Top 15 C-Dramas With Lovable Female CEOs Who Are Total Baddies

This time around, I’m writing about my favorite Chinese dramas with female CEOs who juggle work drama and love sparks.

I’m talking about go-getter female leads who are all about sealing deals and stealing hearts, and I just know you’ll love them!

These dramas have everything from heart-fluttering moments to all-around good vibes, and they’re perfect for a night-in.

Here are the 15 best romantic Chinese dramas with powerful and unforgettable female CEOs:  

1. Return The World To You

Yi En and Qi Lei start a business after college, but business is tough, and Qi Lei’s rival makes it look like he’s dead, but Yi En keeps going, builds a fashion brand, and keeps looking for Qi Lei. 

Meanwhile, he’s alive but had surgery and is now Lu Zhun, a company boss. 

They meet again, and fall in love, but Yi En’s friend Qin Ye and her friend Cen Wei also like Lu Zhun.

There’s no way you won’t fall in love with the ethereal Yi En once you watch this drama, and it’s one of the best Chinese dramas with female CEO romance shows you can watch this year. 

2. Begin Again

This drama follows a powerful female CEO named Lu Fang Ning and a kind doctor named Ling Rui. 

They pretend to be in a fake relationship for practical reasons but end up falling in love for real after getting married. 

Lu Fang Ning is successful and wants a family, so she convinces Ling Rui, who is handsome and caring, to marry her. 

They start a new life together, but it’s not always easy to make a marriage work, and Lu Fang Ning learns and grows along the way.

3. The Lion’s Secret

Mu Wan Qing is a successful lady CEO and Liu Qing is an unemployed ex-soldier, and they got married before falling in love. 

On their wedding day, they didn’t like each other, but over time, they started caring and supporting each other. 

Liu Qing helped Mu Wan Qing with her company’s problems and protected her from her ex-boyfriend. 

Their love faced tough challenges, and they had to go to Thailand to fulfill their elders’ wishes.

I loved this female CEO romance Chinese drama for many things, but best of all was how the romance between Mu Wan Qing and Liu Qing progressed over time. 

4. Fall In Love

In 1926, Mu Wan Qing goes to China to bury her mom’s ashes and find out why her parents separated. 

There’s a coup in the army, and Tan Xuan Lin becomes a leader, and Xu Guang Yao, respected but not into politics, meets Mu Wan Qing and Tan Xuan Lin. 

They become friends and help each other with family issues and investigations. 

They soon learn it’s important to protect the country during these tough times.

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5. Why Women Love

Zhao Jiang Yue is a tough boss at a tech company, and they soon launch a dating app that promises quick matches. 

But, she’s not great with love herself, and trouble starts when Gu Jia Xin, heir to the company’s owner, becomes her assistant. 

He’d rather race motorcycles than run the business, and they start off badly but work together to win over someone’s heart. 

Eventually, they both realize they have feelings for each other, and it was really the sweetest thing watching them come together.

I live for powerful female CEOs in romantic Chinese dramas who are able to navigate the tricky waters of business and heart, so I absolutely adored Jiang Yue. 

6. Female CEO Love Me

This Chinese drama follows Xia Meng Wei, a tough female CEO who’s actually kind, and Gu Yan, a smooth-talking salesman. 

Xia Meng Wei falls in love with Gu Yan instantly and makes a bold move by taking off his shirt when they meet again. 

She bravely pursues Gu Yan, and eventually, they become a couple, even though Gu Yan acts mildly but isn’t really.

This is yet another fantastic romantic Chinese drama with a female CEO that I feel everyone should watch at least once to get the swoops and feels. 

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7. Trial Marriage

To solve a crisis, two real estate bigshots, a strong female CEO named Gu Ling Se and a puppet executive named Ye Cheng Shu, agree to pretend to be engaged for 99 days. 

Gu Ling Se is the boss of Dingzhuang Group, while Ye Cheng Shu is the face of Weilai Group. 

They start this engagement for business reasons, and though another guy named Quan likes Gu Ling Se, his attempts to help them lead to Ye Cheng Shu and Gu Ling Se kissing. 

As time goes on, their fake relationship becomes a real romantic one. 

But just when things are going well, Ye Cheng Shu’s friend Jiang Han reveals his big plans. 

