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Yin fang & Zhao Li Ying Confirmed As Leads For Upcoming C-Drama “What A Wonderful World”

As said, Yin Fang and Zhao Li Ying are the confirmed leads for What A Wonderful World and filming has commenced. 

There’s not much information in circulation about the drama at the moment, but we do know that filming has started. 

Zhao Li Ying’s latest drama is The Legend of Shen Li which started airing on HNTV & Mango TV on March 18th.

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Some other listed projects for her include The Miracle, which is a science-fiction drama, and Tencent Video’s republican drama The Way You Back

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Yin Fang on the other hand took something of a sabbatical and starred in several big-screen pictures like 2023 war movie The Great War and Tale of The Night, a healing movie which also starred Zhang Jing Yi. 

His last drama project Fearless Blood has an average rating of 8.1 on MDL and in this one, he played a supporting role.

More information will be provided as it is made available, but with two super talented leads, the anticipation is high. 

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