8 Chinese Dramas About Reincarnation You Won’t Regret Watching

Love and hatred endure no matter what gets thrown at them and in these brilliant Chinese dramas, lovers and enemies get reincarnated over and over again in an endless loop of fate. 

And what’s a better way to spend a weekend or a well-earned day off than binging a Chinese drama about leads who follow each other to the depths of the earth? 

These reincarnation Chinese dramas are perfect and I promise they’ll keep you hooked all through. 

1. Till The End Of The Moon

In a world dominated by demons, Li Su Su travels back in time to uncover the origin of the demon lord. 

Now disguised as mortal Ye Xi Wu, she’s married to the future demon lord and tries to stop his resurrection, but when she sees his past, she starts understanding him.

2. The Snow Moon

Boqiu, a fox demon, endures a thousand years to break a curse on his beloved, Su Xiaohuan who is to die in each lifetime. 

In this lifetime, she meets her end at his hands but unexpectedly falls in love with him again, and so Boqiu sacrifices himself to break the curse and influence the world for the better.

These reincarnated lovers made this Chinese drama bittersweet in the best way and there’s no way they won’t make you cry. 

3. Afterlife of Love And Revenge

After being reborn, Pang Long Yue wants to take revenge on those who humiliated her in her previous life, and this time around, she is determined to cherish her newfound love and make her enemies pay the price.

4. Ancient Love Poetry

Shang Gu, a true immortal, sacrifices herself for humanity, but after awakening, she has no memory of her past life. 

Bai Jue, who loved her silently for centuries, sacrifices his reincarnation for her, and so Shang Gu vows to wait for him while begging eternity to bring him back.

5. Estranged Fall In Love

Prince Cang Han Yu pays a heavy price to save his childhood sweetheart Nan Si, and together, they try to control their destiny and love.

6. Love of Thousand Years

Immortal deity Fu Jiu Yun falls in love with a mortal woman across numerous incarnations. 

And as she tries to get her revenge in her latest life, their bond is tested by external forces which force them to make painful decisions. 

7. Guardian

Zhao Yunlan and university professor Shen Wei form an unconventional friendship and soon get entangled in a supernatural battle against the mysterious Black Robe. 

8. Love You Seven Times

Xiang Yun, originally a cloud-turned fairy, helps her master find a marriage partner for Immortal Chu Kong. 

But a quarrel and a messed-up red thread of fate result in an entangled relationship lasting several lifetimes that’s rooted in a forgotten memory.

If you loved these romantic Chinese dramas with reincarnation, you’re going to want to check out the related posts that have even more recommendations. 

And, let me know in the comments section what you’re watching and loving this week!

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