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18 Touching Older Woman & Younger Man Romantic Chinese Dramas

Best older woman and younger man Chinese drama

There’s really nothing as sweet as a romantic Cdrama and if there’s one genre of Cdramas that always gives me the feels, swoons, and loving, it’s Chinese dramas featuring older women & younger men. 

In this post, I’ve listed 18 amazing age-gap Cdramas where older women fall in love with younger men that will absolutely melt your heart.

So, sit back, get comfy, and prepare to be thrilled – the dramas on this list are extra sweet.

Here are 18 romantic older woman & younger man Chinese dramas to watch: 

1. Find Yourself

Find yourself cdrama

He Fan Xing, a successful career woman, faces challenges in work and love. 

Her company is at risk of acquisition, and her relationship with Yuan Song faces societal pressure due to their age difference. 

Soon, Ye Lu Ming, an older man, becomes her life coach and creates conflict.

And, choosing between love and traditional values becomes a complex decision for He Fan Xing whose heart is being tugged in two different directions. 

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2. The Love You Give Me

Min Hui and Xin Qi met five years ago but had a complicated relationship. 

Min Hui pretended to be Xin Qi’s childhood friend to help a deceased friend, but Xin Qi had a heart condition. 

Now, they meet again and Xin Qi discovers he is the father of Min Hui’s son, who has the same heart condition, and they try to forgive each other and start over as a family.

I loved this older woman/younger man Cdrama for many things, but top of the list is how family was at the heart and center of their stories, and the emotional journey was top-notch.  

3. Use For My Talent

Use for my talent cdrama

Adapted from the webtoon Clean with Passion for Now?! by Aengo, this drama follows Gu Ren Qi who has a closed-up personality and mysophobia due to his incomplete family. 

Shi Shuang Jiao used to have a happy family, but her mother died in a car accident, making her sloppy. 

They meet when Shi Shuang Jiao joins Gu Ren Qi’s cleaning company. As they get to know each other, they become closer and help each other heal. 

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4. The Rational Life

Shen Ruo Xin is a busy woman in her 30s, juggling work and personal challenges. 

She deals with office politics, family expectations, and selfish suitors. 

Despite her packed schedule, she gracefully handles everything and even finds unexpected romance.

This drama feels like a nice blend of the slice-of-life genre and romance, and I’ll tell you for free that the end result was simply amazing. 

5. My Dear Lady

Ling Xun Xun divorces after six years of marriage, and she becomes the personal assistant of Cheng Li, the CEO she accidentally hit in a car accident. 

Despite challenges, Xun Xun’s determination impresses Cheng Li, leading to unexpected feelings, and now she’ll have to grapple with the effects of her divorced status and their age gap. 

My Dear Lady is another fantastic and sweet age-gap romantic Chinese drama featuring an older woman and a younger man.

6. Rattan

Si Teng, a plant-alien hybrid, was hunted down and killed by a Xuanmen hunter. 

Years later, she was accidentally resurrected by Qin Fang, a young architect. Si Teng asked Qin Fang to help her regain her memories and adapt to modern life. 

Despite challenges, they fell in love. However, Si Teng’s fragmented memories troubled her, and they embarked on a quest for answers. 

Yet, the shadow of Si Teng’s past still loomed over their happiness.

7. Why Women Love

Zhao Jiang Yue is the strict boss of a tech company, and they release a dating app that promises to find a partner in three months. 

Gu Jia Xin, heir to the company’s owning family, becomes Zhao Jiang Yue’s temporary assistant. 

At first, they clash, but when Zhao Jiang Yue asks for help to win over Xu Ning Yuan, Gu Jia Xin realizes he has feelings for her, and she might feel the same way – except she’s older and he’s younger than her. 

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8. She And Her Perfect Husband

Career-focused lawyer Qin Shi is forced into a pretend marriage by her parents. 

She excels at work but discovers the truth when caught by her firm’s founder. 

Yang Hua, pressured into an arranged marriage, joins forces with Qin Shi, and they impulsively marry to defy their parents. 

Chaos ensues as Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend enters the picture, sparking love between her and Yang Hua.

9. Love The Way You Are

Zhen Yuan Yuan, a plump girl, fell in love with her high school senior, Ruan Dong Shen. 

