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“Fox Spirit Matchmaker” Starring Yang Mi & Gong Jun Obtains Distribution License To Work With OTTs

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact starring Yang Mi and Gong Jun just got their distribution license and there’s a rumor making the rounds that it might be released in April!

The drama follows Tushan Hong Hong who’s saved by DongFang Yue Chu while on the run from her enemy and they join hands to defeat evil and secure peace for their clans and it’s slotted to have sequels already.  

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It’s adapted from Hu Yao Xiao Hong Niang, which is a manhwa written by Tuo Xiao Xin, and the screenplay will be written by Han Pei Zhen (Lost Love in Time, Hana Kimi), Wei Zai, and Jian An (Love You Seven Times). 

At the helm are Directors Mai Guan Zhi and Du Lin – The duo have worked on everything from Love and Redemption to The Imperial Age

Other leads include Cristy Guo, Wen Zheng Rong, Hu Lian Xin, Wei Zhe Ming, Lawrence Wang, Dai Si, Jerry Huang, and Li Yu Hao. 

At the moment, it will be available to watch on iQIYI And CCTV (for locals) and it has 38 45-minute episodes of pure goodness.

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