sister. 

She thinks a guard named Fuca Fuheng might be responsible, so she becomes friends with his sister, the Empress. 

The Empress is nice and teaches Ying Luo things. Fuca Fuheng starts to like Ying Luo and helps her look for clues. 

They find out the guard and his sister are not guilty, and So Ying Luo looks at other people in the palace to find the real bad person. 

While she does this, she also protects the Empress from problems in the palace and becomes more important.

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18. The Rebel Princess

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi marry for power, then fall in love while defending their land. 

Despite challenges, they unite against corruption, rebellion, and family schemes to ensure their nation’s safety.

There’s a lot I can say about this romantic Chinese drama with a strong female lead, but suffice it to say that the female lead in this drama was well-skilled at playing her best cards. 

19. Rebirth For You

Princess Jiang Bao Ning grew up in a palace but still wanted freedom, as he didn’t want to be controlled. 

And, when a guard named Li Qian worked hard and got a better job, he found clues about past events. 

So, they teamed up to change their futures and be with their loved ones forever, even though they had to overcome their roles and identities.

20. The Heiress

Han Yuan Niang is the oldest daughter of a strong military family at the northern border.

She pretends to be her deceased twin brother, acting like a silly and weak man, so that her family’s military power isn’t taken away.

And, she manages to fool others by acting this way, even becoming close to the 5th Prince and helping him become the future ruler. 

The son of a powerful leader later finds out her true identity and their hidden relationship.

And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 20 of my favorite romantic Chinese dramas with female leads who deliver on both romance and badassery.

Trust me on this; if you haven’t given any of the dramas on this list a try, then you absolutely need to – they’re so good.

Please check out the related posts below for more Chinese drama recommendations that will definitely keep you hooked.

And, do let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Happy watching!

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