Top 16 Swoony Romantic Workplace Chinese Dramas To Watch Now

I think we can all agree that office romance Chinese dramas have a certain appeal that won’t ever stop shining.

It’s almost as if the corporate setting only adds to the beauty of the leads’ “forbidden love”, and it’s genuinely the sweetest thing ever. 

So, whether you like a sweet CEO boss and employee romance, or you want something breezier like a zany co-workers’ romantic Chinese drama, you’re going to find some amazing recommendations in this post. 

1. Boss And Me

Feng Teng, the president of a big company, asks his employee Xue Shan Shan for a blood donation because his younger sister has a rare blood type and needs a transfusion. 

And, when she does, instead of repaying Shan Shan with money like he usually does, Feng Teng’s sister suggests sending her delicious, packed lunches as a personal thank you. 

As Shan Shan enjoys the lunches and shows her cheerful personality, it begins to warm Feng Teng’s cold heart. 

Adapted from the novel Come and Eat, Shan Shan by Gu Man, this brilliant and romantic CEO Chinese drama absolutely kept me on my toes. 

2. Here to Heart

Zhan Nanxian predicted the rise of technology and started a company with his classmates, overcoming the odds of only a 10% chance of success, and soon, Wen Nuan, a successful career woman, left her well-paying job in England to support Nanxian as his executive assistant. 

Having been a couple in the past, Wen Nuan is determined not only to assist Nanxian at work but also to reignite their lost love after being separated for 7 years, and this sweet story explores their enduring journey of love, as two hearts find each other again.

Here to Heart is yet another beautiful second chance office romance Chinese drama that was the perfect balance of sweet romance and melancholy.

If you like second-chance romance dramas, then you’re going to love this one so much!

3. Cheat My Boss

Jiang Chu Chu, a fresh graduate, stays in the big city to pursue her dreams and becomes an internet star, but when her clothes get damaged due to her undergarments, she gives a bad review online which catches the attention of Luo Tian Yi, the CEO of a lingerie company. 

A misunderstanding arises, leading people to believe Chu Chu is Luo Tian Yi’s girlfriend, and as Chu Chu faces the pressures of online fame and navigates her romance with Luo Tian Yi, they both encounter challenges due to their different backgrounds. 

Together with her friends, Chu Chu takes on the international stage of lingerie fashion, giving their all despite uncertain success.

This is another solid romantic workplace Chinese drama that had me smiling all through, and I’m so sure you’ll enjoy it, too. 

4. Flipped

Shuang Shuang, a rebellious girl, meets Qi Xun, a talented but cold young man, after running away from home, and despite his sensitivities, a special connection forms between them.

I loved everything about this precious office romance Chinese drama, but the standout was definitely the chemistry between the leads.

I won’t spoil it by saying anything more, but you’ll definitely relish every moment they were on screen together. 

5. Across The Ocean To See You

After a difficult divorce, Su Mang returned to China from her tourism job abroad and met Zheng Chu, a hotel expert from her company. 

They faced misunderstandings and challenges when Zheng Chu realized she was his new boss, but he helped her settle into the office as they became neighbors, leaving their future uncertain due to assumptions about each other.

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming workplace Chinese romance drama between a boss and his employee, then I can’t recommend this enough – it’s sweet in all the ways that count. 

6. Ten Years Late

Jin Ran gives up his fancy job overseas because of love and his dreams, and then becomes the Chief Operating Officer of a travel company and finds his first love, Yuan Lai, again. 

Xu Xin Yi, a career woman, starts dating a pro gamer named Ding Ang, but things don’t go as planned because of a sudden tragedy.

Zhao Cheng Zhi, a lawyer who’s building his own practice, clashes with his intern Shen Shuang Shuang, whose cheerful personality adds excitement to his boring life. 

This story is based on the manga series Asunaro Hakusho by Fumi Saimon, and you’ll love it if you like a fantastic ensemble cast with captivating love stories that might make you cry.

7. About Is Love

Wei Qing, the president of a company, develops severe OCD that stops him from interacting with women, except for one person. 

When he was eighteen, something happened that deeply impacted him, and even though he’s now a successful executive, he’s been searching for a special someone to help him. 

Ten years later, he meets an art student named Zhou Shi during a drunken encounter and finds that he feels completely at ease around her. They form an agreement and start a love story together.

8. When A Snail Falls In Love

Detective Ji Bai is assigned to train Xu Xu, a skilled criminal profiler but socially awkward, but Ji Bai is more concerned about her lack of physical ability. 

Despite their differences, they grow fond of each other during their investigations and eventually fall in love.

When A Snail Falls In Love is another beautiful Chinese drama about an office romance that’s a careful blend of romance and thrills.

I really can’t recommend this more if you want pulse-pounding action and the feels simultaneously. 

