12 May-December (Age Gap) Romance Chinese Dramas You Can Watch

One thing you can always count on Chinese dramas to do is celebrate love in all its forms, and the age gap romantic Cdramas on this list do it with charm and heart. 

This time around, I’ll be listing 12 incredible romantic Chinese dramas with an age gap that prove age is just a number when it comes to love.

And, you can be rest assured that these heartwarming and intriguing Chinese dramas are full of heart and tenderness. 

Here are 12 swoony age gap romance Chinese dramas you that should be on your watchlist: 

1. Hidden Love

Sang Zhi likes Duan Jia Xu, who visits her house to play games with her older brother. 

He’s older by five years, and Sang Zhi had a crush on him as a kid, but they lost touch. 

When she goes to the same city for college, they reconnect and, over time, they fall in love while spending a lot of time together.

This 2023 drama has made it to my wall of bests for the year, and if you like a super romantic drama where the lead has a small age gap, you’ll love this one. 

2. Dating In The Kitchen

Gu Sheng Nan works as a commis at Zijing Hotel and loves expressing herself through her cooking. 

Unfortunately, she starts on the wrong foot with her new boss, CEO Lu Jin, due to a misunderstanding. 

Lu Jin is a business whiz but has a soft spot for food, and he changes his mind about the hotel when he tries one of Sheng Nan’s dishes. 

Soon enough, they bond over their love for food, forming an unexpected connection that takes them both by surprise and you can watch this drama complete with English subtitles on YouTube now.

3. Love And Destiny

This is a love story between the God of War, Jiu Chen, and a young woman named Ling Xi. 

Jiu Chen had sealed away a demon lord and slept for 50,000 years until Ling Xi accidentally woke him up. 

They fall in love, but it’s revealed that Ling Xi’s existence can unleash a dangerous evil. 

Jiu Chen refuses to harm her and instead helps her change her destiny. 

With his support, Ling Xi transforms from a naive girl into a courageous leader, and together they fight against evil.

There was a whole lot to love about this romantic xianxia Cdrama, but one thing I’ll tell you for free is that this age-gap Chinese drama is perfect for a binge-watch. 

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4. Rattan 

Si Teng, a plant-alien hybrid, was hunted down and killed by a relentless Xuanmen hunter in Shanghai years ago. 

Buried at a cliff’s base, she’s resurrected by architect Qin Fang, and Si Teng, with jumbled memories, seeks his help to recover them and adapt to modern life. 

Despite initial reluctance, Qin Fang assists her, and they navigate life and love together, haunted by Si Teng’s elusive past. 

They search for answers, but the looming threat of the past demon threatens their happiness. 

The rest of the drama develops as they explore their quest for understanding and the challenges they face.

5. Falling Into You

Duan Yu Cheng always dreamt of being a top high jumper, but his height seemed to stand in his way, and still, he’s determined not to let it stop him. 

He then asks coach Luo Na to help as he has plans to join her university team. 

Achieving his dream won’t be easy, but with grit and support from Luo Na and his teammates, Yu Cheng is bent on making it happen.

This age-gap romantic Chinese drama features an older woman, and every scene where they are together absolutely radiated warmth and affection.

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6. Couple of Mirrors

You Yi, a young and beloved socialite and author, faces a life-shattering betrayal from her closest allies. 

Alone and in despair, she finds solace in the unexpected friendship of Yan Wei, a cold photographer with a hidden, dangerous identity. 

As their bond grows, the story unfolds with secrets, trust, and unexpected twists.

7. Sweet Games

Nine years ago, An Ran was a popular senior in college, while Yan Yue, her junior, had a secret crush on her. 

Now, An Ran is a driven entrepreneur aiming for the top, but a misstep in front of investors derails her plans.

Drunk and vulnerable, she shares a surprising night with her landlord, unaware he’s her old college crush.

Yan Yue, now a successful voice actor, is also her project partner, and as they’re drawn together, Yan Yue hopes An Ran might share his feelings.

This is yet another perfect Chinese drama with an age gap, and the chemistry between the leads was so on point, I almost thought their heartbeats were in sync. 

8. Please Be Married

Ye Xiang Ge, once a trainee at Linshan Entertainment, faced scandal and contract termination due to a betrayal by her friend. 

She then became an intern at Su Group and she started working under the stern CEO, Su Mu Chen. 

The unexpected twist comes when a 5-year-old boy, Su Zian, claims to be her son from the future and says that Su Mu Chen is his father, and this revelation changes their lives, leading them to live together

9. To Be A Better Man

Lu Yuan is a dedicated chef with Michelin 3-star status in America, and though he is seen as reckless by many, he’s entirely different when it comes to his loved ones, being loyal and kind. 

After a tragic car accident claims his friend Da Peng, Lu Yuan plans to return home with Da Peng’s ashes and reunite his daughter with her mother before quietly ending his life. 

However, he encounters someone he’d rather avoid and gets caught up with his ex, Gan Jing, their classmate Jiang Hao Kun, and Hao Kun’s sister, Jiang Lai.

10. The Crush 

Divorced at 35, Yi Xing Yan encounters a dilemma when she falls for her younger colleague, Zhou Si Xing. 

They grapple with age and workplace constraints, torn between a steady life and a passionate but uncertain romance.

And, despite initial hesitation, their love blooms. Navigating societal norms, ex-husband’s pleas, and office gossip, they learn to cherish each other. 

The adult world demands tough choices, reminding them that love isn’t always easy, and I really did love the character development in this age-gap romantic Chinese drama.

11. Once Given, Never Forgotten 

Xiang Yu Qiu lost his girlfriend, Luo Ting, who gave her cornea to help a sick girl named Xiang Lian Xin. 

Ten years later, Lian Xin, now grown up, returns to China, and she meets Luo Ting’s brother, Luo Rui, who falls for her. 

But secretly, Lian Xin has feelings for Xiang Yu Qiu, and the latter’s unable to face her because she reminds him of Luo Ting. 

When Lian Xin gets Alzheimer’s, Yu Qiu does everything to help her, and the rest of the drama revolves around their complicated feelings and the challenges they face in the midst of love and loss.

12. May-December Love

In this Chinese drama, the 30-year-old daughter of Gu Da Hai likes her teacher, who is as old as her dad, and this causes many problems.

Needless to say, this family drama was chaotic in the best way possible, and I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy the age gap in this romantic Cdrama. 

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These endearing age gap Chinese shows will absolutely soothe your heart, and I’m so happy I got to share them with you.

Check out the related posts below for more drama recommendations, and let me know your thoughts in the comment below. 

Happy watching!

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