13 Amazing Action Chinese Dramas With Romance To Watch ASAP

A sweet romantic action Chinese drama is perfect if you want a show that will give you both the feels and the chills. 

Here, I’ve listed 13 super interesting romantic action dramas that are the best blend of a go-to rom-com and a high-octane action drama.

1. Arsenal Military Academy

In the early 1900s, China is fighting against Japan and Xie Xiang, a woman, wants to join the army too. 

So, she pretends to be her brother and gets into an elite military academy, and there, she makes friends like Gu Yan Zheng and Shen Jun San. 

They train hard and plan to stop the enemy, but things get complicated as both guys start liking Xie Xiang. 

2. Memory Lost

Dedicated cop Han Chen looks for his missing fiancée, even with amnesia and people doubting her existence. 

He soon meets Bai Jin Xi, a cheerful detective with her own secrets, during his search, and they slowly fall in love. 

3. Super Star Academy

In another world, there’s a special school called Super Star Academy where they sort people by their horoscope signs. 

Cheng Zhi Er, who’s faced bullying, gets a surprise chance to join this school. 

And, as she attends, she discovers her own special abilities and starts a new journey alongside the powerful students in this parallel world.

This is one of the most interesting Chinese drama that blends romance and action, and you definitely won’t regret watching it. 

4. The Flaming Heart 

Huo Yan graduated from the Civil Defence Academy and became the vice-captain of the Fire Rescue Team. 

After rescuing a pregnant woman, he meets Yan Lan, a doctor, and although he is usually composed, he is thrown off by Yan Lan’s lively presence, and they have many misunderstandings. 

They meet again during an earthquake mission and grow closer while dealing with tough situations and loss.

And when a virus spreads, Yan Lan fights it with her colleagues, and Huo Yan supports her secretly.

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5. Lucky With You

In this love story that’s also action-filled, a strong female bodyguard named Wu Shiyi saves a wealthy man, Hou Zhirong, during a crisis. 

Worried about his son’s safety, Hou Zhirong hires Wu Shiyi as his son’s bodyguard, but his son, Hou Jue, isn’t happy about it and gives her a hard time. 

Despite the challenges, Wu Shiyi stands her ground, leading to a unique and captivating love story.

6. The World Of Fantasy

Qin Lie is a guy who lost his memory and got caught in a tricky situation after an accident. 

He faced many tough situations but with his childhood friend, Ling Yushi, they both learned and grew up in a special place called the spirit domain. 

7. Hot Girl 

Guan Xiao Di, a spirited girl, ends up at a bodyguard training center. 

There, she makes friends with a cocky boy and four skilled girls, and after tough training, she becomes an amazing bodyguard.

If you love a good bodyguard romance Chinese drama with action, you’re absolutely going to love this amazing drama. 

8. Age of Legends

Liu Zi Guang can’t recall 8 years of his past, but he is trying to be good in his hometown. 

When Uncle Guo is hurt by a troublemaker, Liu unintentionally harms the troublemaker who is linked to a crime group. 

Detective Hu Rong, tough and devoted, joins Liu. His old friend, Nie Wan Feng, now leads an international criminal group. 

Despite a rocky start, Liu and Hu Rong unite to expose the group, and they fall in love, but Hu Rong’s discovery of Liu Zi Guang’s past complicates things. 

This must-watch romance action Chinese drama is adapted from Xiao Qi Xiao’s novel Cheng Hong Nian Dai, and it’s the perfect thing if you want to watch something different.

9. The Legends

Lu Zhao Yao seeks revenge after being killed while trying to take a sword and so she enters Qin Zhi Yan’s body to kill Li Chen Lan but falls in love with him. 

Jiang Wu also wants to become sect leader and likes Zhi Yan, and the story follows their intertwined lives, Zhao Yao’s revenge, and Zhi Yan’s fate.

10. Operation: Special Warfare

To stop a new terrorist group, a special team called “Blue Lightning Commandos” is formed. 

They’re led by tough Captain Qin Guan, who cares deeply for his team’s success, and he trains them hard but safely, focusing on teamwork. 

Ning Meng joins the team to honor her brother and prove herself, and though she clashes with Qin Guan at first, she earns his trust and her teammates’ respect. 

11. Light Chaser Rescue

After a big earthquake in Sichuan, lawyer Luo Ben looks for his mute sister and joins the Light Chaser Rescue team led by Captain Qing Shan. 

He changes his mind about a doctor named Zhan Yan and admires her despite their fractious meeting.  

Luo Ben, Zhou Min Ming, and Ding Ding Ding become new team members, surviving tough training and facing disasters like earthquakes and floods. 

The characters in this romantic action Chinese series find love amidst all their doings, and I found it so beautiful the way their relationship evolved. 

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12. Happy Hunter

A super tough mutant named Kuang Tian Bao teams up with a tough lady monster hunter, Jia Xiao Ling. 

They go on a wild journey to save humanity from a mean alien with horns that wants to take over Earth.

Kuang Tian Bao can’t die, age, or get sick, which is kind of cool but not so fun for him, and he wants to fix things, so he asks Jia Xiao Ling for help. 

Together, they use time travel to stop the bad event that messed up Kuang Tian Bao’s life, but it’s not easy, as they face really scary stuff on the way.

13. Never Say Goodbye

Three years ago, police officer Liu Yuan Wen’s wrong information led to his fiancée Rong Yu and friend Rong Yao’s deaths. 

Sad and upset, he quit the police. Now, Rong Yao, who’s now a boss, helps an undercover cop, Mu Qing, who’s actually Liu Yuan Wen. 

They join forces to catch drug leader Mr. Ou and his group.

If you want to watch a heartwarming Chinese drama that combines romance and action, you’re in the right place. 

And, there are so many other recommendations, so please be sure to check out the related posts below.

Happy watching!!

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