Now, it’s up to the future company president and his strong wife to save the family business, and this power couple totally had me on my knees. 

8. Personal Assistant of Female President

Duan Fei is a tough Special Forces agent who pretends to marry Yun Shi Tong, but it’s just a trick to keep her safe. 

People are trying to hurt her, so he acts like her husband to guard her, and I literally gobbled up every bit of this bodyguard romance Chinese drama. 

This Chinese drama gave me a double dose of excitement, and I was hooked from the very first episode.

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9. Lookup There’s Starlight 

Que Qi Luo loved fashion and was like a kind Cinderella, but everything changed and she became a strong CEO. 

She used to have a great love, but a fire takes everything away on the day her boyfriend gets engaged to someone else. 

After three years, she comes back as the boss of a fashion company, and there’s another strong company, Lu Group, and she meets her old boyfriend again.

Qi Luo was out for blood in the most spectacular way, and I really can’t say I hated it – hands-down the most perfect thing about this drama. 

10. Pushing Hands

Liu Qing Yang is a rich playboy, and Chen Yi Fan is a serious real estate vice president. 

They both love motorcycle racing, and one day, Qing Yang saves Yi Fan during a race, and she sees similarities with her late lover. 

Qing Yang and his mom face money problems, so Yi Fan helps by giving him a job. 

And, when Yi Fan’s company struggles, Qing Yang learns business tips from Mei Dao Yuan, the company’s founder. 

Mei Dao Yuan teaches him to use Chinese Taichi principles in business, and I have no doubt you’ll thoroughly enjoy this female CEO romantic Chinese drama. 

11. Only Side by Side With You

This Chinese drama follows Nan Qiao, a working woman who finds her boyfriend cheating, breaks up, and loses a business partner. 

She meets Shi Yue, a bar owner, and they clash, and he wants to know about her past and ends up falling for her.

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12. The Only You

In this Chinese drama, a powerful female CEO named Yue Zheng Xi has a unique superpower. 

She has a floating bar above her head that shows her heartbeat, like a battery.

When it hits 100%, she gets really tired, and then she meets her assistant, Chen Xu, and when they touch, her heartbeat goes down quickly.

A unique concept, talented cast, swoon-worthy romance – what else could you ask for from a beautiful romantic Chinese drama about a female CEO?

13. Find Yourself 

Find yourself cdrama

This sweet Chinese drama follows a successful career woman named He Fan Xing and a younger man named Yuan Song. 

He Fan Xing’s company is in danger of being taken over, and her relationship with Yuan Song is troubled because of their age difference. 

With challenges in both her work and her love life, she becomes emotionally confused. 

Then, a mature and knowledgeable older man named Ye Lu Ming comes into her life. 

He becomes her life coach and causes problems between He Fan Xing and Yuan Song. 

For He Fan Xing, it’s not just about choosing the man she loves, but also dealing with the conflicts of following traditional ideas about marriage.

14. Across The Ocean To See You

Su Mang, who used to work in tourism abroad, went through a tough divorce and came back to China. 

On her way, she met Zheng Chu, who knows a lot about hotels, and they started liking each other because of misunderstandings. 

When Zheng Chu got back to work, he found out that Su Mang was his new boss, making things awkward. 

Su Mang faced challenges at work due to rumors about her divorce and her reputation as difficult, while Zheng Chu helped her adjust to the new job and they became neighbors. 

But they kept assuming things about each other, making their future uncertain, and I genuinely felt that the romance in this female CEO romantic Chinese drama was very mature and feeling. 

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15. Love Starts From Marriage

Gu Cheng Ze and Xia Qian Ge started as strangers but then met by chance. 

They began to judge each other based on stereotypes, but later they changed their minds and became friends, and eventually, they fell in love with each other.

Xia Qian Ge used to focus only on responsibilities, avoiding personal life, but Gu Cheng Ze’s enthusiasm and ambition inspired her. 

Despite difficulties, she became determined to overcome her challenges and change her fate.

And, that’s a wrap!

These romantic Chinese dramas with female CEOs will definitely sweep you off your feet, and I know that you’re going to find your next obsession. 

Check out the related posts below if you want some more Cdrama goodness and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching! 

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