12 Slow-Burn Romantic C-Dramas To Watch If You Live For Tension

One thing that attracted me to Asian dramas from the very beginning was how I always felt like love was taking its sweet time to blossom between the leads whenever I watched a show.

Chinese dramas have a knack for weaving stories that build up the romance bit by bit, making us fall for the characters as they do. 

And, I love it when characters gradually fall for each other, and the way the love builds up bit by bit absolutely gives me the feels. 

I’m talking about romance that’s graceful, heartwarming, and oh-so-satisfying, and if you can’t resist a good slow-burn in your romantic Chinese dramas, you’re going to love this post.

In this article, I’ve listed 12 of my favorite slow-burn romance Chinese dramas that gave me all the warm and fuzzy feelings I wanted. 

You’ll enjoy these dramas if you believe that true love is all about those sweet, slow-burning moments, and I believe you’ll find one or two or ten recommendations!

Here are 12 amazing slow-burn romance Chinese dramas that will keep you hooked: 

1. Rebel Princess

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi marry for power, then fall in love while defending their homeland. 

Despite challenges from a corrupt royal family and rival clans, they fight together to bring peace and save their nation.

This historical slow-burn romance drama is epic if you’re in the mood for a political romance with slow burn that will make your heart flutter.

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2. The Long Ballad

In 626 C.E. Chang’an, some people took over the Tang Dynasty from the old leaders. 

A prince led this and hurt Li Chang Ge’s family, but she got away while the prince became the new leader, Emperor Tai Zong.

Li Chang Ge wanted revenge, so she got an army to fight the new Emperor, but she lost to another army. 

The leader of that army, Ashile Sun, kept her and they became a strong team, and as she started to like him, he liked her too.

3. The Sword and The Brocade 

This Chinese drama follows Shi Yi Niang and General Xu Ling Yi during the Ming Dynasty. 

Despite an arranged marriage, they grew to love each other, and I absolutely loved the way the romance between them bloomed in this must-watch slow-burn romance Chinese drama. 

Shi Yi Niang’s embroidery skills help her gain independence, and together they overcome challenges, supporting each other through thick and thin.

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4. Under The Power

Lu Yi is a serious and important officer in a group called Jinyiwei during the Ming Dynasty. 

They guard the Emperor and do secret police work, and there, he meets Yuan Jin Xia, who is a smart and strong female officer. 

They don’t get along at first but end up working together to solve problems, and they both investigate missing money for fixing a river, and finding a plan by important people. 

While working together, they start to like and care for each other, and I do not doubt that you’ll enjoy this slow-burn romance Chinese drama if you want a show that will warm your heart. 

5. Symphony’s Romance

A very talented musician named Li Zhen Yan had lots of opportunities to learn music from great teachers in different countries. 

But he couldn’t do it easily because of his difficult past – He had bad memories that troubled him. 

Then he met Fang Xiao Wo, who was also an amazing pianist, and even though she acted strangely, Zhen Yan found her interesting because they both loved music a lot. 

They spent time together and Zhen Yan started feeling better about his past, and with Xiao Wo’s help, he felt more hopeful and could dream big. 

Finally, they faced their future together without being held back by their pasts.

6. The Brightest Star In The Sky

Star Entertainment, China’s top agency, was founded by a couple, Cheng Tian Hao and Du Wan Qing, but they split over different management beliefs. 

Yang Zhen Zhen joined Starry Sky Entertainment, assisting arrogant idol Zheng Bo Xu, and with her help, he transformed into a skilled singer. 

Zhen Zhen gains experience and becomes a capable manager, and meanwhile, Du Wan Qing trains singer Yu Zi Rui, who becomes Bo Xu’s major rival.

7. When A Snail Falls In Love

Detective Ji Bai is tasked with training a new recruit, Xu Xu, who’s good at understanding people’s thoughts but struggles with social interactions. 

Ji Bai doesn’t want to fire her because of this, but he soon discovers Xu Xu is excellent at profiling but not very physically fit. 

As they work together and admire each other’s skills, they gradually develop romantic feelings.

This is one of the most interesting romantic Chinese dramas with slow-burn romance that I feel you should give a chance if you haven’t seen it!

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8. Prince of Lan Ling

A prophecy said that the person blessed by the priestess would win. 

Yang Xue Wu, the last priestess of her group, gets involved in a war between Northern Qi and Northern Zhou. 

Even though she sees that General Lan Ling Wang will have a sad fate, she still loves him and helps him win against King Yuwen Yong of Northern Zhou. 

However, destiny cannot be changed, and I’ll tell you for free that while it took them some time to get there, this drama absolutely made me cry a good number of times. 

9. My Poseidon

This romantic Chinese drama follows a young person named An Fei who really likes a smart scientist named Mo Liang. 

An Fei wants to be a great researcher to help the ocean, and one day, she meets Ye Hai, a guy who seems to bring her bad luck. 

Ye Hai doesn’t like what An Fei is working on and tells untrue stories about her, even saying she’s his wife. 

At first, An Fei doesn’t like Ye Hai because he acts strange, but later she realizes he might be right and they start falling for each other slowly.

And as they spend time together, memories of a past relationship come up, similar to the old story of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

10. Sweet Teeth

Sweet teeth cdrama

Dentist Ai Jing Chu, who also teaches at Donghu University, is known to be the most handsome man at school, but the university librarian Zeng Li doesn’t like him because of a small misunderstanding. 

Zeng Li’s mother makes her get braces, and she tries to avoid Ai Jing Chu, but she ends up becoming his patient, and as they spend more time together, Zeng Li sees that Ai Jing Chu is professional and caring, and she starts to like him. 

Sweet Teeth is another fantastic slow burn romance Chinese drama you should watch if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a romance that takes its time to brew. 

11. Everyone Wants To Meet You

In this Chinese drama, a successful hotel manager named Zhang Min falls in love with a kind and beautiful girl named Luo Xi. 

They both have challenges to face, but they work together to create their own place to stay. 

Luo Xi’s friend Tao Lun likes her, but she thinks of him as a brother, and as their love story unfolds, they encounter difficulties, including a big hotel company trying to take over their place.

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12. Hello My Girl 

Yang Yi Shan, grew up in Shanghai without much freedom under his aunt’s care, so when he got a chance to go to school in another city, Shenyang, he took it to have a new life. 

At first, he enjoyed his freedom but realized starting over wasn’t easy, but he soon met a friendly girl named Zhao Dou Dou who helped him fit in. 

With her and her friends’ help, Shenyang began to feel like home, and then, his aunt visited unexpectedly and tried to set him up with Dou Dou, and despite a rough start, Yi Shan and Dou Dou started getting closer. 

And, there you have it!

I’ve just listed 12 of my favorite slow burn romantic Chinese drama that you have to watch at least once if you like romance that’s slow and sweet. 

Please check out the related posts if you want some more recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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