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New Chinese dramas and movies coming out in September

10 New Chinese Dramas and Movies Coming Out In September 2023

2023 has literally been the bestest for fans of Chinese dramas and movies, and September 2023 is going to be just as awesome.

I mean, there’s a whole bunch of exciting new releases lined up that are sure to make your evenings special. 

I’m talking historical sagas, modern romances, and action-packed adventures that will keep you glued to your screen.

In this post, I’ve listed 10 amazing Chinese dramas and movies coming out in September 2023 that you need to watch whenever they come out. 

Here are 10 Chinese dramas and movies coming out in September 2023 to watch ASAP: 

1. Sunshine By My Side

Jian Bing, a famous ad director, and Sheng Yang, a new industry member, met at a restaurant. 

One was recovering from a divorce, and the other awaited a breakup, and when they became friends, they started a journey of growth and love. 

Sheng Yang boosted Jian Bing’s confidence in life and love, while Jian Bing guided Sheng Yang to maturity. 

They healed and grew together, but faced challenges due to differences and family objections. 

After three years apart, they reunited, their shared trust and experiences drawing them closer again, and I just know this September 2023 romantic Chinese drama new release will be super thrilling.

2. The Ex-Files 4: Marriage Plan

This new Chinese movie coming out in September 2023 follows young city folks who feel about love and marriage in a funny and thoughtful way. 

Two main characters, Meng Yun and Yu Fei, who are old enough to get married, are unsure about their relationship. 

The film promises to be respectful and shows different ideas about love and marriage among young people.

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3. The Emperor’s Love

This is an upcoming love story about two people: Zhan Qing Cheng, a skilled warrior with a mysterious and cold exterior, and Feng Qing Huan, a kind-hearted and intelligent young doctor. 

Zhan Qing Cheng is a prince known for his battlefield prowess, but he hides a good heart beneath his tough exterior. 

Feng Qing Huan, on the other hand, pretends to be naive but is actually clever and caring. 

Despite their initial reluctance, they find themselves deeply in love, facing life-and-death challenges together.

4. The Scent of Time

A hardworking young woman from today suddenly wakes up inside a book she read all night. 

But there’s a catch – she’s now a mean side character, and in this story, she has a traitor dad and a playboy brother. 

She’s also done bad stuff before, making her survival tough. She learns that being kind, like the heroine, is important. 

I’m so keen to see how this not-so-nice character turns her life around without any special powers, and I just know that this September 2023 upcoming Chinese drama will be very interesting. 

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5. If We Were Lucky

In this upcoming Chinese movie for September 2023, Xia Mo comes from a family with only one parent, and her father leaving made her feel unsafe. 

So, she and Chu Qiu decided to be lifelong friends, and Xia Mo sees Chu Qiu as her best guy friend and leans on him a lot. 

He takes care of her in return, but when Wei Si Cong shows up, things get complicated. 

Chu Qiu falls in love but gets turned down. Xia Mo starts missing him, and they finally meet again at a wedding.

6. Special Lady

This Chinese movie follows Song Zhu, a girl from a famous family who doesn’t like studying – She wants to get married instead. 

But then she meets Xiao Yu, a guy who’s there to study in secret. 

They start off not liking each other, but over time, they fall in love. 

Their rivalry causes a lot of chaos at their school, and Song Zhu gets her friends together to find her happiness.

This is another fantastic new Chinese movie that’s coming out in September 2023 that I’m super hyped for and I know it’s going to be good.

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7. The Furthest Distance

Qin Yun Sheng is a doctor with a home that needs fixing, and Su Ying is an interior designer. 

They meet on a home renovation TV show, and Su Ying opens up to Qin Yun Sheng, but he’s still grieving his late girlfriend. 

Su Ying decides to fight for his love to heal them both, and I have a feeling that this upcoming September 2023 Cdrama is going to be lit. 

8. Parallel World 

Two years ago, Chang Dong took a team to the desert, and when a big, strong wind came at night, all 18 teammates with Chang Dong got buried in the sand, but there were no bodies. 

Chang Dong felt bad and went away, and later, Ye Liu Xi, who didn’t remember her past, came with photos that had hints about the accident. 

They decided to work together and go to the desert to find out what really happened.

9. Flaming Cloud

This September 2023 new Chinese movie is about Sangui, who makes people sleep when he kisses them because of a curse. 

Only true love can fix it, and soon Sangui meets a dreamer who wants to be a princess and a former superstar on his quest to find a cure.

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10. Fearless

Luo Ying Wei used to work in an office and studied on her own to become a lawyer. 

But then, bad things happened – Her marriage ended, and her husband, Liu Ming, borrowed a lot of money, making her owe a lot. 

But she didn’t give up, and she decided to use the law to fight back.

This is yet another new Chinese drama that’s coming out in September 2023 that I have a feeling you’ll really, really love. 

And, there you have it – 10 new Chinese dramas and movies coming out in September 2023 you need to watch.

The cast line-ups for these dramas look super good and I just know they’re going to be amazing.

If you want some more recommendations, please check out the related posts below and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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