Top 16 Chinese Dramas For Beginners That Won’t Make You Bored

Not everyone likes Chinese dramas and while I wish everyone would bask in their joy with me, some people simply have never gotten into it.

If you belong to this camp and you want some amazing gateway Chinese dramas that are perfect for beginners, these are the ones you really want to watch. 

1. My Huckleberry Friends

Genre: Youth, Romance

Set in the 1990s, this drama weaves a nostalgic atmosphere with well-developed characters, and there’s no way you won’t be enthralled by the eartwarming exploration of friendships and young love.

2. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder cdrama

Genre: Romance, Comedy

A sweet and heartwarming drama centered on the blossoming romance between a college student, Si Tu Mo, and her aloof roommate, Gu Wei Yi. 

3. Well Intended Love

Genre: Romance, Comedy

A unique take on contract marriage, Well Intended Love is about the romance between a struggling actress and a wealthy CEO. 

You can watch this drama right now on Netflix and it’s the perfect Cdrama for beginners because the plot isn’t overly complicated and overall easy to understand. 

4. My Little Happiness

My little happiness cdrama

Genre: Romance, Comedy

My Little Happiness follows the love story of an optimistic young woman in the fashion industry. 

Noted for its light-hearted tone, adorable moments, and refreshing simplicity in central romance, this is hands down one of the sweetest dramas ever. 

5. The Untamed

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Based on a popular web novel, this drama is a wuxia romance that shows the intricate plot, strong character dynamics, and deep bond between two cultivators, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

6. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Genre: Romance, Comedy

This delightful romantic comedy follows a scriptwriter who is transported into her own creation and must now navigate the treacherous world she has fallen into.

7. Find Yourself

Genre: Romance, Drama

Find Yourself tells the story of a successful career woman and her unexpected romantic entanglements.

And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the commentary on modern relationships and personal growth that’s in the drama. 

8. The Story of Yanxi Palace

Genre: Historical Drama

This historical drama is set in the Qing dynasty and it follows Wei Yingluo’s journey in the Forbidden City – this one is particularly interesting because it has a lighter tone compared to others.

9. Ode to Joy

Genre: Contemporary Drama

Following the lives of five modern women living on the 22nd floor of an apartment complex in Shanghai, this is an easy to watch Chinese drama about supportive friendship, blossoming romance, and growing pains.

10. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful cdrama

Genre: Romance, Youth, Slice of Life

A Love So Beautiful is a cute, light-hearted, and heartwarming romance drama about two high school classmates, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen.

Like many other dramas in this genre, you’ll get to see them and their friends from teens until they’re older and it really does feel like you’ve grown along with them. 

11. Fated to Love You 

Genre: Romance, Comedy

This is a remake of a Korean drama of the same name and it tells the story of a timid office worker and a wealthy CEO forced into marriage after a cruise mishap that results in an unexpected pregnancy. 

13. Meteor Garden

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Based on a super popular manga that had been adapted by different countries, this is a college Chinese drama about a poor girl, Dong Shancai, who mistakenly enters the orbit of the F4 and catches the eye of their leader, Dao Ming Si.

14. Empresses in the Palace

Genre: Historical, Palace Drama

A stunning drama detailing the rise and fall of Zhen Huan, a concubine in the imperial harem during the Qing dynasty, Empresses In The Palace is based on real events and you’ll absolutely love the history, culture, and palace intrigue.

15. The Story of Minglan

Genre: Historical, Family Drama

The Story of Minglan is based on a novel and it follows Sheng Minglan’s life as the sixth daughter of the Sheng family, who is a smart, kind, and courageous woman.

16. Love Me If You Dare

Genre: Crime, Romance

This crime and romance drama revolves around Bo Jin Yan, a brilliant criminal psychologist, and Jian Yao, a smart translator, as they solve cases and find themselves falling in love with each other.

Don’t stop here — the related posts below have even more totally amazing Chinese dramas and whether you’re a beginner or not, you’re going to appreciate these. 

Happy watching!

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