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15 Lovely Chinese Dramas Where the Female Lead Falls First

Best Chinese dramas where the female lead falls first and chases the boy

I think we can all agree that Chinese dramas are constantly shifting, evolving, and reinventing the wheel when it comes to romantic Cdramas.

And, one thing that always warms my heart is when the main character, often a strong and independent woman, falls in love before anyone else does.

I’m talking about romantic Chinese dramas featuring fearless female leads who aren’t afraid to make the first move in matters of the heart. 

In this post, I’ve put together a list of my all-time favorite Chinese dramas where the female lead falls first that will have you rooting for them from the very first episode. 

So, sit back, get super comfy, and prepare to be thrilled by these awesome recommendations – you’ll love them!

Here are 15 heartwarming Chinese dramas where the girl falls first and chases the guy: 

1. Crush

Sang Wu Yan is a college senior who wants to be a broadcaster.

She works at a radio station and likes a mysterious songwriter named Yi Jin, and one day, she meets Su Nian Qin and falls in love. 

She finds out he can’t see well and slowly learns about his past, and then discovers he’s actually the talented Yi Jin. 

They fall in love but struggle between happiness and fear of losing each other, and it was the sweetest thing watching them find their way to each other time and time again.

2. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful cdrama

Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen live near each other and go to the same school. 

Xiao Xi is a happy girl who likes Jiang Chen a lot, while he’s famous for being good-looking and smart. 

They have other friends too, like Lu Yang who is funny, Jing Xiao who’s good at sports, and Wu Bo Song who’s in the swimming team. 

They all go through high school, and university, and become adults together.

If you’ve watched this high-school Chinese drama then you know that Xiao Xi was relentless in pursuing Jiang Chen, and it was the most precious thing. 

I’ll absolutely recommend this drama if you want to watch a romantic Chinese drama where the female lead falls first and chases the guy. 

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3. Cute Programmer

Lu Li fell in love with smart programmer Jiang Yi Cheng, so she joined the same school and studied computer programming to be like him. 

She got good grades by looking up to him, but after school, she found out his company wouldn’t hire women. 

So, Lu Li pretended to be a man to work there, and she struggled with Jiang Yi Cheng’s demands and hid her identity. 

With determination, she made a deal with him to be a contract couple for a year, and over time, Jiang Yi Cheng started liking Lu Li.

4. Oh My General

In the Song Dynasty, Ye Zhao was disguised as a skilled general, gaining high status. 

The Empress Dowager is concerned about Ye Zhao’s power and arranges a marriage to the lazy, artistic Prince Zhao Yujin. 

This sparks a battle for control in their new home, and if you’re in the mood for a Cdrama with a strong female lead who falls for the male lead first, you’re going to enjoy this one. 

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5. Hello, The Sharpshooter

Years ago, in high school, Tang Xin met Shen Qing Yuan, and she liked him but didn’t say so. 

They went different ways, and she became a reporter while he became an Olympic pistol shooter. 

They meet again when she interviews him for the Olympics, and she’s nervous but he’s cold. 

She films the team, and he’s uneasy around her, and he even notices that his shooting gets worse with her around. 

They spend time together and he soon starts liking her, and it was the sweetest thing watching them fall for each other slowly. 

6. I’ve Fallen For You

This Chinese drama in which the female lead falls first follows Tian San Qi, a quirky detective who’s looking for her missing ‘brother’ and solves many cases. 

When she was young, she enjoyed doing autopsies and was close to her ‘brother,’ but he vanished one day. 

She promises to only marry him, and while searching, she makes new friends and gets caught up in cases. 

One case finally connects to her brother’s disappearance, and after 10 years, a surprising plot is revealed.

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7. Bloody Romance 

During a chaotic time after a kingdom fell, a young girl whose parents sold herbs is fooled and sold to a bad place. 

She escapes and joins a group of female killers in a city, and with help from a guy named Chang An, she learns to be an assassin. 