But, they were separated due to a misunderstanding, and many years later, they reunited. 

Yuan Yuan had transformed into a slim fashion model called Eva, while Dong Shen became a successful entrepreneur and chef. 

They started a remarkable journey of love together, but it might not turn out as he had hoped.

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10. See You Tomorrow

Ding Liao Liao, a lively writer, and Jiang Kan, a reserved pharmacist, become unexpected roommates. 

And, despite their differences, they face crazy incidents and grow closer. 

Alongside them are Ding Man and Lian Ge Yao, creating funny, and together, they overcome challenges and embrace the future.

11. Love Under The Full Moon

In 2011, Lei Chu Xia traveled to 2021 during a full moon, and she met Xu Xiao Dong and soon realized that her existence depended on him. 

They were connected, and Xu Xiao Dong helped Lei Chu Xia regain her memory and solve the mysteries of the past ten years.

This is another super sweet romance Cdrama about an older woman and a younger man over several years that I feel everybody should watch at least once – it’s really that sweet. 

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12. The Flaming Heart

Huo Yan, vice-captain of the Fire Rescue Team, meets Yan Lan, a doctor, during a rescue mission. 

They develop a strong bond while facing challenging situations together, and when a virus outbreak occurs, Yan Lan fights the disease while Huo Yan silently supports her. 

At the same time, Jiang Tong, another rescue team member, falls in love with Wang Dayin, a timid colleague who undergoes personal growth.

13. City Of Streamer

Adapted from the novel City of Streamer by Mi Bao and set in early 20th century Shanghai, warlords are seizing power, and the influential Rong family is abusing their wealth to commit crimes. 

To seek justice, Feng Shi Zhen infiltrates the Rong family as a tutor to their young master, Rong Jia Shang. 

However, as they test and use each other, she starts falling for him. 

When old injustices resurface, the two lovers from opposing sides unite to uncover the shocking truth. 

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14. Nine Kilometers of Love

Lin Shu, influenced by his father’s aviation background, pursued a career as a pilot. 

He faced challenges, rumors, envy, and competition, but eventually stood out among his colleagues. 

Initially, Chen Chen avoided him but later warmed up to him after understanding his reasons. 

They separated due to difficulties, but a year later, as full-fledged pilots, they reunited and decided to follow their hearts responsibly.

15. Remembrance of Things Past

In Beijing, young men and women from the 80’s and 90’s meet and go through life’s challenges together. 

Qiao Xi Chen works hard in the corporate world and grieves the loss of a friend. 

She faces work and relationship challenges but learns the importance of optimism and perseverance with her friends Xu Yan and Ji Nan Jia.

If you’re looking for a classic Chinese drama that’s interesting in all the ways that matter, you’ll love this one. 

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16. Trial Marriage

Two real estate industry leaders, Gu Ling Se and Ye Cheng Shu, agree to a 99-day fake engagement for business reasons. 

And, they fall in love for real, but face a threat when Ye Cheng Shu’s friend reveals ambitious plans that endanger their family business. 

Now, they must join forces to save the company. This heartwarming Chinese drama is really just an amazing thing, and I’ll recommend it anytime. 

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17. Irreplaceable Love

Li Chu Yao’s brother dies, and the orphan Li Luo Shu takes his place to ease his mother’s pain. 

Luo Shu loves Chu Yao secretly, but she falls for Han Zi Mo. When Han Zi Mo’s debts cause trouble, Luo Shu gets hurt protecting Chu Yao. 

Eventually, Chu Yao realizes her love for Luo Shu, but circumstances separate them.

18. Only Kiss Without Love

Xiao Bai Yu is the CEO of Feng Sheng Department Store. 

Tong Tong, a reporter with a strange disease, kisses him while in her male form, causing rumors that Bai Yu is gay. 

To counter the rumors, Bai Yu asks Tong Tong to pretend to be his girlfriend. 

And, that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, you’ve found one or two, or ten recommendations from this carefully-curated post.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to watch any of these delish older woman and younger man Chinese dramas, just give it a try – you won’t regret it.

There are tons of other recommendations, so check out the related posts below and find some awesome recommendations!

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