20 Stunning Chinese Dramas About Royalty To Watch ASAP

Silk robes, ornate palaces, and hearts entwined in a dance of love and power – It really doesn’t get better than this.

In this post, I’ve rounded up my all-time favorite romantic Chinese dramas about royalty that will keep you hooked from the very first scene. 

There’s something so utterly captivating about the grandeur of ancient China’s royal courts, the love stories in the dramas below are fit for the ages. 

Here are 20 beautiful historical romantic Chinese dramas about royalty: 

1. The Long Ballad

In 626 C.E., a successful palace coup known as the Xuanwu Gate Incident led by a scheming prince resulted in him becoming Emperor Tai Zong of the Tang Dynasty after killing Li Chang Ge’s family. 

Determined to get revenge, Li Chang Ge forms a powerful army but faces an unexpected defeat by General Ashile Sun of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. 

Instead of revenge, she becomes Ashile Sun’s military strategist, and their partnership grows into a complex relationship as feelings develop between them.

This is easily one of the most famous and most romantic Chinese drama about royalty that kept me absolutely glued to my screen for hours because of all the scheming and whatnot.

2. Eternal Love of Dream

Bai Feng Jiu, the unique red nine-tailed fox, is rescued by the Heavenly Emperor, Dong Hua, after a beast attack. 

She then joins him to defeat the Demon Lord, and over time, her gratitude transforms into love.

But, Dong Hua has forgotten how to love and now they must try to unite their hearts across countless lifetimes.

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3. The Princess Wei Young

After the Northern Wei Dynasty fell, Princess Feng Xin Er, known for her kindness, became an orphan. 

She survived and took on the identity of Li Wei Young, the Prime Minister’s daughter, and ended up in enemy territory. 

Despite enduring hardships, she used her intelligence and sense of justice to rise to power, eventually finding love and becoming a formidable woman.

This romantic Chinese drama about royalty available on Netflix delivers everything from romance to politics, and you’ll love it if you’re in the mood for a Chinese drama with a strong female lead. 

4. The Rebel Princess

Princess Wang Xuan and the third prince, Xiao Qi, enter a political marriage to counter the corrupt imperial family.

Despite their initial reluctance, they developed a deep love and shared mission to protect their homeland. 

And when faced with treacherous forces, they fight together, with Wang Xuan leading an army while Xiao Qi rushes to aid in their final stand.

5. The Story of Ming Lan

Set in the Northern Song dynasty, The Story of Ming Lan follows the life of Sheng Ming Lan, an underestimated daughter of an official who must navigate a treacherous family dynamic. 

She meets Gu Ting Ye, a wealthy marquis’s son who faces adversity due to his straightforward nature, and together, they rise through clever schemes to seek justice against their adversaries.

This is yet another must-watch historical romantic Chinese drama about royalty with a strong female lead you need to watch ASAP when you get the chance – it’s that good. 

6. Legend of Yun Xi

Han Yun Xi, a skilled doctor, became part of a royal family during a turbulent period in a divided land with three kingdoms. 

She is married to Long Fei Ye, a subordinate feared by the cunning Emperor of Tian Ning.

Despite being labeled “ugly,” Han Yun Xi proves her worth through her medical talents and forms a connection with both Long Fei Ye and Gu Qi Shao, the Master of Yao Gui Valley.

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7. Good Bye, My Princess 

In this romantic Chinese drama about royalty, the 9th Princess of Western Liang, Xiao Feng, leaves her cherished life to marry the Crown Prince in a strategic alliance. 

Despite his high status, the Crown Prince’s palace is perilous, and their marriage is politically driven, as they both have separate lives and secrets.

As their paths cross in this treacherous environment, hidden memories begin to emerge which only complicates their relationship. 

8. The King’s Woman

Gong Sun Li, the granddaughter of military commander Gong Sun Yu, escapes with her childhood love Jing Ke when their city is attacked. 

But, her remarkable beauty attracts the attention of Qin Emperor Ying Zheng, who takes her to his palace. 

She later discovers she’s carrying Jing Ke’s child, and this creates a complex dynamic between the emperor, Sun Li, and Jing Ke, culminating in a dramatic assassination attempt.

This is hands-down one of the best Chinese dramas about royalty that’s stunning and super interesting on many counts. 

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9. Maiden Holmes

In ancient China, during the sixth century CE, the Qi Kingdom was in turmoil due to war. 

Prince Xiao Yan Zhi, a talented young military leader, suffers a defeat in battle and is replaced by a manipulative rival at the imperial court. 

Feeling betrayed, he goes undercover as a commoner to uncover the truth. 

Along the way, he partners with a clever detective named Su Ci, and together with two other sharp-minded individuals, they work to uncover a web of intrigue within the Imperial Palace.

10. The Imperial Coroner

Chu Chu, a young girl from a family of coroners, meets Prince Xiao Jin Yu, who oversees criminal cases but lacks capable help. 

Despite Chu Chu’s desire for leadership, they join forces. 

Together, they solve an 18-year-old mystery and gain the Emperor’s recognition, and Chu Chu fulfills her dream of becoming the Imperial Coroner.

