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Ju Jing Yi & Lin Xue Yi Will Play A Couple Torn Apart In Youku’s Upcoming Costume C-Drama “In Blossom”

Costume Chinese dramas are all the rage at the moment, and if you’ve been keeping up to date, Youku is definitely holding the biggest slice of the cake this year – Have you watched Different Princess, Judge Dee’s Mystery, or Protect My King

Although it’s unclear whether this would be a short-length series or not (with episodes of less than 20 minutes), the synopsis definitely sounds super interesting and it surpassed two million reservations a few days ago. 

In Blossom follows Pan Yue who falls for and marries Yang Cai Wei who’s then killed and erroneously believes that Cai Wei is guilty of killing her (when in fact it’s someone else).

Somehow, she manages to come back to life but this time in a different body and she sets out to take revenge on Pan Yue, but she soon realises the depth of his feelings for her and they join hands to find the actual perpetrator. 

Yang Cai Wei will be played by Ju Jing Yi who you might recognize from The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion and In A Class of Her Own, while the talented Liu Xue Yi will take the leading man’s role. 

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At the moment, we haven’t been informed of an actual premiere date, but the rumour is that it will be released on March 20th and will be available to watch on both the Youku app and the Youku YouTube channel. 

What’s certain, though, is that this drama will have 32 episodes and will also stream live on CCTV for local watchers or language speakers. 

Anticipation is particularly high for this drama since it promises both thrills and the romance, and the supporting cast are equally buzzworthy – we have Wu Jia Yi, Li Ge Yang, and even Qi Pei Xin. 

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