8 Chinese Dramas With Smart & Lovable Leads You’ll Totally Love

I won’t repeat it, but there’s a rather vulgar saying about nice guys (you know the one) and I’ve always felt it was completely untrue and unnecessary. 

Nice guys are supposed to be a cultural asset and while bad boys have a special place in my heart, I get weak in the knees when I see a good boy too — these dramas I’m about to list also have some very smart and lovable leads I loved. 

1. Go Go Squid!

Go Go Squid is a hilarious and adorable romance drama about a computer science student who falls for a legendary professional gamer and tries to win his heart.

2. Love Is Sweet

I loved this beautiful, heartwarming, and fluffy romance drama about two childhood friends – Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai – who reunite as co-workers in an investment company and overcome their past misunderstandings.

3. Moonshine and Valentine

In Moonshine and Valentine, a fox spirit who has been waiting for his destined lover for centuries finally meets her in the modern world.

I was rooting for Pi Pi and Jing Ting from the very beginning and I just know anyone would fall in love with them too because they’re just so smart. 

4. My Sunshine

This touching and emotional romance drama follows Zhao Mo Sheng and He Yi Chen who broke up in college and meet again after seven years.

I love a second chance romance just as much as any other person and I genuinely felt that these two were so well suited and I liked seeing them rekindle their love and heal their wounds.

5. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful cdrama

Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen have been neighbors all their lives and Xiao Xi, who loves Jiang Chen, is always open about her feelings.

You guys, this school drama is super cute and light-hearted and I loved seeing them move through life together with their friends. 

6. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder cdrama

Somehow, Si Tu Mo, an accounting student about to graduate, and Gu Wei Yi, a brilliant and handsome physics student, end up living together.

This is a couple I rooted for from the very beginning, and I found them so endearing – there’s this thing Wei Yi does where he googles every single thing he comes across and I found it so cute. 

7. Moonlight

Moonlight is a charming and heartwarming workplace romance drama about a budding editor who meets a famous author and becomes his assistant.

8. You Are My Glory

In this rom-com Chinese drama, a successful actress reconnects with her high school crush, a brilliant aerospace engineer, through an online game and they become friends and then lovers. 

You guys, Dilraba is stunning but it was almost as if it was cranked to the max in this drama and I loved her chemistry with Yang Yang had me curling my toes. 

And, that’s a wrap — I’ve just listed these eight of my favourite Chinese dramas with the smartest and most lovable leads you’ll definitely love.

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Happy watching!

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