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Best Chinese drama with shy male lead to watch

8 C-Dramas With Sweet & Shy Male Leads Who Are 100% Adorable

I love, love, love reserved characters in a drama, because I always find that less is more and these shy male leads still prove to be bashful yet utterly irresistible. 

In this post, I’ve rounded up my all-time favorite romantic Chinese drams with shy male leads which I feel everyone should watch.

These shy guys literally stole my heart with their hesitant smiles, and they have this authenticity that left me craving more. 

1. Ping Pong  Life

Xu Tan may be physically weak, but his passion shines bright, while Yu Ke Nan is talented but a bit wild. 

Despite their differences, they share similar journeys in their sports careers and witness an important time in Chinese ping pong history. 

Xu Tan transforms from a health-focused player to a skilled one, guided by his grandfather. Meanwhile, Yu Ke Nan, who is from a famous family, realizes he has much to learn. 

This is a perfect pick to watch if you’re in the mood for a Chinese drama featuring a shy and awkward male lead, and a friendship that literally stands the test of time. 

2. GO Into Your Heart

This Chinese dramas follows a reporter and a super-talented player of a Chinese game called Go. 

Sheng Jing Chu is really good at Go, and he becomes really famous after winning an important match. 

Even though he doesn’t talk to the media much, a reporter named Cheng Liao helps him out. 

People think they’re dating, and eventually, they start to like each other for real.

Jing Chu seems really tough in front of others, but when he’s with Cheng Liao, he becomes a young man discovering love, and it was really the sweetest thing watching the relationship blossom so beautifully. 

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3. Forever And Ever

Shi Yi is a kind and skilled voice actress, who meets Zhou Sheng Chen, a chemistry professor, at the airport. 

They become friends and work together to protect old crafts, facing challenges while deciding to be together forever.

Forever and Ever is also another fantastic option if you’re really in the mood for a Cdrama starring a shy male lead who literally redefines charisma – don’t miss it. 

4. Moonlight 

After uni, Chu Li joins Yuan Yue Publishing House, her dream company, but things get tough as she sees big changes in the publishing world. 

She then meets Zhou Chuan, an author who seems nice but isn’t always, and while they clash at first, but later Zhou finds out Chu Li is his online friend, Monkey.

Zhou Chuan was such an amazing character and I loved seeing how he utterly fell for Chu Li when he eventually gave himself the chance.

This is yet another Chinese drama with a shy male lead who absolutely delivers on the sweet and subtle romance, and I can assure you that you’ll be shipping them in no time. 

5. When I Fly Towards You

In 2012, during early autumn, Yucai Middle School gets a happy new student named Su Zai Zai. 

On his first day, he meets Zhang Lu Rang, who seems cool but is unsure of himself inside, since he had always been compared to his smart brother. 

Then, he meets Su Zai Zai and becomes friends with Gu Ran, Guan Fang, and Jiang Jia. 

With their help, he starts to understand himself and plan his life in this beautiful high school Chinese drama, and I can tell you for free that the growth was spectacular. 

And, even Zhang and Su Zai Zai support each other and find romance as they chase their dreams alongside their friends – You can watch this Cdrama on Netflix now.

6. Shining For One Thing

Lin Bei Xing is a young woman almost 30, whose life gets messed up when her high school sweetheart, Zhan Yu, dumps her for her best friend. 

She tries to bring back their love by asking him to meet at their old school, but here’s the twist: while waiting for him in the rain, her old phone takes her back to when she was 18. 

She decides to redo her college exams and forget Zhan Yu, but then, meeting Zhang Wan Sen after the exams sets off her time-travel journey.

This drama was really beautiful in all the ways that count, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s in the mood for an interesting Cdrama with a shy male lead who steals the show. 

7. Meeting You 

Nan Xi was really smart in school, but he had a hard time because he felt very anxious around people – He wanted friends, but it was scary for him to talk to others. 

Xia Rui, on the other hand, was super outgoing and had lots of friends, so it seemed like they lived in different worlds. 

But then something special happened, and they became close friends, and even though they were very different, their friendship turned into love. 

Needless to say, this beautiful Chinese drama had the most adorable and shy male lead I’ve seen in dramas in recent times, and he melted my heart so many times. 

8. I Cannot Hug You

This Chinese drama is about two people who feel a strong attraction to each other. 

The main girl is a modern vampire who doesn’t care much about life and then, a guy who’s really scared of germs becomes her neighbor. 

This changes her attitude, and she wants to get close to him, even hug him. 

Loved the concept of this drama and it definitely delivered, and I feel you’ll enjoy the quiet, unassuming, and utterly charming male lead in this Chinese drama.

I’ve just listed my all-time favorite Chinese dramas starring male leads who are shy and awkward, and I assure you that each one’s as good as it sounds.

So, If you’re a fan of slow burns and cute-as-a-button characters who are full of sunshine, these shows will have you glued to your screen and you don’t want to miss them.

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Happy watching!

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