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9. Sweet Dreams

Ling Ling Qi is a kind and helpful employee at Bei Ma Hotel, but her insecurities hold her back from excelling at work and confessing her feelings to her colleague Bo Hai. 

During a public experiment by a dream technology company, Ling Ling Qi’s brainwave records get mixed up with Bo Hai’s dream sequence, allowing her to enter his dreams and be more confident. 

As she helps him overcome his childhood trauma in both his dreams and real life, they develop a special connection and a fairy tale romance blossoms.

10. My Little Happiness

My little happiness cdrama

Cong Rong dreams of becoming a lawyer, but her mother insists on her studying finance abroad.

Unable to convince her mother, she pretends to leave but secretly becomes a legal intern back home. 

There, she meets her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing, who is now a surgeon and her client, landlord, and neighbor, and despite their efforts to resist, fate brings them closer, as they find themselves engaged in a battle of wits and feelings.

Just like many of the dramas on this list, this romantic workplace Chinese drama is almost sweet to a fault, but I loved it for one particular thing: this drama managed to capture the essence of longing and passion between these two in their professional capacities, and it was beautiful. 

11. My Girl

My girl cdrama

Meng Hui, a makeup artist with physical and mental scars from a childhood accident, struggles with dissociative identity disorder.

During one of her episodes, she declares herself as the girlfriend of Shen Yi, the CEO of a large cosmetics company. 

Shen Yi, initially interested in Meng Hui’s revolutionary liquid foundation, continues the charade but unexpectedly develops feelings for her, and their relationship faces a major challenge when Meng Hui discovers that Shen Yi was responsible for her life-altering accident. 

The question remains whether their love can heal their wounds or if some scars are truly permanent.

I absolutely loved this romantic Chinese drama, and I’ll tell you for free that the leads brought me to my knees with their peculiar situation. 

12. Forever Love

Xia Lin Xi had a great senior year of high school, while Jiang Zheng Han had some difficulties, and despite their different experiences, Lin Xi was always there for Zheng Han and their friendship turned into a deep love. 

They went to the same university but eventually took different paths, but their love has grown stronger over time, and now as working professionals, they are considering taking their relationship to the next level.

I think the friends-to-lovers trope in Chinese dramas is unbeaten, and I’m actually proven right in this drama. Watching Lin Xi and Zheng Han navigate their new romance was really the sweetest thing, and I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this drama. 

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13. Buff In Love

Fresh graduate Yang Yi Fan lands an internship at an advertising company and discovers her ex-boyfriend, Huang Yu Chen, is also vying for a promotion. 

Unbeknownst to her, Yu Chen never wanted to break up and is now helping her secure a stable position at the company to make up for his past mistakes and win her back. 

As they work together, Yu Chen begins to understand the true cause of their breakup, and she realizes that their love might deserve a second chance. 

Buff In Love is yet another romantic second-chance Chinese drama where the leads work together, and I kid you not, this Cdrama made me smile and laugh a lot – 100% recommend it. 

14. Broker

Qiu Jia Ning, a researcher working in a top pharmaceutical company, is dedicated to solving scientific problems to prove herself and help her country in the field of biology. 

When a new researcher named Zhou Xiao Shan joins the team, they develop a mutual attraction despite his hidden agenda of stealing Jia Ning’s research. 

This whirlwind of a romantic workplace Chinese drama featured a fiery relationship that I still think of very fondly.

If you’re in the mood for a realistic Chinese drama that shows exactly how cutthroat the financial world is, this drama would definitely appeal to you. 

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15. Yes! Mr. Fashion

To uncover the truth about his mom’s death, Shang Bo Ran, the heir of Feng Shang Group, pretends to be someone else and starts working at a fashion magazine. 

There, he meets Li Xiao Kui, his cheerful coworker, and they end up living together by chance, and as they spend time together, they develop feelings for each other. 

Okay, if you aren’t sold by this super short blurb, then you probably won’t enjoy this drama. It’s a simple watch, but it does get heavy at times, so make sure to watch out for the triggers. 

16. I Want To Resign Every Single Day

Adapted from the The President’s Secretary Wants To Resign Everyday by Fat Mi Zi, Secretary Bai Jing wanted to quit because she isn’t happy with President Jin Shian’s management, but then she got stuck in a time loop. 

During this time, they became friends, and Bai Jing discovered Jin Shian’s good side. Together, they solved the company’s problems and eventually fell in love. 

And, that’s a wrap! 

There’s really something for everybody on this list, and if you haven’t watched any, what are you waiting for? If you have watched them, then this is the re-watch sign you’ve been waiting for!

There are plenty of other recommendations in the related posts below, so check them out!

Finally, thanks for getting to this point! I’ll love to hear from you – What do you think about this post? Do you have any other recommendations? 

Happy watching!

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