18 Swoony C-Dramas With Love Triangles That Deliver Intense Drama

Love triangles can be messy, but that’s what makes them so captivating and realistic!

So, if you’re in the mood for a drama that will keep you emotionally invested from the very first episode, these addictive Chinese dramas with love triangles will absolutely do the trick. 

In this post, I’ve listed 18 top-notch love triangle Chinese dramas with romance you won’t be able to resist, and I’m certain you’ll love them. 

Here are 18 heartwarming Chinese dramas with love triangles that will stir your emotions: 

1. Discovery of Romance

This Chinese drama follows Xia Tian, a lady in her 30s who needs to decide between her old boyfriend, Xu Ze Hao, and her current boyfriend, Guan Xin. 

Her feelings for both of them get confusing, and soon Guan Xin also meets his childhood friend, Lu Xi. 

The romantic Chinese drama with love triangles then develops as Xia Tian’s feelings and experiences with friends, love, meeting again, breaking up, and getting married grow. 

2. Ashes Of Love 

Zi Fen, the Flower Deity, dies after giving birth to Jin Mi, and to protect her from a fatal love trial, Zi Fen gives Jin Mi an ‘Unfeeling Pill.’ 

This Unfeeling Pill works to stop her from falling in love, and Jin Mi grows up in the Flower Realm but yearns to see the outside world, so when she meets Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, her adventure and love trial begins, and this is a perfect pick you’ll enjoy. 

Adapted from the web novel Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost by Dian Xian, in this Chinese drama, there’s a love triangle between Xu Feng and his brother and trust me when I say this is the most delish xianxia drama you need to watch.

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3. Miss Truth 

Ran Yan is a forensic examiner who wants to know the real reason behind her mother’s death, so she investigates and solves murder cases.

Ran Yan comes from a rich family but doesn’t have much money, and when she was young, she learned about dead bodies and how to find clues from them. 

While looking for answers, she meets a judge and a killer. And while doing this, she falls in love.

4. From Repair To Pair

Qiu Yuan always wanted to work in heritage conservation, and her dream came true when she met Qin Zhi Yuan, the owner of Yuxinzhai. 

They became friends and Zhi Yuan used Yuan’s “rubber board” method to save Yuxinzhai, and this started Yuan’s career in heritage preservation, with Zhi Yuan as her mentor. 

They fell in love, but Yuan’s crush Zuo Huai Ren’s return complicated things.

This is yet another Cdrama with love triangles and lots of jealousy that will give you all the feels if you’re in the mood for a mature and sweet romance series. 

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5. Love Between Fairy & Devil 

Centuries ago, Dongfang Qing Cang turned into an emotionless monster to gain immense power. 

He led a destructive army, endangering different realms, and the first God of War sacrificed herself to stop him, sealing his army and spirit away. 

Now, a flower fairy named Orchid faces the Moon Supreme, and the world’s fate hangs in the balance.

6. The Wolf

This Chinese drama is about a boy raised by wolves who falls in love with a girl named Ma Zhai Xing, the daughter of a noble lord. 

He’s wrongly accused of a crime, saved by King Chu Kui, and adopted as Prince Bo. 

Years later, he reunites with Ma Zhai Xing, but tragic events complicate things, as war breaks out, and everyone must choose sides. 

Then the rest of the drama revolves around Lady Ma’s support, Ji Chong’s true identity, and Prince Bo fulfilling his destiny.

7. Skate Into Love

Li Yu Bing and Tang Xue, both passionate about ice sports, meet again at university, and while Li Yu Bing is the ice hockey star, and Tang Xue’s future is uncertain. 

Though they start off on the wrong foot, as they spend time together, they become friends and inspire each other’s dreams. 

This heartwarming sports romance Chinese drama with a love triangle is just the most perfect drama that shows the different stages of love, rivalry, and friendship. 

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8. The Best Friend

This Chinese drama follows friends who met at university in 2008 and the many loves, trials, and lives they experienced. 

Shao Nian and Lin Xiao’s friendship started with a misunderstanding, and they have different personalities. 

Wu Minghao and Xie Tingfeng’s relationship is a bit mysterious, but they all become close friends through funny and strange situations. 

It’s a heartwarming tale of their time in university, and it’s the perfect coming-of-age drama with a love triangle romance you can’t miss. 

9. Fighting! Girl

In this Cdrama, Qu Mo’s character develops as she tries to achieve her dreams and discover her self-worth. 

Overcoming challenges like her fashion partner leaving and a breakup, she gains a supportive friend in Gao Zi Yi, the dessert shop owner. 

And with help from designer Miyazaki, she excels in an international fashion competition. 

Adapted from Jin Jiao Xi Yu’s novel Fighting Girl, I don’t doubt that you’ll love this adorable drama, especially if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted slice-of-life drama.