They start to like each other, but their leader Cha Luo doesn’t, and soon Wan Mei’s talents catch the eye of Gong Zi, who runs the city. 

Chang An, who has secrets, starts to pull away from Wan Mei, and I believe you’ll enjoy this drama if you’re looking for a top Chinese drama where the woman falls first and confesses first. 

8. The Imperial Coroner

Chu Chu is from a family of people who investigate dead bodies, and she meets Prince Xiao Jin Yu, a prince who handles crime cases. 

He seems weak, and he needs help to solve cases, but Chu Chu needs brave people. 

They then decided to work together to solve a big case that lasted 18 years. 

And, they even impress the Emperor and Chu Chu becomes an official investigator. 

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9. My Sunshine

Zhao Mo Sheng is a cheerful college student who meets and falls for He Yi Chen, a smart guy from the Law faculty. 

They become a happy couple, but suddenly he breaks up without explaining. 

She then leaves the country due to her dad’s wishes, and after seven years, she comes back and sees him in a store. 

As they keep meeting, they share the reasons behind their breakup and the time apart, and there was just so much to love about this drama.

In this romantic Chinese drama, the female lead falls first and then chases the man and I loved every bit of their romance – and the second time around, they were even more swoony. 

10. The Eight 

A regular college student gets caught up in a complex world of battles and hidden conflicts. 

In “The Eight,” skilled fighters in Jianghu deal with big changes. 

As he gets more involved, Hua Min Chu discovers his true self and becomes a hero.

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11. Go Go Squid

Han Shang Yan, once a famous player in cyber-security gaming, created the K&K esports club to train young boys. 

After a K&K loss, he visits an internet cafe, and there, Tong Nian, a smart singer, falls for him. 

She tries to approach him despite feeling nervous, and many coincidences and misunderstandings bring them closer. 

Han Shang Yan warms up to her, and she joins K&K’s esports world, and she discovers his past and why he left the gaming scene.

This is another endearing romantic Chinese drama where the girl chases the guy, and it was really wholesome in all the ways that matter. 

12. Unrequited Love

Huai Nan and Luo Zhi became fast friends in university, but things get complicated when an ex sends a message. 

Huai Nan finds out that Luo Zhi liked him since they were young. 

Turns out that Luo Zhi has loved Huai Nan for more than ten years, but her feelings are mixed – she admires him but also feels jealous. 

She then gets into a good university while following Huai Nan, and they become closer, but face challenges. 

13. Our Secret 

From high school to university, Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue have a strong love that they want to last forever. 

Zhou Si Yue is really smart and kind of wild on campus, and he sits next to Ding Xian, who is confident and cute, and this sparks their romance. 

At first, they don’t like each other, but over time, they start to see how good the other person is and become close friends. 

They go through their youth journey together and stay companions for life. 

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14. A Little Thing Called First Love

This female lead falls first Chinese drama follows a regular girl, Xia Miao Miao, who really likes a super popular guy at her school. 

She’s quiet and artistic, and he’s good-looking and talented.

Because of him, she decides to try new things, and with her friend’s help, she learns about fashion, joins clubs, and studies more. 

Her normal life gets more exciting when she decides to put herself out there and I have no doubt that you’ll love every bit of this sweet drama. 

15. All I Want For Love Is You 

Gu Xiao Man is a champion in sanda fighting, but she is struggling in school and is worried about graduating. 

Fortunately, one of the top students in her class, Zuo An, offers to tutor her. 

Zuo An is known for his good looks and intelligence, and Xiao Man has a crush on him. 

With his help, they both graduate and get into the same university. 

As they start university life, they grow closer together and their feelings for each other begin to surface.

And, there you have it – 15 utterly romantic Chinese dramas where the female lead falls first and chases the guy.

In some of these dramas, the guy rejects the girl and isn’t subtle about it, but by the end, they’re so attached that air couldn’t pass between them.

If you want some more recommendations, please check out the related posts below and let me know what you think in the comments. 

Happy watching!

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