Top 10 Must-Watch Thriller Chinese Dramas of 2024 So Far (January – June)

For some reason, 2024 has felt more special than previous years, and I think this is because it’s the year I have interacted the most in the Asian drama community and followed more airing dramas.

Usually, I wait until a drama has completed before I start watching. I never saw the meaning in interacting with other members of the community, but I have totally revised my opinion based on the many good experiences I have had so far.

And of course, there are so many new Chinese dramas that have caught my eye, especially in the thriller section, which is something I wouldn’t have expected.

Now, I don’t ordinarily read or watch anything thriller, but this is the year I finally decided to give it (and myself) a chance, and it’s been so amazing.

Perhaps this is because I’m easily impressed and since I don’t have a wide range, there really isn’t anything to compare it to, but I can tell you for a fact that they’re actually so good.

So, do check out these must-watch thriller Chinese dramas of 2024 and let me know in the comments below (after reading the article) if you’ve enjoyed any on the list or if you have any more recommendations. 

1. In Blossom

In Heyang, beloved Pan Yue marries the despised Yang Caiwei, who is murdered on their wedding day. The suspected culprit: Pan Yue. 

Yang Caiwei is then reborn as Shangguan Zhi and decides to get revenge. Together, they uncover truths and grow closer, but when they find out Pan Yue was innocent all along, they realise they might have fallen into another trap.

Having watched several at this point, I should mention that historical thriller Chinese dramas are always, always fantastic – The mesh works no matter how I look at it. 

2. Undercover Affair

Sen, an undercover cop, meets Ling Yi, a hostess, at a bar. They trade secrets and soon, the two discover that they’re being increasingly drawn to each other even though Sen’s emotional barriers are still up. 

In time, Sen reveals his identity, and they grow closer while he gathers intel on the Kuntai Group. With Ling Yi’s help, they bring down the group, but Tai, Kun’s brother, goes missing.

Meanwhile, a conspiracy against Sen and Ling Yi is slowly rolled out and this threatens everything they’ve known and hold dear. A romance plus a thriller equals a fantastic thriller drama you won’t regret watching. 

3. Parasites 

An ordinary girl with amnesia meets a wealthy CEO and starts a fairy tale life with him. But, she soon discovers another face in the mirror and her identity documents change. 

Unable to prove her real identity, she finds a lab in their villa conducting human experiments. Now, she must find out the actual truth and uncover every single secret hidden behind it all.

3. The Farewell Song

Ma Zhuo, born in Ya’an, Yucheng, moves to Chengdu with her mother Lin Guoguo at age eight. There, she grows up alongside Xia Ze, the son of Xia Gang. They become childhood sweethearts and each other’s first love. 

But, when Lin Guoguo and Xia Gang are implicated in a mysterious murder, Ma Zhuo and Xia Ze’s lives take a tumultuous turn. 

To find the truth about their fathers, these two set out on a journey that promises to break them and I honestly cannot recommend this new thriller drama enough. It’s quite literally a highlight of my 2024 and I know you’ll enjoy it. 

They embark on a journey filled with danger and obstacles, determined to uncover the truth about their fathers.

4. Mirror of Revenge

Jiang Yi Jing discovers her boyfriend Wen Liang cheating with his business partner Xiao Mi La. 

Devastated, she finds herself mysteriously transported into Xiao Mi La’s body through a mirror and, not one to lose a chance, she decides to get her revenge through soul manipulation.

How does this turn out? You’ll have to watch and see. But, just know that Yi Jing gets her pound of flesh and more in this fantastic C-drama. 

5. The Ghost Town

Chu Qi’s sister, Shen Shi San, went missing while searching for medicine, and when she starts asking questions, Wang Wu, the medicine vendor, stands in her way. 

Somehow, she gets into a scuffle with the man but is rescued by her childhood friend Gu Yusheng. Her respite, though, is short-lived because Wang Wu dies mysteriously and she becomes a prime suspect. 

There’s still the matter of finding her sister, however, so she disguises herself as a man and becomes an officer. Together with Gu Yusheng and Wu Xu, a fellow officer, they try to find the secret behind the disappearance as well as other odd events in their town. 

6. Judge Dee’s Mystery

Di Renjie is famed for his crime-solving skills and is waiting for his official appointment in Chang’an after passing the imperial examinations. 

But, Empress Wu Zetian dispatches him to a border town, where he is thrust headlong into mystery upon mystery, but he treats it all with equanimity as he is a diligent person.

This is another very interesting new thriller Chinese drama released this year that’s all the best things we love about the mystery (It’s also available to watch on YouTube rn). 

7. 19th Floor

After a car accident, Chun Yu and her friend Qing You wake up in a dangerous VR game, along with others involved in the crash. 

Now, they must cooperate to survive deadly challenges, but trust is scarce. Death in the game leads to a coma in real life, and more students are dragged in. 

8. Shooting Stars

During the Anti-Japanese War, Xia Ji Cheng, who comes from a prestigious political family, dreams of becoming a navy captain. 

A trip to Shanghai alters his path and this leads him to become a low-ranked police officer instead, which alters his life completely. 

But while as a police officer, he learns to get along with his teammates and, in time, is hopping from mystery to mystery. 

9. Yin-Yang Town Strange Talk

Cheng Nian Yi accompanies Li Si Ze to his hometown, Yin and Yang Town, where they meet ghosts and many mysteries. 

To figure out whether the ghosts and gods are hiding an even bigger secret, these two will have to stretch and expand their minds and I promise this drama is worth watching.

10. My Name Is Zhao Wu Di

Shen Xing Yu, a female CEO, marries Zhao Wu Di, a security guard, to protect her company. 

Initially at odds, they unite to confront hidden adversaries and when they’re forced to work together for her protection time and time again, their love deepens.

I think we can all agree that very good thriller Chinese dramas are entirely too scarce for the market that’s out there and this is me giving screenwriters and the many showrunners a not-so-gentle shoulder nudge. 

If you’d like to watch some more thriller dramas, here’s a list of the bestest ones I’ve seen so far; want something else? These murder-mystery Chinese dramas with serial killers will leave you stunned. 

Don’t forget to drop any recommendations in the related post below (I’ll be on the lookout) and check out the related posts to get even more perfect recommendations.  

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