10. Novoland

After a battle, Feng Ren attacks the human tribe, and Queen Fang Qiwu uses a time machine to change the past, aiming to kill him. 

Instead, she awakens in a different timeline where she’s told Feng Ren is dead, but she doesn’t believe it and thinks it’s a rumor, as she’s now in Hong Luan’s body, set to marry Feng Qi. 

Wanting to kill Feng Ren, she’s protected by Nan Feng, who she falls in love with, but on her wedding day, she discovers Nan Feng is actually Feng Ren.

You guys, I know this sounds very peculiar, but trust me on this: the love triangles (triangles, yes!) were the most delish things and I know you’ll love them.

11. Choice Husband

Shen Miao is a wealthy and beautiful girl who’s a go-getter in every way that matters, so two men, Pei Yan Zhen and Song Xi Yuan, want to marry her. 

They both like her but have different reasons to marry her, and at the same time, there’s a political problem coming their way.

I absolutely cannot recommend this more if you’re on the hunt for a solid romantic Chinese love triangle drama to watch right now. 

12. The Love Equations

Zhou Xiao is a cheerful university student who loves reading detective novels. 

One day, she falls for Zhao Fan Zhou, a serious forensic science student known for his focus on studies, and despite his detached demeanor, he unexpectedly falls in love too.

13. Good Bye, My Princess

The Chinese drama follows a princess named Xiao Feng who goes on a journey to marry the Crown Prince for a political alliance. 

Despite being loved as the 9th Princess, she has to leave her old life behind to become the Crown Princess. 

Her husband, the Crown Prince, holds a high position, and they both have their own lives. 

The palace they live in is dangerous due to power struggles, and as they meet, their lives start to intertwine, and hidden memories begin to emerge.

This is yet another interesting historical romance Chinese drama with a love triangle that will make your heart race and leave you wanting more – you’ll love it!

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14. Circle of Love 

Gu Meng loses everything on her wedding day due to a fire she thinks was caused by Hong Ye, her would-be husband. 

She plans revenge but ends up losing her memory while trying to attack him, and now a servant in his estate, Hong Ye initially humiliates her but later grows emotionally attached. 

Gu Meng, once a victim, starts to seduce him while fighting for freedom and revenge as her memories return. 

15. Out of The Dream

Yu Fei is a Peking opera performer and Bai Fei Li is a stage play producer. 

Yu Fei gets kicked out of her opera school, but her amazing voice catches Bai Fei Li’s attention. 

After connecting, they lose touch after a sad event and then meet again later on, but they’re now different: Yu Fei is preparing for drama school, while Bai Fei Li is in trouble.

They reconnect when Yu Fei works for Bai Fei Li and he helps her with her studies, and with some help, they rekindle their relationship, but new problems test them, and I bet you’ll be absolutely sucked into this love triangle Cdrama.  

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16. Granting You A Dreamlike Life

A modern woman named Lin Jing Yun, who is a food critic, finds an old diary that tells a story of love from the past. 

The diary belongs to Duan Tian Ying, who lived in Shanghai in the 1920s, and it turns out that Tian Ying has feelings for two friends, gentle Xu Xing Cheng and arrogant Luo Fu Sheng.

Another person, Hong Lan, loves Luo Fu Sheng in secret, and someone named Duan Tian Ci kidnaps Tian Ying because he imagines they are engaged and wants to protect her.

17. The King’s Woman

Gong Sun Li is the granddaughter of General Gong Sun Yu. 

She and her childhood lover, Jing Ke, escape Qin attackers, but the beautiful Sun Li catches Qin Emperor Ying Zheng’s attention. 

She’s then taken to the palace and realizes she’s pregnant with Jing Ke’s child, and Ying Zheng treats the child as his own, but tragedy strikes when Jing Ke tries to assassinate him.

Needless to say, this is arguably one of the most popular romantic historical Chinese dramas with a swoon-worthy love triangle that everyone needs to watch at least twice for the feels and thrills. 

18. Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty

Xiao Wei, a modern architect, gets lost in the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty, and she hangs an old lantern in her apartment. 

In the past, the 13th prince dreams of Xiao Wei and falls in love, and Xiao Wei travels back in time and meets the kind 13th prince, but he looks different. 

She meets other princes, like the ambitious 14th Prince and others and even gets involved in the palace’s politics after meeting Emperor Kang Xi. 

In this Cdrama, everyone struggles to make the right choices, repeating the difficulty many times, and you’ll be so emotionally invested in all the characters of this love triangle Chinese drama.

And, there you have it – 18 ah-mazing Chinese dramas with heartfelt romance and love triangles that offer an unforgettable romantic tension that will keep you glued to your screen.

What’s guaranteed is that they’re all full of heart and by the end, they find their paths to happiness in the most beautiful way.

If you’re in the mood for some more recommendations,  please check out the related posts below.

And, let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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