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11 Must-Watch Chinese Bodyguard Romance Dramas You’ll Enjoy

One type of character that always, always steals my heart whenever I watch Chinese dramas are the possessive leads that always protect their love interest.

I’m talking about strong-willed protectors who literally risk their lives to protect the people they care about – whether because of their budding romance or employment. 

In this article, I’ve listed 9 amazing bodyguard romance Chinese dramas with action-packed scenes that will make your heart race and heartwarming stories that will make you swoon. 

Long story short: You’re absolutely going to love, love, love these thrilling and oh-so-romantic Cdramas.

Here are the best bodyguard romance Chinese dramas you need to watch ASAP: 

1. Lucky With You

This is a love story about a tough female bodyguard and a rich, handsome, and stubborn man. 

When Wu Shiyi saves Hou Zhirong during a dangerous situation, he hires her to protect his son, Hou Jue. 

Hou Jue doesn’t like the idea of a female bodyguard at first and tries to challenge her, but Wu Shiyi doesn’t give up easily.

This is one of the most romantic bodyguard Chinese dramas you absolutely have to watch if you want your heart to melt while you’re on the edge of your seat. 

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2. My Kung Fu Girlfriend 

In this romantic bodyguard Chinese drama, Huang Xiao Yu, a martial arts leader, becomes Yuan Fan’s bodyguard. 

She acts differently at night and during the day because of a game character named Bo Ye who enters her body by accident. 

They face conspiracies and discover their fates are intertwined, and it was the most exciting and romantic combo. 

3. Love Unexpected 

After a tragic accident took his mother three years ago, Xu Nuo lost touch with his emotions, becoming unfeeling and ruthless in corporate dealings. 

When he needs a bodyguard, Ke Si Yi, an aspiring fighter, steps in with exceptional skills. 

And, although uneasy about her violence, Si Yi’s selflessness sparks something in Xu Nuo. 

As their bond deepens, his emotions resurface, offering new possibilities. 

But he must confront his feelings for Si Yi and decide if he can embrace them.

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4. Bodyguard

Qian Ye, the heir of the Qian family, faces a family curse at 29, so she reluctantly accepts a bodyguard, Wu Shi Mao, with whom she clashes due to their differences. 

Despite her efforts to push him away, he saves her from her ex and brings her to Plum Blossom Fist. 

Qian Ye stays temporarily with Wu Shi Mao’s master, unaware they’re old friends. 

And while the master plays matchmaker for them, Qian Ye’s ex returns determined to win her back, adding to the drama.

This is another beautiful Chinese drama with a bodyguard story that I strongly believe you’ll love if you like action and sweet, sweet romance. 

5. Chef Hua

Hua Xiao Mai is a culinary enthusiast who finds love with Meng Yu Huai, a skilled bodyguard. 

She rises in the food industry, while he’s a martial arts expert. 

Their fiery love story unfolds as they become passionate, bickering lovers deeply in love.

If you’re a fan of slow-burning romances that build over time, you’ll enjoy the way their budding romance developed in this bodyguard romance Cdrama. 

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6. Personal Assistant of Female President 

Duan Fei, a Special Forces agent, weds Yun Shi Tong as a strategic façade to safeguard her from assassination threats.

Guys, take it from me – this bodyguard romance Chinese drama delivered everything from the romance to the thrills to the dreamt leads, and I know you’ll love it!

7. Forever Love

Lin Xin Tong, a wealthy heiress, enjoys a perfect life with her boyfriend Chi Shan until family troubles arise. 

She then transforms into a stronger person, facing both adversity and betrayal from Chi Shan and her supposed best friend, Xia Yu Wei. 

Sheng Mo Yao, a brilliant medical student, stands by her side, willing to protect and assist her secretly, and it was the sweetest thing. 

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8. Hot Girl

Guan Xiao Di, a rebellious girl, unexpectedly joins a bodyguard training center, where she befriends an arrogant boy and four skilled girls.

As she endures tough training, she evolves into a legendary bodyguard.

This interesting romantic female bodyguard Chinese drama stars one of the strongest and most badass female leads I’ve watched in a Chinese drama and I just know you’ll love it!

9. My Powerful Girl

Shi Jian Lian, the Thirteen Villages owner, fakes selling herself to protect her father’s legacy. 

She then thwarts Wen Ming, a general’s son, from stealing treasure. 

After saving Wen Ming, she becomes his bodyguard and eventually falls in love with him.

This is the perfect series to watch if you’re in the mood for yet another female bodyguard romance Chinese drama that will keep you glued for hours. 

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10. Stand By Me

In 1936 Shanghai, childhood friends Huang Wei Jie and Feng Guan Yu, separated by a misunderstanding, reunite. 

Feng Guan Yu then makes Huang Wei Jie his bodyguard, leading to frequent clashes. 

However, they unite against adversity, driven by their shared ideals of justice and a patriotic mission, becoming heroic allies for their cause.

I love, love, love the friendship between these two in this bodyguard Chinese drama, and I definitely feel they had chemistry on the grounds that matter. 

11. My Knight Boyfriend 

Liu Jia Dong and Zhang Ran met by the scenic Fuchun River, unaware that destiny would unite them as heiress and bodyguard of the Summit Group. 

Their initial encounter belied the challenges and emotions they’d conquer together, and watching them grow from strangers to friends to lovers was the sweetest thing.

And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 11 of the most amazing Chinese dramas with the bodyguard storyline that I’m certain everyone would love!

If you’re in the mood for even more awesome recommendations, please check out the related posts below, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy watching!

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