This is another superb Chinese royal drama that really showed the relationship between the emperor and his vassals, as well as the tensions in the royal court. 

11. Lost Love In Times

Feng Qing Chen, a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, meets Yuan Ling, a caring prince from Western Wei. 

Though he seems distant, he deeply loves his close ones, and while Qing Chen admires his skills, she hides her feelings to support his rise. 

The kingdom resists their union due to her magic, leading to a coup.

And, in a desperate move, Qing Chen resets the universe to stop the violence.

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12. Royal Feast

Set in the Ming dynasty under the Yongle Emperor’s rule, this romantic Chinese drama about emperors and empresses follows Yao Zi Jin, a young girl who becomes a palace maid in the food bureau. 

Despite the challenges of the deep palace, she rises through the ranks, mastering her skills, making friends, and unexpectedly finding romance with Zhu Zhan Ji. 

This drama not only delves into their romance but also highlights the historical achievements and family life of three remarkable Ming Dynasty emperors.

13. The Sleepless Princess

Princess Chu Yue, who suffers from insomnia, marries General Xue Yao, and together, they investigate his brother’s mysterious death and form an unexpected and touching romance in the process.

This is yet another interesting Chinese drama featuring royals that’s an addictive blend of history, heart, and a touch of palace intrigue.

14. Rebirth For You

Princess Jiang Bao Ning, daughter of the Crown Prince, grew up in the palace, aware of its constraints. 

But, she hated being controlled and resisted at every point in time – even going as far as using her cleverness to navigate palace politics. 

Meanwhile, diligent Imperial Army guard Li Qian rises in rank, gaining vital information. 

Together, they aim to uncover the truth and defy their fates, seeking a lasting bond with their loved ones.

15. The Eternal Love

Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th prince, is forced to marry Qu Tan Er, who loves his brother. 

Before their wedding, Qu Tan Er attempts suicide, but wakes up with the soul of modern real estate agent Xiao Tan in her body – she then finds out they switch control depending on honesty and consciousness. 

While they share a body, their personalities clash – Qu Tan Er is reserved, while Xiao Tan is lively and daring. 

Despite suspicions, Mo Lian Cheng falls for Xiao Tan, and while she continuously tries to return to her time, she faces challenges.

16. My Sassy Princess

Princess Chang Le, a pampered and bratty 20-year-old royal, is known for her impulsive and disdainful behavior, which has made her enemies at court and the subject of malicious rumors. 

On her birthday, she gets drunk at an inn and meets Shen Yan, a wounded army commander. 

Despite his initial indifference, the Princess tries to win his heart and this sparks the potential for an unlikely friendship or romance between them.

You’ll love this Chinese royal drama if you want to watch something endearing and heartwarming that will give you the feels.

17. Court Lady

Born into privilege, Sheng Chu Mo lived a carefree life until he met Fu Rou, a local merchant’s daughter who inspired him to change. 

He dedicated himself to self-improvement to win her love, while Fu Rou pursued a career in the royal palace and faced much danger and palace intrigue. 

As they navigate separate paths, they must rely on their skills and determination to overcome obstacles and protect their love amidst adversity, raising the question of whether they can save their country and their love.

18. The Longest Promise

Princess Zhu Yan from the Chi Yi Tribe and Royal Prince Shi Ying fell in love, but faced obstacles – The queen framed Shi Ying, leading to his exile to Jiu Yi Mountain. 

While there, he developed feelings for Zhu Yan, but their student-teacher dynamic kept them from confessing. 

They later found themselves on opposite sides in a critical political conflict, but eventually reconciled to protect their homeland, Kong Sang Continent.

This is another captivating Chinese drama about royalty featuring a prince and a princess that will definitely tug at your heartstrings – I enjoyed this one a whole lot and I know you will, too. 

19. The Princess And The Werewolf 

Princess Qi Pa is unexpectedly taken to the surreal world of the Beast-Turning Tribe and forced to marry the enigmatic Beast-Turning King, Kui Mu Lang. 

Her escape attempts are thwarted by Li Xiong, who appears only during the day. 

Unknowingly, she stumbles upon a shocking tribe secret and, despite her lively nature, eventually captures the heart of the domineering Wolf King.

This then sets the stage for a journey filled with laughter, sweetness, and emotional moments as their unlikely love story unfolds.

20. Twisted Fate of Love

Third Prince Pang Yu and Minister Feng Xi, lifelong friends with contrasting personalities, face a rift in their friendship after meeting Dong Yue, a brave general sent back in time to prevent a devastating war. 

While Pang Yu’s affection for Dong Yue leads him into politics, he fails to win her heart. 

In contrast, Dong Yue is captivated by Feng Xi’s charm, but her mission is to stop a war, not to fall in love. 

Together, they must unite to thwart the war-mongering Lu Yuan Tang and bridge the gap between the estranged brothers.

I’ve just listed 20 beautiful historical Chinese dramas about royalty that will keep you glued to your screen for hours on end. 

I absolutely live for politics and passionate love stories, and all the dramas on this list are comforting, captivating, and impossible to put down. 

If you want some more amazing recommendations, please check out the related posts below and I’m sure you’ll find something.

Happy watching!

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